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Crookedbrains is a concoction of 15 elements from around the world.

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    Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Your Relaxation' from all over the world for you.

    Hydro Hammock: The Hydro Hammock lets you enjoy the comfort of a hottub in hammock. It comes equipped with a portable water heater system, supports the weight of 50 gallons of water and two grownups. It comes in two models - single layer hydro hammock and double layer hydro hammock. Buy Now: $360 - $1,580.

    Hydro Hammock
    Massager Cushion: Just place this Massager Cushion behind you when you drive or sit for a long time, it relaxes you; and it comes with a built in heater. Buy Now: $ 119.

    Massager Cushion
    Lomme Bed: This bed comes with a light system that allows one to choose the strength and color of the internal light with a color wheel. It also limits external noise to distance you from the outside world and an iPod has been invisibly installed to enable the sleeper to listen to relaxing music and sounds. The mattress is available with an in-built massage system with a choice of massage options. More info.

    Lomme BedZenfloat Tent: It provides an awesome flotation experience for you. It can be assembled in any room, has 10" of water that is heated to skin temperature (93.5°) saturated with 800 lbs of Epsom Salt that makes you feel completely weightless. It is pitch black inside, with no sound and provides you a perfect place to relax, think and more. Buy Now: $1,850.

    Zenfloat Tent

    Fuut: Fuut is a mini hammock that you can tie below your desk and rest your feet and take a nap without leaving your desk and chair. Buy Now: $30.

    Sleep Mask: For a good sleep all you need to do is put on the mask, raise your eyes upwards, hold your gaze on a blue point of glow. Buy Now - $29.99.

    Sleep Mask
    Aromatherapy Shower Kit: Transform your shower into a personal spa with this Aromatherapy Shower Kit that attaches to your showerhead. It features three different essential oil blends that get mixed directly through the hotwater. For a milder experience, just move the pod outside of the water and allow the scent to mix through the shower steam and relax you. Buy Now: $45.

    Aromatherapy Shower Kit
    Starwars Inspired Handheld Showerhead: This handheld shower features multiple nozzles on helmet for a relaxing spray of water. Comes with three powerful spray settings that releases water from strategic points and lets you rinse and clean faster. It features a control lever for adjusting the water pressure, anti-clog nozzles, rubber grip, and 2.0 GPM flow rate. It measures 6 inches in diameter for the showerhead and 6 feet for the hose. Buy Now: $29.99.

    Starwars Inspired Handheld Showerhead
    Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager: This foot massager combines Japanese Shiatsu with heat to relax your tired feet. Buy Now: $79.95.

    Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager
    Dual Jet Bath Spa: Just place this Dual Jet Bath Spa over the edge of your bathtub and turn your ordinary bath into a relaxing one. Buy Now: $39.99.

    Dual Jet Bath Spa
    Neuroon: Neuroon is your professional sleep and rest manager that makes you feel refreshed after waking up and relaxed throughout the day. This world's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep creates a unique sleep schedule for you. It allows you to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep, which means you can sleep less and more efficiently. Using light, this sleeping coach creates a setting of artificial dawn to wake you in the most natural way possible. Buy Now: $299.


    Drop Bath Light: The Drop Bath Light is a water drop-shaped lamp that illuminates when its base comes into contact with water. This waterproof lamp floats while slowly cycling through the entire color spectrum making your bath more relaxing. Buy Now: About - $22 (£ 14.99).

    Drop Bath Light
    Barbershop Massager: This Barbershop Massager has to be worn on the back of the palm, and its powerful 15-watt motor rotates six ball bearings laterally and vertically transmitting the action through the hands. It provides a kneading action and intensity of which can be controlled by how much pressure the wearer applies. Buy Now: $170.

    Barbershop Massager
    Aroma Plus Home Planetarium: Now enjoy aromatic experience while you star-gaze in complete relaxation while bathing. Buy Now: $ 127.

    Aroma Plus Home Planetarium

    Aromalight: The Aromalight is a light bulb that doubles as an essential oildiffuser. It features Bluetooth connectivity, comes with over 16 million colors to choose from, and is compatible with iOS and Android. Buy Now: $95.

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    Taking notes is an important part of learning; these tech gadgets we have here for teachers and the students makes teaching much better.

    Neo Smartpen N2: This smartpen bridges the gap between paper and digital, it writes on paper and also mirrors into smart devices. It works along with its companions N notebooks and Neo Notes app and integrates your real and digital worlds by transforming what you write or draw on paper. It writes like any other pen, features ergonomic, useful and beautiful design, comes with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and is iOS and Android compatible. Buy Now: $169.

    Neo Smartpen N2

    Ubi Touch: The Ubi Touch Kit is an innovative solution that turns any surface into a touchscreen, allows you to interact with any Windows application using your fingers, the Ubi pen or in-air gestures. It lets you create displays up to 80" diagonally, works with almost any projector, and interacts with any Windows 8 or 7 app. Use its annotation tool and create a digital whiteboard on any surface of your conference room or classroom. It's very simple to set up and works with whiteboards, tables and more. Buy Now - $349 - $1699.

    Ubi Touch

    Equil Smartmarker: The Equil Smartmarker is a smart device that turns any whiteboard into a smart board. It comes with built-in memory that keeps track of what you write on whiteboard, and lets you record up to 16ft x 5ft of content. Use your smartphone or laptop to view what the device has recorded. It records in real-time and syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Buy Now: $699.95.

    Equil Smartmarker

    Touchjet Pond: Touchjet Pond is a smart projector that turns any surface into an oversized touchscreen. It lets you stream movies, download any app from Google Play and use as normal, or use it as a presentation tool. Its compact and portable Android PC, comes with Wi-Fi, audio output, SD card, HDMI input and more. You can control your apps right off the wall with a stylus or remote. Buy Now: $599.

    Touchjet Pond

    Equil Smartpen 2: Equil Smartpen 2 lets you write notes on the go and transfer them to your laptop, smartphone or smart device when it's convenient. It lets you save, share and organize your notes and sketches using real ink and real paper. Using its Equil Note and Equil Sketch apps you can write and draw naturally and express your ideas. You can select from a range of colors and pen tip, and to digitally enhance your notes you can even make text and photo additions. It even transforms your handwritten notes into editable text. It lets you share your notes through email and other apps. It requires no special paper, and uses standard and replaceable ballpoint ink cartridges. The receiver and pen comes with a built-in memory that store notes when you are not connected to a device, and ensures you never lose important data. It connects to your device via Bluetooth and digitizes your notes in real-time. It lasts for up to 8 hours of continuous use, and recharges through USB when placed inside the compact recharging case. It syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and more; and it's compatible with iOS, Windows and Android smart devices. Buy Now.

    Equil Smartpen 2

    Touchjet Wave: Touchjet Wave is a smart device that turns your monitor or TV into an oversized touchscreen and lets you download apps, stream movies and music, play games, share content, create interactive presentations and a lot more. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, works with any TV or display with a HDMI input, compatible with your iPhone and Android smartphone and you can use your fingers, stylus, or an app to interact with it. Pre-order: $199.

    Touchjet Wave

    Bright Orange Box: The Bright Orange Box is a smart projector designed for classrooms to provide digital content without Internet or reliable electricity. It connects classrooms around the world through its Video Pen Pal Program. It features a 500-lumen DLP projector with 8W stereo speakers, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, runs for 2+ hours at maximum brightness, and recharges via wall outlet or a portable solar recharging unit. It plays a variety of multimedia formats including videos, pictures, music and PDFs. It comes with a customized Android interface on a 5" touch display that makes navigating content easy. A video camera on the back allows teachers to record and share videos. More info.

    Bright Orange Box

    ScratchJr: ScratchJr enables kids to create their own interactive stories and more, they can connect together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, sing, jump, and dance. Apart from these they can even modify characters in the paint editor, insert their photos, voices and sounds and use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life. More info.

    Pocketscan: Pocketscan is a compact, smart, and ultra light wireless scanner. Just larger than a business card, it's a perfect gadget on-the-go for your Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone. It features a unique and patented real-time image processing software, that lets you create beautiful scanned images and turns text and tables into editable content. With the press of a button it starts scanning, and wirelessly transmits and displays it on the screen. Buy Now: $149.


    Worldpenscan X: Worldpenscan X is a pen scanner and translator that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to digitize text and translate words. It transfers digitized data to Mac/Win/iPhone/Android smartphone. It recognizes multiple languages, and more; it turns your smart phone into an electronic translator. Buy Now: $149.95.

    Worldpenscan X

    Livescribe Sky Wifi Smartpen: This smartpen records all your handwritten notes and audio and transfers them to Evernote for playback on nearly any device, any time and anywhere. Buy Now: $322.22 - $818.55.

    Livescribe Sky Wifi Smartpen

    Wacom Inkling: Inkling by Wacom features a special pen and receiver that clips onto your sketchpad; it records (1024 levels of pressure) your drawing. Once you are done connect the receiver to the notebook via USB and export them to Photoshop or Illustrator. Buy Now: $208.99.

    Wacom Inkling

    Wi-Fi Portable Document and Photo Scanner: The Wi-Fi Portable Document and Photo Scanner lets you make e-copies of documents and photos in a matter of seconds and downloads them to any Wi-Fi enabled laptop. Buy Now: $79.95.

    Wi-Fi Portable Document and Photo Scanner
    Albert: The Albert clock is a digital wall clock for kids that keeps them sharp with mathematics, and can be set to different levels of difficulty. It lets them improve their mathematical skills in a playful way simply by reading the time. Buy Now: About: $224 (€195).

    Mbot: Mbot is an affordable educational robot kit for kids that allows them to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, and robotics. It contains only about 45 pieces in total and can be assembled in 10 minutes. Based on Scratch 2.0, a new software was developed called mBlock to use Scratch-style coding to program Arduino and robots. Buy Now: $74.99.


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    Collection of 'Must Have Outdoorsman Gadgets' from all over the world.

    Tread: The Leatherman Tread is a travel friendly wearable multi-tool bracelet that lets you take up to 29 tools anywhere you go. The bracelet is made of 17-4 stainless steel links and each of these links feature functional tools. And you can customize the bracelet with the links you need most. Buy Now: $220.


    Mini Water Filtration System: The Mini Water Filtration System weighs just 2 ounces, can be attached to included drinking pouch, your water bottles, hydration packs, or you can use the straw to drink directly from the water source. It's ideal for outdoor recreation and camping, is small and convenient, its filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons, comes with 16-ounce reusable squeezepouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and cleaning plunger. Buy Now: $17.80 - $218.08.

    Mini Water Filtration System
    Smart Binoculars: The BinoX Smart Binoculars feature 4-16x magnification, Wi-Fi, GPS, Geotag, E-Compass, night mode, image stabilization and more. You can record 1080p full HD video at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps, and take photos in HD. It comes with Hdmi output, micro USB ports, and built-in IR illuminator. It supports iOS and Android devices and live streams over Wi-Fi. Buy Now: $446.63.

    Smart Binoculars

    Survival Laces: Survival Laces are made with 550 paracord that serves as firestarter, tinder, and fishing line embedded in paracord laces. Buy Now: $8.5 - $22.

    Survival Laces
    Travel Adventure Belt: The Travel Adventure Belt provides you with up to 50ft of high tensile cord, Micro Survival Guidebook and Concealed Kit hidden inside to be used in a variety of situations. Buy Now: $69.99 - $84.99.

    Travel Adventure Belt

    Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System: The Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System is crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, features a 20 ounces holding capacity, can keep your food warm for 13 hours, or cool for 11 hours. The top doubles as a cup or bowl, while the integrated cookpot with foldable holder houses a storable jar. Buy Now: $38.49.

    Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System

    Qlipter: The Qlipter is a multi-purpose super clip that is designed to provide maximum versatility. It lets you keep your backpack off the ground, your gear nearby and more. Or you can use it to hold your water bottle or shoes outside your backpack. Buy Now: $19.95.

    SOL Origin: It's a durable survival kit that contains a collection of tools that will let you survive outdoors longer. Buy Now: $25.99 - $118.13.

    SOL Origin

    Nightlux Handpowered Lamp and Flashlight: Its lightweight and compact design makes this lantern perfect for traveling; its handpowered or recharges via USB, has two brightness modes, and easily goes from flashlight to lantern. Buy Now: $14.99.

    Nightlux Handpowered Lamp and Flashlight
    BioLite Kettlecharge: The BioLite Kettlecharge provides off-grid power using heat and water. It recharges smartphones, camp lights, GPS and other USB powered devices by using 10 watts via USB. Buy Now: $150.

    BioLite Kettlecharge

    Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub: The Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub by Biolite is a compact lighting and energy hub. It features 4,400 mAh power source that can be recharged from any USB source or Biolite stoves and lets your recharge your USB rechargeable gadgets. The entire system runs for up to 22 hours. Buy Now: $110.

    Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub

    Matador Pocket Blanket: The Matador Pocket Blanket is small enough to be placed into your pocket and unfolds into a 55" X 44" blanket. Its backside is waterproof to keep you clean and dry. Its also puncture proof to keep you comfortable when placed over twigs and small rocks. And it features weighted corners for improved performance on breezy days. Buy Now: $24.99.

    Matador Pocket Blanket

    Bison Bag G2: The Bison Bag G2's sleeping bag and hammock are made from polyester. The sleeping bag is the first layer that keeps the heat in, while the second layer is the small hotair space between the hammock and sleeping bag and finally the third is the actual hammock layer itself. Buy Now: $ 89.99.

    Bison Bag G2
    Caraclaw: The Caraclaw is a perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures, is made up of a stainless steel inner liner with a rubber coated heavy-duty nylonhandle and its blade is solid and made from 440 stainless steel. Buy Now: $19.99.


    Eat'N Tool: Eat'N Tool is an outdoor multi-tool that functions as a bottle opener, screwdriver, prytip for opening canisters, cutlery and three metric wrenches. Its compact, lightweight and can be affixed to your backpack or clothing using D-rings or loops. Buy Now: $4.88.

    Eat'N Tool
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    Collection of 'Coolest Bike Gadgets For The Avid Cyclist' from all over the world.

    Boncho: Boncho covers your body from head to toe when riding, its weatherproof and breathable and is open from underneath, and ultra-breathable. It folds up for easy storage and goes over your handlebars to keep your legs and feet dry. Pre-order: About $78 (€ 68).


    Graava: Graava is a smart camera that comes with AI that automatically edits your footage. It features a camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speaker, smartsensors and more. It records in HD 1080p 30 fps video and 8 MP photos, comes with 130-degree angle lens. It's compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. More info.


    Shareroller: Shareroller is a removable, portable, multi-platform electric drive for your bikes. This removable electric drive can be attached or removed in seconds, weighs only 5.5lbs, features 750 Watts of power, 14 to 20 miles of range (extended range version 25-36 miles) and speed up to 20mph+. It features a built-in USB recharge port and comes with built-in led headlights and taillights. Pre-order: $725.


    Bonx: Bonx is a wearable walkie-talkie that uses Bluetooth technology, and connects to your smartphone via an app. It features noise reduction technology, dual microphones, water/shockresistant and comes with push-to-talk mode and music playback. Buy Now: $139.99.


    Urban 800 Commuter Combo: The Urban 800 and Vis180 keeps you visible at night. It creates an effective range of light covering 360 degrees and is rechargeable via micro-USB. Buy Now: $190.

    Urban 800 Commuter Combo

    Cruiser Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The Nyne Cruiser portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in microphone, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and universal handlebar clips. It also features 3.5mm AUX input and built-in power bank to recharge mobile devices. Buy Now: $55.55.

    Cruiser Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    Hornit dB140: It's small, sleek and lets you to alert distracted drivers and pedestrians of your presence with dB140. Buy Now: About: $44 (£29.99).

    Hornit dB140
    Retrofitz: Retrofitz turns your normal shoes into cycling shoes with it a DIY kit. Buy Now: $ 50.

    Smart Wheel: The Flykly Smart Wheel comes with 250 W motor, ranges from 40 to 100 km, speed up to 25 km/h (16 mph), smartsensors and more. It can be fixed practically to any bicycle wheel and turns your bike into an electric bike. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with iOS and Android. Buy Now: $999.

    Smart Wheel
    Bikeman Activity Vest: The Bikeman Activity Vest with indicator is perfect for cycling, hiking, camping or any outdoors activity. It features turn light indicator activated by remote control to signal forward, left, right, and stopping and keeps you visible. Buy Now: $39.99.

    Bikeman Activity Vest
    Aster: Aster is a commute backpack that makes you visible on the road even on the darkest streets. It features integrated bike lights, turn signals and automatic brake indication. It sports a bright red light on the back that's visible from a distance of 250 meters. Its profile light on either side of the bag highlights the width of the rider and allows motorists to judge your relative speed and distance. Its inbuilt accelerometer in the handlebar unit (Sidekick) can sense when you are slowing down and activates the solid red brake light. These lights are two times larger and brighter than the regular rear light, and get the attention of motorists behind you when you brake. Its built-in indicators lets the motorists behind you know which way you'll go, or you're turning or changing lanes. Its front lights get the attention from motorists in front of you when they change lanes, and keeps you safe. The Sidekick (handlebar unit) and its app (compatible with Android and iOS platforms) are connected via Bluetooth Smart. Reserve Now: $99.


    Haize: Haize is a minimalist urban bike navigation that makes your ride simpler, safer and lets you explore along the way. It works similar to a compass but instead of pointing north, it points to the destination you set in its app. It lets you choose your own route through the city and makes your ride safer by letting you keep your smartphone in your pocket. And if you want to stick to the main roads, it also provides turn-by-turn navigation. It features two modes: turn-by-turn mode and compass mode; and its self-regulating light display makes it perfect for day and nighttime visibility. About: $94 (£65).

    Dynamo I: It recharges your smartphone via USB as you bike. More info.

    Speedforce: Speedforce is a fully integrated smart cycling computer that measures over 8 sets of data, and comes with an app. It incorporates a GPS cycling computer with a power supply, headlight, and navigation. It becomes the stem of your bike for a full integration rather than as an extra part. It features additional pedal and wheel smartsensors, and with each pedal it can calculate your riding data: speed, time, distance, track, altitude, temperature, cadence and more. It lasts up to 40 hours (16 hours with GPS navigation on). And at night it makes your ride safe by illuminating the path with more than 30 feet of light. Pre-order.


    Beeline: Beeline is a smart navigation device designed for bicycles that lets you find your way on a bike. It works similar to a compass but instead of pointing north, it points to the destination. It simply points you in the general direction to your destination and tells you the distance to go - no instructions. It's weather proof and shockproof and its backlit e-paper screen is visible under any conditions. Buy Now: About: $72 (£50).


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    Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets To Make Your Workspace Comfortable' from all over the world.

    Reclining Office Chair: The Viva Reclining Office Chair comes with built-in back support, adjustable depth lever reclining incremental footrest, and cushioned headrest for you to take a nap at work. It also has swivel mechanism, chrome base and comes with height adjustment. Buy Now: $339.

    Reclining Office Chair
    Roguefidgetbar: This swinging footrest works with both standup desks and regular workstations and provides light exercise to one foot at a time. Buy Now: $75.

    Prana: Prana is a wearable device that tracks and monitors your breathing and posture. It's your personal coach to breathe and sit better. More info.


    W Chair: The W Chair's geometry and angles are designed to keep your back straight and reduce pressure on the back. It also provides ample support for your knees. Pre-order.

    W Chair

    Electric Foot Warmer Mat: This Electric Foot Warmer Mat keeps your feet warm during the cool weather. Buy Now: $13.19.

    Electric Foot Warmer Mat
    Hovr: Hovr lets you keep moving your feet while working and keeps you active and promotes healthier living. You can track your activity using its app; it's compatible with Android and iOS devices. Reserve Now: $79.


    Webble: This mobile footrest is shaped like a skateboard and features four wheels; and it allows your feet to fidget away while you work. Buy Now: $149.95.

    Leggage: Leggage is a laptop case that features massage exterior surface for your feet and relax you in comfort. Buy Now: $39.99.


    Sprimo: Sprimo is a smart portable air purifier that provides you with cleaner air in any room, instantly. It comes with Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE connectivity, touchscreen and smartsensors; gives you your personal bubble of fresh, clean air. It connects to your smart phone and using its app you can control it and get real-time insights into the quality of the air around you. Reserve Now: $299.


    Personal Fresh Air Desk: This Personal Fresh Air Desk features hydroponic system, houses plants that produce fresh air and also act as a partition wall. More info.

    Personal Fresh Air Desk
    Fuut: Fuut is a mini hammock that you can tie below your desk and rest your feet and take a nap without leaving your desk and chair. Buy Now: $30.

    Mightymug: This cup grips to any flat, smooth, solid surface using its Smartgrip Technology and doesn't fall off when you knock into it like any other cup. It keeps your beverage heated for 6 hours and cool for 12 hours. Buy Now: $ 19.99 - $ 24.99.


    Orbnext: Orbnext is an always-on Wi-Fi connected real-time desktop data display device. It connects to your home or work network via Wi-Fi and lets you track virtually endless array of information. It lets you visualize important information with colors providing instant knowledge at a glance. Setting it up is easy, just place it over your smartphone and it connects to your wireless network, just plug, You can use its app on iPhone or Android to display popular presets such as stocks, weather, sports and more. It also integrates with IFTTT to provide virtually limitless flexibility to build customized notifications or monitor other Internet enabled devices on your network. Buy Now: $129.


    Evapolar: Evapolar is a portable personal air conditioner that works on power of water evaporation. It cools, humidifies and purifies air creating your local perfect microclimate. Pre-order: $179.


    Miito: Miito is a sustainable alternative to the electric kettle that can heat a variety of liquids directly in the vessel of your choice while cutting down on excess water and energy usage. You can use it to heat your milk, soup, coffee and more. It works with cups, bowls, glasses, teapots, and any other non-ferrous container. All you need to do is fill a cup with water, place it onto the induction base, and place the heatingrod in the liquid. The induction base heats it, which in turn heats the content of your cup. Buy Now.


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    Collection of 'Smart Toothbrushes For You' to maintain good dental health.

    Kolibree: Kolibree smart toothbrush keeps track of your brushing habits. It makes brushing an enjoyable experience, provides real-time feedback, and gaming experience. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with iOS or Android devices. Buy Now: $99.


    Grush Toothbrush: Grush Toothbrush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive activity. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $59.

    Grush Toothbrush

    Oralb Connected Toothbrush: The Oralb Pro 6000 smart toothbrush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides real-time feedback on your brushing habits. Use its app to set up a personalized brushing program, and its smartsensor lights up if you brush too hard to let you know and prevent over-brushing. Buy Now: About: $112 (£76.99).

    Oralb Connected Toothbrush
    Playbrush: If you are a parent yourself you know its not an easy task to get your kids brushing. To make things easy and fun 'Playbrush' comes into the picture; its a smart hardware gadget that transforms your everyday toothbrush into a gamingcontroller, so the kids can play fun and interactive mobilegames while brushing their teeth. Buy Now: $59.


    Helix Toothbrush: Helix is a rotary toothbrush that features 8 bristle clusters, cleans hard-to-reach places, and leaves a squeaky polish on tooth surfaces. Comes with hepatic feedback for over brushing and recharges via any USB port. Buy Now: $179.99.

    Helix Toothbrush

    Sonic All: The Sonic All Adapter turns your manual toothbrush into one of electric toothbrushes. It works with most sizes of manual toothbrushes and buzzes with 15,000 sonic waves to clean your teeth. Buy Now: $ 73.

    Sonic All
    Oralb Smart Toothbrush: The Oralb Pro 5000 smart toothbrush lets you track your brushing progress and customize your brushing experience. It also provides entertainment while you brush. It works along with its app on your smartphone and displays details on your brushing. It even alerts you when it's time to replace the brush head and comes with smartsensor that lights up if you brush too hard to let you know and prevent over-brushing. Buy Now: $124.99.

    Oralb Smart Toothbrush
    Electric Brush: The electric brush matches to your modern lifestyle and brushing needs with convenient subscription heads, smart buzzing motors, customizable handles and a hygienic travel holder. Buy Now: $40+.

    Electric Brush
    Oracleen: Oracleen is a smart toothbrush, connects to your smartphone and provides feedback and recommendations on your brushing habits. It features Bluetooth 4.0, is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now.

    Nano-b Toothbrush: The Nano-b toothbrushes combine the properties of gold and silver along with the natural whitening and absorbing powers of bamboo charcoal. You can opt for nano-coated bristles of gold and charcoal or silver, it easily reaches hard to reach places, and it cleans itself every six hours. Buy Now: About: $12 (£7.99).

    Nano-b Toothbrush
    UltiBrush: UltiBrush is an all-in-one toothbrush that comes with toothpaste, floss, mirror, and a protective cover. Perfect for those on the go. Buy Now.


    Steward Oralcare Toothbrush: This Steward Oralcare toothbrush by Emami comes with toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. More info.

    Steward Oralcare Toothbrush
    Evolve: Evolve is a unique new toothbrush that features a triple-flexing-brush head design. Buy Now: $15.


    Premium Toothbrush Kit: Once you buy Goodwell's Premium Toothbrush Kit you wont need another toothbrush. It's a premium toothbrush, flosser, and tongue cleaner all in one. A subscription to its premium kit service will get you every other month a new toothbrush attachment at your doorstep. Buy Now: $19.99+.

    Premium Toothbrush Kit
    Brush and Rinse Toothbrush: Brush and Rinse toothbrush redirects water from a faucet to your lips for an easy rinse. Pre-order: $8.99.

    Brush and Rinse Toothbrush

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    If you are among those who feel a fresh line or neat look can make all the difference, then we have the right tools for grooming and making the difference in your look and your confidence.

    Beard Shaping Tool: The Beard Shaping Tool gives you symmetry in your beard. Its tapered edge design makes it easy to form perfect lines and achieve symmetry. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Beard Shaping Tool

    Neckline Shaving Template: The Neckline Shaving Template can be of great use for shaving or trimming the neckline. It can be of good use even for cutting the back of your hair. Buy Now: $15.

    Neckline Shaving Template
    Beluga Razor: The Beluga Razor gives you a barber quality shave but without the barber. Professional barbers use a single edge razor to give the closest and most comfortable shave, but it takes them years to gain the muscle memory to maintain the ideal cutting angle of a single edged razor. This is where 'Beluga Razor' comes in; it virtually eliminates this learning curve and let you gain these years of experience instantly. Its pivoting neck lets you shave with ease for the first time ever. You can have a better quality shaving experience and save money too. Pre-Order: $ 125.

    Beluga Razor

    Do It Yourself Back Shaver: This extra long shaver lets you shave your back all by yourself. Buy Now: $34.95.

    Do It Yourself Back Shaver

    Sphynx: Sphynx is a compact on the go razor that comes with everything you need to shave anywhere. It comes with a refillable water container, soap and blade in a single unit. All you need to do is simply twist the dial to switch between razor, soap, or water. Buy Now: Pre-order: $14.99.


    Bladesaver: The Bladesaver is an easy-to-use, innovative tool that can resharpen used razor blades. It makes your blades last ten times longer. Buy Now: About: $17 (€15).


    Goateesaver: This grooming tool is sure to give you the perfect goatee every time you shave. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Carzor: It's same size as a credit card and can coolly be put into the wallet; its blades are stored behind the mirror. Buy Now: $9.99.

    Zafirro Iridium Razor: The Zafirro Iridium Razor is a limited edition shaving tool that combines some of the rarest, strongest, and most technically advanced materials in existence. The razorhandle is made from iridium, while platinum holds the different parts together and comes with sapphire blades. Priced at $100,000, twenty years of servicing is included. Buy Now: $100,000.

    Zafirro Iridium Razor
    Skarp Razor: The Skarp Razor looks like any other razor, but said to be "future of shaving for Men and Women". It's powered by a smalllaser that cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating or damaging the skin. Pre-order: $289.

    Skarp Razor

    Monsieur Barbier Box: The Monsieur Barbier Box redefines your morning routine, with music, style, and a French barber touch. This beautifully designed box is made in Paris from natural bamboo, lets you organize your shaving tools, has a classy dock for your smartphone, features a natural speaker amplifier and looks apt in your bathroom. More info.

    Monsieur Barbier Box
    Vulcanrazor: Vulcan is a double-edge safety razor, made with repurposing, lets you shave like a man and save a ton of money. Buy Now: $49.

    Colour Me Shave: Colour Me Shave is a nonfoaming shaving gel that lathers your face in brightly colored gels and brightens up your morning routine. It maintains its bright colors throughout the entire shaving process and comes in five brilliant shades; each of these come with a unique scent and gives you a wonderfully smooth and effective shave. Buy Now: About: $15 (£9.95).

    Colour Me Shave
    Shower Foot Rest: It's a perfect gadget when you need to lift your leg up in the shower for washing your feet or shaving your legs. Buy Now: $8.74.

    Shower Foot RestDo-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver: The Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver lets you easily reach all areas of your back from different angles with ease. Buy Now: $24.99.

    Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver
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    These smart gadgets turn your bike into electric bike within few minutes and gives you the power to scale steep hills. These addons don't bring ton of weight, and are much easy on your pocket. Why opt for heavy and expensive e-bikes when you have these smart options!

    GeoOrbital Wheel: The GeoOrbital Wheel has everything required to power your bike in the wheel itself. It turns your bike into a powerful electric bike in under 60 seconds. Has a range of up to 20-50 miles and speeds up to 20 miles per hour. It's compatible with 26 inch, 28 inch, and 29-inch wheels. Reserve Now: $699.

    GeoOrbital Wheel

    Evelo Omni: The Evelo Omni Wheel electrifies your bike in 30 minutes. All you need to do is replace your bike's front wheel with the Evelo Omni and you are good to go. Comes with up to 40 miles range, weighs 19 - 21 lbs, top speeds of 20 mph, and is compatible with most bikes. Buy Now: $1,199 - $1,499.

    Evelo Omni

    FlyKly Smart Wheel: The FlyKly Smart Wheel is a pedal assist device that features an ultra-thin electric motor and intelligent electronics within a robust casing, neatly fitted onto the spokes. The motor turns on when you start pedaling and stops when you stop. It goes up to 20 mph for 30 miles range and weights only 9 lbs. You can remotely lock the motor and track it. Its smart Light holds your smartphone safely in place while riding, and also recharges it. It's compatible with most of the bikes. Its app provides additional features for safety, support and social connectivity. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and for the Pebble Watch. Buy Now: $999.

    FlyKly Smart Wheel

    E-Powered Downhill Bike Kit: The 3400 WRP turns your regular downhill mountain bike into motorized bike. Its driven by a 51V, 17.5Ah, 3400W max power, speed up to 46 mph, range up to 44 miles and recharges in 3 hours. These Kits are compatible with around 70% of the bikes out in the market. Buy Now: $5,170.21.

    E-Powered Downhill Bike Kit

    Bikee Bike Kit: The Bikee Bike Kit transforms your bike into a powerful torque e-bike that gives you the top performance. It gives you torque of 120Nm, mid-drive system, four power version - from 250w up to 1500w. Buy Now: $720 - $2,600.

    Bikee Bike Kit

    Ridekick: This power trailer pushes your bike up hills and through the wind. A simple throttle controls its power assist, more you press, the more power you get. Comes with a range up to 50 miles, recharges in 3-4 hours, and has cargo space for two grocery bags or a briefcase, laptop, and lunch. Installation takes about 10 minutes and it unhitches and reconnects to your bike in 12 seconds. Pre-order: $199 deposit and $499 when shipped.


    I15.7 Series: The I15.7 Series comes with 1500W of amazing power and performance with Falco's 5-phase technology. It comes with 60Nm, speed 20 mph, range 75 mi, weighs 22 lbs, 48V, 11.6Ah, 556Wh portable power source, and smartsensors. The kit contains everything you need to electrify your bike. Buy Now: $2,495 Plus.

    I15.7 Series
    Rubbee: Rubbee turns your bike into an electric bike in seconds. Comes with a top speed of 20 mph, 250 w motor, range up to 25 miles, weighs 14 lbs and recharges in 4 hours. Comes with a rear light that keeps your bike visible at night. Buy Now: About: $ 787 (690€).


    Smart Addon: This compact addon device transforms your bike and turns it into an e-bike. Its compact, weighs about 2 kg, and its modular set-up allows it to be installed on almost every bike. This electric motor comes with a drive wheel that spins the bike tire through friction rollerdrive. It's an auxiliary drive, switches itself off automatically as soon as you stop pedaling and activates in half a second of your pedaling. You can cover distance under 50 km, recharges in an hour, and has a speed of 25 to 45 km per hour. With this device you can choose to use your bike as a normal bicycle or as an e-bike. Buy Now: About: from $ 1254 (1.100 EUR).

    Smart Addon

    go-e Onwheel: The go-e ONwheel is a lightweight and powerful plug&play addon motor that transforms your bike into an e-bike. It's easy to install, when set to 250W you get a maximal speed of 25 km/h, and the maximal setting is 800W and 45 km/h. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and its app gives you the actual speed, power in watt, power level, estimated remaining distance and you can configure the device. You can also recharge your phone at the USB port on your handlebar. Buy Now: About $683 (599 EUR).

    go-e Onwheel

    Copenhagen Wheel: The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric bike. Just replace the regular rear wheel with the Copenhagen Wheel and you are done. The red hub contains a motor, portable power source, multiplesensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system. It learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly, and gives you boost when you need it. Its smart, braking or freewheeling downhill results in recovering and storing energy. Using its app you can vary the level of powered assist, lock/unlock your wheel, customize your rides, track personal usage statistics and more. Pre-order: $949.

    Copenhagen Wheel

    Shareroller: Shareroller is a removable, portable, multi-platform electric drive for your bikes. This removable electric drive can be attached or removed in seconds, weighs only 5.5lbs, features 750 Watts of power, 14 to 20 miles of range (extended range version 25-36 miles) and speed up to 20mph+. It features a built-in USB recharge port and comes with built-in led headlights and taillights. Pre-order: $725.


    BionX D500: BionX D500 features a wider diameter and lightweight casing, its motor has a larger diameter and places the magnets farther away from the center of the motor. Its motor is placed in between the spokes where it no longer has to support the weight of the bike. It has a max speed of 20 mph, weighs 18 lbs, 500w motor, and lets you go where you never thought an electric kit could take you. Buy Now: $2,499.

    BionX D500

    Velospeeder: Velospeeder is a compact e-drive solution that makes the friction drive even lighter. It weighs less than 4 lb, up to 600 watts, range about 12.4 miles (20 km) and allows switching between e-assist and manual riding. More info.


    Leed: This 250 watt electric bike kit installs in less than 5 minutes onto your bike and reduces your commute time in half. Buy Now: $549 - $1,079.


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  • 05/10/16--23:48: 12 Smart Coin Banks.
  • Teach your kids about money management at young age with these 'Smart Banks'.

    Porkfolio Smart Bank: The smart bank is Wi-Fi enabled, wirelessly connects to its Wink app on your smartphone and lets you track your balance and set financial goals from afar. The playful bank comes with state of the art coin counter, and lets you know how much change you saved from anywhere. It also comes with accelerometer, and if someone moves your bank you will receive an alert on your smartphone. It can hold up to $100 in quarters and its nose lights up with delight every time you make an addition. Buy Now: $46.50.

    Porkfolio Smart Bank

    Ernit: Ernit is a smart bank that comes with an app to teach kids how to manage and save money. Using its app you can set savings goals and lets you and others to contribute money from nearby or far away. It alerts kids by making a sound when money is contributed to their savings account and its nose light shows how far they are towards reaching their goal. Pre-order.

    Image Source.

    Cleverkash: Cleverkash is a smart and cashless moneybox from ASB that makes it easy for the parents to teach kids the value of saving money. Give weekly allowances or birthday bonuses and more electronically using its app from your personal bank account into the kid's bank account. This adorable toy elephant doesn't hold any money, it display your kid's account balance on its tummy by interacting with its ASB Mobile Banking app. More info.

    Image Source.

    Wiggy: Wiggy is a smartbank that let parents make chores fun for the kids. This smartphone connected bank lets the kids save money and also learn how to earn money. Using its app you can set chores and Wiggy tells the kids what needs to be done. Once the task is completed, kids get their reward. You can transfer the money from your personal bank account into the kid's bank account. Reserve Now: $35.


    Digital Coin Bank: This automatic digital money counting bank jar keeps track of every coin that goes in. It makes things a lot easy by displaying exactly how much change is inside the money jar and gives you an idea of how much more you need to save to reach your goal. This bank comes with digital screen; is capable of automatically calculating a new total each time an addition is made. The bank accepts all U.S. coins. Buy Now: $18.53.

    Digital Coin Bank
    Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box: The Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box is a robot character coin box that will initiate a conversation with you whenever you give him your cash to save. He will be a fun companion for younger kids and also teaches them to save their pocket money. Buy Now: $ 57.

    Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box
    Greedy Moneybox: This greedy moneybox turns cups, cans or whatever it can squeeze into instant banks. Buy Now: About: $15 (£ 10).

    Greedy Moneybox
    Billosaur: The BB Billosaur is a cool bank for paper money; it lets you save paper money in style. Buy Now: $39.

    Money Savvy Bank: It comes with four storing spaces, each of these choices make the kid learn about money management at young age. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Money Savvy Bank
    Zillionz Bill and Coin Jar: It recognizes the value of each coin inserted and when you make addition of dollar bills, just press the corresponding currency button to update your savings balance. Buy Now: $14.99.

    Zillionz Bill and Coin Jar
    ATM Savings Bank: The ATM Savings Bank is just like a regular ATM machine and comes with savings goal function. Buy Now: $62.50.

    ATM Savings Bank

    Zillionz Secret Code Vault: The Zillionz Secret Code Vault is a bank and storage vault. You can put your money from the top or place money or other valuables inside the vault. You can program the vault with your own secret code. Any unauthorized access will result in audio and visual alert. Buy Now: $24.99.

    Zillionz Secret Code Vault
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    If you are looking for reducing your energy costs or dependence on power companies or off grid power supply then there are some good options for you.

    Orison: Orison is plug and play energy storage system that stores electricity when utility rates are low and powers home when rates are high. If you are getting your energy from the grid, solar or other sources, with Orison you can control when to store it and when to use it. And in event of power failure it will automatically power your home and makes sure none of your stored energy is sent back to the grid. Pre-order: Deposit - $100.


    Powerwall: Powerwall is automated, compact and simple to install, recharges using electricity generated from solar panels and powers your home safely and economically. Most power companies cost higher price for electricity during peak evening hours, Powerwall comes into picture here by storing electricity when rates are low and powering your home when rates are high thus reducing your power bill. Powerwall automatically switches as a backup electricity supply in the event of an issue from electric company or if you have unreliable utility grids. Powerwall comes in 10 kWh weekly cycle and 7 kWh daily cycle models. Reserve Now.

    Lycanpowerbox: It is a solar power generator with an interchangeablebattery, making it best suited for your outdoor adventures. It recharges using the solar panel or wall outlet. It powers your smartphone, refrigerator, laptops, TV and more for few hours. This little powerhouse is lightweight and rugged and keeps you going for up to 900 watt-hours. It's fully rechargeable in 7.5 hours using a standard wall outlet making it an alternative power source for your home in case of power outage. Reserve Now: $1099.


    Kodiak: The Kodiak is a lightweight, compact, expandable backup solar system for your home. This modular solar system consists of solar generator and 50 solar panels; panels collect the solar energy and the generator stores that power. You can increase batterystorage and solar panels, thus further expanding the unit as per your requirement. This off grid home solar system can be recharged using solar panels, car recharger, or wall recharger. Pre-order: $1,529.


    smartflowerpop+: Its a compact and complete solar energy system for your home. It features intelligent tracking system that allows it to efficiently use the available solar light at all times of the day. It's available as on-grid with 2.3 kWh of storage and off-grid versions with a storage capacity of 4.6 kWh. Provides you with clean solar power and works best as back-up system for power cuts. More info.

    Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant: Heliomotion PV-650 is a dual-axis tracking solar power plant designed for home use, can generate up to 7 kWh per day. It can be installed on a pole (wall supported) or as a stand-alone unit. Its tracking feature makes the best use of natural light through out the day irrespective of your house orientation. The DC electricity generated can be stored or directed into the power grid. About: $1963 (1,720€).

    Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant
    Rooftop Wind Turbine: The Liam Urban Wind Turbine is a small wind turbine that can be comfortably installed on your roof or wall. It comes with a diameter of 1,5 meters and weighs about 100 kilograms. It generates between 300 and 2,500 kilowatts annually at an average wind speed of 4,5 meters per second. Pre-order.

    Rooftop Wind Turbine

    SolTech's Glass Roof Tiles: This high quality and durable roof tiles are made from glass and provides more efficient heating. On top of a black nylon canvas the tiles are installed which features airslots. Naturally the black color absorbs heat and the air starts to circulate. And this air is used to heat up the water that is connected to the house's heating system via an accumulator. This setup saves your energy costs throughout the year. More info.

    SolTech's Glass Roof Tiles
    C21e: C21e is avaibale in three variants C21e solar slate, C21e solar plain tile, and C21e solar roof tile. These look much better compared to the others available in the market. Its widely compatible, flexible - works with unusual roof shapes and skylights and are designed to be straightforward for roofers to install. More info.

    Image Source.

    SolarWindow: SolarWindow comes with see-through electricity generating coatings on the glass. And these the company claims can generate energy at 50 times the output of present solar panels. It's created using an ultra-thin layer of liquid coating on to glass and flexible plastics. These coatings produce tiny solarcells that form into arrays, yet retains its transparency with added functionality. More info.

    Golar: Golar is a fully portable solar panel on the go, comes with everything built into it. All you need to do is plug your appliances in and it will work. More info.


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    Like most of us if you are inseparable from your smartphone and other gadgets while you commute or are on an adventure, then it's natural for you to look out for recharging your devices. To keep your gadgets juiced up on the move we have these backpacks, have a look.

    Array Solar Backpack: The Array 10W Solar Backpack keeps your smartphone, camera, laptop, and portable gadgets juiced up on the go. It comes with 1,500 cubic inches of storage, 20,000mAh, 72-watt hours backup, adapters, laptop output cable, ac recharger, dc recharger and a cushioned laptop sleeve. It recharges from car, AC, and solar. Its capable of recharging your smartphone 7 times, 3-4 your DSLR Camera and more. Buy Now: $379.

    Array Solar Backpack

    AMPL's Smart Backpack: This smart backpack is an advanced portable recharging system, features easy to access USB ports in every pocket, 18.5Wh smartbattery, docking bays accommodates up to three (3) additional smartboost expansion modules, shockabsorbers to protect your devices and a rainresistant coating. It comes with smartsensors that work along with its app on your smartphone and let you know the real time power level, temperature, power setting, and more. You get an alert if you forget your backpack. Reserve Now: $249 - $499.

    AMPL's Smart Backpack

    iBackPack 2.0: The iBackPack 2.0 is a smart backpack that functions as an electronic power house, a communication hub, storage space and more. It's made of weatherproof material and features 6 USB ports, Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi, Bluetooth audio, 3G/4G, comes with retractable power cord, 20k mAh power bank, and is app controlled (iOS and Android devices). It also features multiple pockets; Kevlar pockets option, wireless/car recharger, carabiners, RFID blocking sleeves, integrated TSA lock and more. Its GPS Tracking system lets you know where your bag is, and its antitheft system keeps your bag safe. Its shoulder straps hold your smartphone, keys, wallet, money, earbuds, transit pass and more. It comes with special storage for iPhone/ iPad/computer, cables, modems, USB port hubs, GPS tracking and much more. Pre-order.

    iBackPack 2.0

    Lifepack: It is a solar powered backpack that features a solar power bank, Bluetooth speakers, an integrated lock, 4 hidden storage pockets, bottle opener, and is weatherresistant and dropresistant storage. Its solar power bank keeps your gadgets juiced up on the go; can recharge your iPhone 6 12 times. It keeps your notebook safe from drops, and keeps your things neatly organized. Reserve Now: $125 - $149.


    Co.Alition Smart Backpacks: These smart backpacks come with integrated smart mobile tech. These feature smart power and a wireless harddrive to recharge and store on the go. Buy Now: From $179.

    Co.Alition Smart Backpacks

    Birksun Solar Backpacks: These solar backpacks use solar energy to recharge your gadgets. Buy Now: $ 99.99 - $ 124.99.

    Birksun Solar Backpacks

    SolarGoPack: The SolarGoPack solar powered backpack comes with a removable solar panel, 12k mAh, 35-liter durable waterproof backpack, device adapters and more. It recharges your smartphone and other portable gadgets on the move. The solar panel recharges using natural light and even indoor light. Buy Now: $89.95.

    GoPlug: GoPlug is a smart powered backpack that lets you power anything, anywhere. It features two hidden RFID pockets, two solar panels, clips, interior cable organizers and more. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, wireless powering on and off, timer controlled powering, proximitysensor, location tracker, alert and recharge notifications. Pre-order: $149.


    Powerbag Backpack: The Powerbag features a built-in Powervine System and comes with 3000mAh backup, recharges an average smartphone twice. Includes an ac adapter, cushioned pocket for 14" laptop, or other devices, and easily accessible pockets. These pockets come with dedicated Apple and M2 connectors with micro and mini USBs to recharge Android, Blackberry, and any other portable devices. Buy Now: $139.99.

    Powerbag Backpack
    Bag++: Bag++ is a waterproof smart laptop backpack/bag that comes with Clip&Go device featuring distance indicator, separationalert, and records last location of your bag. It also comes with 9000-mAh powerbank inside to recharge your gadgets. It also comes with a compass, carabiner and a flashlight. More info.


    Mospack: Its your ultimate travel companion that makes your life easier while you travel. It comes with a built-in recharging station and internal cable management that lets you recharge everything without taking it all out of your backpack. It comes with 20 liters of storage space with a myriad of organizational options for all your devices. Buy Now: $99.95.


    Ivation Backpack: This comfortable backpack comes with removable 7-watt, 6-volt solar panel, 10,000mAh power bank, dual 5-volt USB output ports that recharges two gadgets at one go, and a wearable hydration pack. The hydration pack comes with a flexible pipe for drinking while wearing the backpack. The solar panel can supply a direct recharge for your gadgets or as a power bank for later use. Buy Now: $89.99.

    Ivation Backpack
    Zentreks: This solar powered backpack features mobile power solution for your smartphones, cameras, iPads, iPods and other gadgets. Buy Now: $279.99 - $499.99.


    Energi+ Backpack: It's a next-gen briefcase, backpack and mobile recharging station designed so you can route the cables to any one of the 5 external pockets or 2 internal pockets. It features 10,400mAh rechargeable backup capable of recharging your smartphone four times. Buy Now: $149.99.

    Energi+ Backpack

    Electropack: The Electropack from Soot is a transforming bag system that is capable of recharging your mobile devices for up to two weeks off the grid. Buy Now: From: $ 149.


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    Collection of 'Must Have OBD-II Gadgets For Your Car' from all over the world.

    BlueDriver: BlueDriver is a Bluetooth OBDII tool trusted by mechanics. It's an officially licensed and certified device to be used for Apple and Android smart devices. This professional tool features all the expertise of handheld scantools and the benefits of having a smartphone serving the purpose. What more, its vehicle-specific repair reports are drawn from a database of over 4.3 million fixes verified by certified auto mechanics. Buy Now: $99.95.


    Kiwi 3: Kiwi 3 is a plug-and-play device that connects to your car's OBDII port, retrieves info and then wirelessly transmits it to your smart phone, smart device or wearable device. It allows you to monitor MPG, engine performance, engine issues, driving behavior, fuel efficiency, and more. It's compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Buy Now: $99.99.

    Kiwi 3

    Autobot: Autobot plugs into the OBD port or 12V output of your car and provides you with real-time data. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, records it, and saves the data to cloudstorage. The device can track daily route, fuel usage, and makes it easy for you to find your parked car. Buy Now: $29.99.


    Metromile: Just plug the Metromile Tag into the OBDII port of your car and it accurately measure mileage and can save a ton of money with pay-per-mile insurance. Like most of us (65% of the US), if you drive less than 200 miles per week you can save $500. The monthly car insurance bill is based on the miles you drive. More info.


    Akolyt: Akolyt plugs into your vehicle's OBD port, uses built-in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, and using its app will tell you what's happening with your car. It keeps track of your driving data, and advises you on your driving behavior. More info.


    Drivebot: Drivebot is a Fitbit for your car, it monitors your car. It plugs into your car's OBD-II and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Its capable of detecting problems in its earliest stage, provides simple instructions to cope with that problems and saves money by preventing the major repair cost. It also monitors your driving, summarizes data and suggests what to do to save more on fuel cost. Buy Now: $99.95.


    Waylens: Waylens is a data driven intelligent camera system that empowers you to easily record, edit, and share your best moments right from the road. It overlays real-time performance data on top of high quality video. It works with any vehicle with an OBD-II port, can be powered from 12v socket and is simple to install. It turns on automatically once you start your car, automatically records interesting clips based on data, and using its app you can post it on your social channels. It's compatible with iOS, and Android devices. Pre-order.


    Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat: The Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat comes with Sensorsafe technology. It features a wireless receiver and smart chestclip and works along with cars OBD and reminds you with gentle tones that your baby is present in the your vehicle. Apart from this it even notifies you when the chestclip becomes unbuckled during travel. Buy Now: $149.

    Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat

    Voyo: Voyo connects to the OBD-II port of your car and its app links your smart phone to your car and your car to the Voyomotive cloudserver. Its app lets you to lock/unlock car doors, detects malfunctions, sends alerts to other drivers, and increases your car's security and fuel efficiency. Pre-order: $100.


    OBDLink MX WiFi: The OBDLink MX WiFi allows your phone to talk to your car, in real time. Just plug it into the OBD-II port of your car and it turns your smartphone into a sophisticated scantool, tripcomputer, and real-time performance monitor. The functionality of this device is limited only by the imagination of the programmers who write the apps. Buy Now: $79.95.

    OBDLink MX WiFi

    Pace: Pace needs to be plugged into OBDII port of your car; it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and makes your drive safe, less stressful and saves you money. It's compatible with iOS and Android. More info.

    Brainiac: Brainiac is a central computer that makes your car smarter. It's built on top of Android and utilizes builtinsensors and OBDII data of your car and provides insights and automation. It automatically syncs the data you choose from your vehicle with the cloudserver. You can connect an aftermarket digital air management system to Brainiac for a heightened experience and also instantly get an integrated air management app in your dashboard. It comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB and have access to your albums and playlists for playback in your car. It's compatible with any smartphone app that supports Bluetooth integration such as Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and others. It comes with built-in onboard media storage with expandable storage and ability to sync with your smartphone. It's available in standard 7-inch universal display unit, 10.1 Kit for new vehicles, and 10.1 Retrofit Kit for retrofitting vehicles. Buy Now: $699 - $1,399.


    Mechanic Advisor: This smart device plugs into your car's OBD port and provides real-time vehicle data and explanations for vehicle codes. The Connection Key using Bluetooth Low Energy links to a smartphone app to provide an easy-to-understand dashboard of real-time vehicle data. Buy Now: $94.95.

    Mechanic Advisor

    Racecapture: This plug-in device lets you share, track autocross, drift and dragracing with your friends in real-time. It connects to your car's OBD-II port and with its app on your smartphone it gives you all stats such as lap times, speed, engine data, G-forces and more. And what more, you can share all of it on Podium, a social network for driving enthusiasts. Buy Now: $245 - $319 .


    FIXD: This smart translator translates check engine lights on your car and track service intervals. It plugs directly into your car's dash, into the OBD-II, uses built-in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, and using its app will tell you what is going to happen with your car if you can't get it fixed immediately, displays the estimate of the cost for repairing the problem and lengthen the life of your vehicle by reminding you when your car needs maintenance. Buy Now: $49.


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    Keep your cat active and healthy with these cool exercise gadgets from all over the world.

    Senses Play Circuit: This large 8-piece circuit has alternating high and low sections, the illuminated ball lights and zips up inside the track when it senses the cat moving. The large opening in the circuit allows the cats to safely reach in and touch the ball. Buy Now: $16.81.

    Senses Play Circuit
    Rolorat Cat Toy: The FroliCat Rolorat Cat Toy comes with light up eyes and whiskers making it a perfect fun toy. Its You Are Away feature allows intermittent automatic play to occupy your cat. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Rolorat Cat Toy
    Cat Sky Track: The Cat Sky Track keeps your feline friends active and keeps them away from scratching your furniture. It comes with a hammock, measures 54 x 54 x 11 inches, and holds 62 lbs of weight. This wall fixable activity center challenges your feline friends and gives them perfect surroundings to play and relax. Buy Now: $348.

    Cat Sky Track
    Peek and Play Toy Box: Peek-A-Play is a heavy-duty wood toy box that lets you hide your cat's favorite toys in it. Designed on cats' natural instinctive behavior of watching anything hidden just beyond their sight. This toy keeps your cat occupied for hours, and physically sharp. Buy Now: $12.74.

    Peek and Play Toy Box
    Pawssphere: The Pawssphere is a durable jute wrapped sphere that encourages your cat to scratch; and comes with a toy. This feather-tipped tassel gets the attention of your cat to play while stretching and toning itself and keeping its nails groomed. Buy Now: $32.40.

    One Fast Cat - Exercise Wheel: Its an exercise wheel for cats that allows them to expend their energy. Buy Now: $249.

    One Fast Cat - Exercise Wheel

    SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post: The 32-inch post height allows your cat to stretch vertically while using the post. Perfect for toning muscles and territorial marking purpose. Buy Now: $79.49.

    SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
    Shru: Shru is a cat companion that mimics and responds like a living animal. Buy Now: $99.


    Sophia Cat Tree: The Sophia Cat Tree provides the perfect setting for your cat to play and relax. It looks like a bookshelf, comes in a set of two pieces which can be arranged in numerous configurations. These shelves support cats up to 25 lb, attaches to wall, provides a place to climb through and rest. One of these shelves feature a hole for cats to climb through, and features carpet on both perches for relaxing. Buy Now: $104.95.

    Sophia Cat Tree
    Chatter Cat Toy: This automatic teaser toy makes chirping sounds and moves the canary and keeps your cat busy. Its "Play-while-you-are-away" mode allows spontaneous playtime throughout the day. Buy Now: About: $27 (£18.99).

    Chatter Cat Toy
    Kittyo: Kittyo allows you to play with your cat while you're not home; it's compatible with iOS and Android devices. It allows you to activate a sound to attract your cat, move the pointer around for your cat to play, speak to your cat, watch live video, and give treats too. Buy Now: $249.


    Cat Tunnel: Cat Tunnel provides hours of exercise and self-amusement for your cat, features 3 spacious tunnels, built-in crinkle crackle paper, peephole and bell toy. It folds down for easy storage. Buy Now: $23.32.

    Cat Tunnel
    Locomotion: This interactive cat toy doubles as a feline exercise machine. You can control its speed and can program it up to two hours of continuous play by simply touching a button. Buy Now: $23.99.

    Katris: Katris is modular furniture - cat tree, climbing tower, coffee table, bedside table, bookshelf that gives cool space for your cats. It's made from cardboard, holds up to 300 lbs, and its modular design lets you arrange them in variety of shapes. The set consists of 5 blocks; create your own play area for your feline friends. Buy Now: $235.95.

    Flik Toy: The Petsafe Flik Toy is an automatic teaser that throws then hides a string and keeps your cat preoccupied. It shuts off after 15 minutes of play. Buy Now: $21.94.

    Flik Toy
    Cat Bridge: This handmade Cat Bridge provides your cat with a place to play, sleep and relax. Buy Now: $150+.

    Cat Bridge

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  • 05/16/16--23:20: 12 Smart Umbrellas For You.
  • Collection of 'Smart Umbrellas For You' from all over the world.

    Oombrella: Oombrella is a smart umbrella that can forecast weather and alerts you if you leave it behind. This connected umbrella comes with smartsensors, features buzzer and a light that alerts of incoming call or a notification on your smartphone. You can also fix your GoPro or camera on the top of the umbrella. Use its app to track all your activities and weather stats that you experience during your travel. More info.


    Kishaumbrella: It is a smart umbrella that features a Bluetooth chip which connects to your smartphone and alerts you whenever you leave it behind in any public place. Its app features a built-in weather forecast, so you know when to take it out along. Buy Now: .


    Davek Alert Umbrella: Davek is a smart umbrella that features a Bluetooth-based proximity chip that broadcasts a silent signal to your phone. And if the distance between the chip and your smart phone exceeds a certain distance then the umbrella sends you a reminder to your phone. It builds an invisible leash between your umbrella and you; you will never forget your umbrella again. Buy Now: $125.

    Davek Alert Umbrella

    Haz Motorized Smart Umbrella: This smart umbrella opens, closes, and retracts automatically. It connects to your smartphone using the built-in Bluetooth and sends you location reminders and also notifies you of the latest weather information. Buy Now: $109.

    Haz Motorized Smart Umbrella

    Umbrella Here: Umbrella Here is not a smart umbrella but turns your umbrella into a smart umbrella. It lights up your umbrella and signals that your umbrella is available for sharing. Use its app on your smartphone to control it and let others know your umbrella is available for sharing. Works similarly like a taxi light, powered on means strangers are welcome to share your umbrella. What more, it doubles as a weather gadget and uses different visual cues to let you know about weather.

    Umbrella Here

    Cypress Umbrella: The Cypress Umbrella is a fully telescopic umbrella that features an automotive inspired ribsuspension system and interchangeable canvas. Pre-order: $75.

    Cypress Umbrella

    Kjaro: This innovative umbrella is a perfect combination of technology, design and convenience. Its fill-empty drops case makes it stand out; you can wear it, place it upright on a table or on a desk. Buy Now: About: $76 (€67.20).


    Kazbrella: Kazbrella is an inside out umbrella, that comfortably opens and closes in small spaces, stays strong in wind and more. Buy Now: About: $65 (£45).


    Blue Jean Umbrella: Blue Jean Umbrella is made from high-tech Sunbrella fabric and provides all-weather protection. More info.

    Blue Jean Umbrella
    Nubrella: Nubrella is a handsfree umbrella, invertible weather protector, and conveniently worn backpack-style. Buy Now: $59.99.


    Blade Runner Style Light Umbrella: With the push of a button, the shaft of this cool umbrella lights up illuminating your path. Buy Now: $19.9.

    Blade Runner Style Light Umbrella
    Flashlight Umbrella: The 'Flashlight Umbrella' comes with a super bright, built-in flashlight. Buy Now: $12.99.

    Flashlight Umbrella
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    Collection of 'Must Have Dental Gadgets' for you from all over the world.

    Flosstime: Flosstime is a smart flossdispenser that lets you develop healthy flossing habits. Just place it to your bathroom wall or mirror, and you are good to go. With the push of a button, it automatically gives you 18 inches of floss. The device then gives you a 90-second flossing timer, a blue-glowing quadrant moves clockwise around the circular light ring. It lights up with a blue smile for a job well done and an orange frown or reminder light cues when not used daily. For kids, it comes with cute animal snapons. Pre-order: $22.


    ScopeAround: ScopeAround is a smart and versatile Wi-Fi video camera featuring interchangeable camera heads and smart device connection. This multifunctional video camera is a camera with three interchangeable camera heads, high-quality video and imaging, and records directly to your smartphone. It also features a 150:1 zoom for an amazing close up look. Pre-order: $239.


    Clearsmile: The Clearsmile combines the benefits of toothbrush, paste, floss and mouth rinse with pressure washing micro bubble technology. This handsfree device takes just a few minutes to achieve the benefits of all these. More info.


    Kolibree: Kolibree smart toothbrush keeps track of your brushing habits. It makes brushing an enjoyable experience, provides real-time feedback, and gaming experience. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with iOS or Android devices. Buy Now: $99.


    Zip Rings: Zip Rings uses a set of rings that lets you comfortably control floss using only a single finger of the hands. It cuts in half the amount of floss wasted and also eliminates the difficulty and makes it easy to floss those difficult-to-reach locations. One of these two interchangeable, reusable rings holds a two-week supply of your dental floss while the other retracts used floss. Buy Now: $8.95.

    Zip Rings

    WP-450 Cordless Water Flosser: The Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser is a rechargeable and portable device that provides the convenience of cordless water flossing. It features advanced dual water pressure control system that allows you to personalize your water pressure intensity. Buy Now: $54.99.

    WP-450 Cordless Water Flosser

    USB Digital Dental Camera: The USB Digital Dental Camera comes with 2M pixels resolution, lets you record 30 FPS videos at 640×480 pixels, 1600x1200 pixels images, and super-wide automatic adjusting-focus lens. Buy Now: $89.98.

    USB Digital Dental Camera
    UltiBrush: UltiBrush is an all-in-one toothbrush that comes with toothpaste, floss, mirror, and a protective cover. Perfect for those on the go. Buy Now.


    Intellitec LPL822 Timer: Just place it to your bathroom wall or mirror, and this wireless timer lets you perfect tooth-brushing routines. Buy Now: $6.17.

    Intellitec LPL822 Timer
    Nano-b Toothbrush: The Nano-b toothbrushes combine the properties of gold and silver along with the natural whitening and absorbing powers of bamboo charcoal. You can opt for nano-coated bristles of gold and charcoal or silver, it easily reaches hard to reach places, and it cleans itself every six hours. Buy Now: About: $12 (£7.99).

    Nano-b Toothbrush
    Philips Sonicare Airfloss: The HX8111/02 uses 1 tsp of water and cleans in-between all teeth in 60 seconds. It uses a micro-droplet technology, comes with easy-to-fill reservoir that holds 2 teaspoons of water or mouthwash for two full uses. It lasts two weeks (or 14 uses) on a single recharge. It provides you an easy, effective way to clean between your teeth. Buy Now: $169.50.

    Philips Sonicare Airfloss

    Sonic All: The Sonic All Adapter turns your manual toothbrush into one of electric toothbrushes. It works with most sizes of manual toothbrushes and buzzes with 15,000 sonic waves to clean your teeth. Buy Now: $ 73.

    Sonic All
    Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer: This cute Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer can keep your toothbrushes clean. It comes with one button activation and auto shut-off in just 7 minutes. Buy Now: $35.99.

    Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer
    Miharu Dental Camera: The Miharu Dental Camera illuminates the area by the one-touch mode changer and makes things visible on your TV screen. Buy Now: $ 154.

    Miharu Dental Camera
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    The best way to stay safe while driving is to be less distracted, even though we know that we shouldn't text and drive but the need to stay connected can be prime. And today's cars are built better than ever, and smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. To keep you safe and let you cut down on distracted driving, we have these gadgets which we are sure are going to be useful to you.

    Groove: Groove is a smart device that plugs into your vehicle, syncs with your phone and lets you have a distractionfree drive. It works along with your cellphone provider, and blocks all the messages and calls while you drive. Once your car is off, it notifies your service provider and the blocked notifications come pouring back in. More info.

    Image Source.

    Wheel Watcher: The Wheel Watcher is a tamperproof steering wheel that prevents distracted driving. It comes with a small box that installs under the dashboard and wheel watcher that features smartsensors. Once car reaches the designated speed it automatically activates. When you remove your hands from the wheel, it detects the same and provides audible cues so you return your hands to the wheel. More info.

    Wheel Watcher

    Car Connection: The Car Connection from Audiovox plugs into your vehicle's OBD II port and once you register your vehicle online, it begins sharing information with you. It allows you to know how fast your son is driving, or if your daughter is using her smartphone in the vehicle, and it alerts you whenever grandpa drives outside of a predetermined safety zone. It allows you to block cellphone usage inside the car, gives you details of driver performance, fuel usage, track your vehicle and more. It improves your safety and security and that of your family each day. More info.

    Car Connection

    ORIGOSafe: Your car will not start unless your phone is plugged into ORIGOSafe. ORIGOSafe is installed in the vehicle's center console; and to enable the car's ignition you must first insert your phone in the device. As you drive on, it recharges your phone, and allows you to make and receive phone calls via Bluetooth. More info.


    Cellcontrol: This device from Scosche plugs into the OBD-II port of your car and blocks phone signals inside a moving car. It blocks text messages, emails, making phone calls and much more. It's smart enough to know when the car is moving, and allows signals to go through when the car is motionless. And if a handsfree device is plugged into the phone it allows normal usage. Buy Now: $129.95.


    Mobileye 560: The Mobileye 560 is an alerting system that detects and alerts you when your vehicle is in close proximity to pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and other vehicles. More info.

    Mobileye 560

    RayGo: RayGo is designed so that you can respond to messages while driving without looking at your smartphone. It lets you safely use your favorite apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail, Skype and Pandora while driving or biking. A 5 key Bluetooth controller fixed on your steering wheel makes things a lot easy for you. When you begin driving, the RayGo's app senses and automatically transforms your favorite apps to DriveMode. More info.


    DRIVE: DRIVE enables in-car messaging only when your hands are on the wheel, that means less distraction and staying focused on the road. It reads out your messages and notifications from your smartphone; you can interact with DRIVE by simply swiping your fingers. It's easy to install; using a magnetic base on the steering wheel column, connect it to your smartphone app, register it, and you are good to go. More info.


    AppYourCar: AppYourCar is a smartphone gear that perfectly integrates your smartphone into your car. It consists of a wireless Bluetooth controller, a wireless dashboard holder and an innovative mobile app. It's specifically designed to give you an easy and safe way to use your smartphone in your car. It allows you to use all your messaging or social media apps right there on your smartphone without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel. Buy Now: $59.


    U-Wake: This smart wearable device detects your fatigue level and alerts you using the smartphone app. The app also alerts your friends and family to call you to talk and keep you awake. It's designed to keeps you safe while you are driving. More info.


    Advicy Drive: The Advicy Drive is a smart wearable device that keeps you alert and prevents you from falling asleep at the wheel. Its app on your smartphone detects your attention level and lets you know if you're driving safely. If the app detects you are not paying attention on the road it sounds an alert, and if the sound alert isn't stopped within 20 seconds the app notifies your contacts. More info.

    Advicy Drive

    CarVi: CarVi is a smart driving assistance that monitors your driving habits and keeps you safe on the road. It uses a small dashboard camera installed in your car that "talks" to your smart phone, while the CarVi analyzes the data in real time and issues audible and visual alerts if it senses any potential issue. It device monitors your laneposition, distance from the driver in front of you and more. It learns about your driving habits and its app provides you with data and improves your driving skills. Pre-order: $299.


    Anti Sleep Pilot: This little gizmo keeps you up and safe; it calculates your tiredness level, maintains your alertness, recommends a break and features easy to use design. More info.

    Anti Sleep Pilot

    Bluetooth Speakerphone: This slim speakerphone from Plantronics clips securely onto your visor. Its Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) can stream music, play podcasts, access GPS navigation, and more. The K100 comes with a convenient in-car recharger with Micro USB connector that allows you to recharge it in your car. Buy Now: $79.26.

    Bluetooth Speakerphone

    Satechi Bluetooth Home Button: This compact gadget connects to your iOS/Android smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to activate Siri or Google Voice Search with the press of a button. Just install the device on your steering wheel, and while you're driving, the button gives you access with a simple press, even if your phone is out of reach. Buy Now: $24.99.

    Satechi Bluetooth Home Button

    Exploride: This smart device turns your car into a smart car. It features a transparent display, provides safer and smarter way to use maps, listen to music, call, text or access infotainment in your car. You can stream music from Spotify, Pandora, and other music services. It supports gesture and voice commands, Wi-Fi hotspot (inbuilt 4G/LTE), is cloudserver enabled and lets you record video on the road. Pre-order: $ 299.


    Bonus: Apps that prevent distracted driving.
    Drive Safe.

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    Collection of 'Must Have Travel Gadgets For Her' from all over the world.

    Onyx: Onyx is a wearable communication device that makes it easier for you to talk to your friends, family and others no matter how far apart you are. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, using its app and your smartphone's data or Wi-Fi connection, you can make instant voice conversations with as many people as you want, across any distance. You can wear it on your shirt, coat, or bag strap, push Onyx to talk, and your group hears you from their Onyxes in real-time. Using its app you can create your groups, switch between groups for different conversations, and view your group members on its GPS-based map. It closes the distance, makes you feel like you're together with your family and friends. Buy Now: $ 249.98 (2-pack).


    Revolar: This smart personal safety device can be clipped under your clothing and keeps you connected with your family. It's not the usual tracking device; it starts tracking you when you press the hidden button. All you need to do is place it on you, or your backpack or keychain, set your contacts and sync the device with your smartphone; and at a press of a button it sends a text message with GPS link to your family. It keeps updating your location every three minutes until you are safe. Buy Now: $99.


    PillowFix: Just place the PillowFix into the pillowcase for customizing the pillow for extra support to have a comfortable night's sleep. It can inflate and deflate, provides easy storage, and is best suited for frequent travelers. Buy Now: $19.99.


    EasyLock: The EasyLock is a portable temporary travel door lock that features the strength of stainless steel and secures in seconds. Its strong yet a small and light security solution, it lets you open just enough to allow you to confirm a visitor or receive documents. It's perfect for travelers. Buy Now: About $29 (£19.95).


    Airbolt: Airbolt is a smart lock for your luggage that features proximity alerts, location tracking, and privacy controls. This Bluetooth enabled smart lock talks to your smartphone via its app and unlocks with a single push of a button. You can also unlock it using a programmable button combination, or its app from another compatible smartphone. Using its crowdsourced GPS network, you can see your luggage's last seen location on your smartphone. It even alerts you in event of you getting separated from your luggage via its app or by using the built in buzzer on the lock. It's TSA-friendly. Pre-order: About $ 50 ($70 AUD).


    Premium Travel Jacket: Premium Travel Jacket is reversible for two completely different styles in one garment, built for layering for temps between 35 - 65 F / 0 -20 C, comes with hidden waterresistant pockets for your smart devices, inconspicuous and waterresistant passport pocket, handwarmer pockets, multiple pockets and more. More info: 1, 2.

    Premium Travel Jacket

    Shapl Travel Containers: Shapl smart shower containers makes it comfortable and easy to take along toiletries and other liquids in small amounts. Buy Now - $4.99 - $28.99.

    Shapl Travel Containers
    Anywhere Backpack: Anywhere Backpack features a folding chair to let you have rest anywhere. The chair folds easily and can be stored in the backpack. It comfortably holds notebook, bottles and folding umbrella. It also features waterproof pocket for poncho and many storage pockets. Buy Now.

    Anywhere Backpack

    Baubax Jacket: This smart travel jacket comes with 15 features that include built-in neck pillow, eye mask, earphone holders, gloves, handwarming pockets and more. The jacket holds your drink, iPad, stylus, smartphone, sunglass, passport and more. And it comes in four styles. Pre-order.

    Baubax Jacket

    ShelfPack: The ShelfPack features built-in shelves that keeps your clothes and belongings organized. It comes with 4 built-in shelves and 3 outer pockets; the shelves drop into the base but are stable when taken out. Buy Now: $349.


    Steripen: This portable water purifier makes your water drinkable; it purifies 16 Ounce of water in less than a minute and it can filter up to 50 times on a single recharge. Buy Now: $67.99.

    Trunkster: This innovative luggage features a zipperless entry for faster access, USB recharging, a built-in scale, and GPS. Trunkster's sliding door/rolltop door lets you access your belongings instantly, its extremely durable and waterproof, made of a rigid exterior and corrugated, malleable interior. It also provides an enhanced level of protection, unlike zippers. Trunkster can recharge your phone up to 9 times, it features removable power bank that allows you to recharge your devices anywhere you go. It features a built-in digital scale that works by simply lifting your bag, and can be switched between lbs and kgs. Its GPS enabled that allows you to track it from any connected device, and is activated with the push of a button. Buy Now: $355.


    Scottevest QUEST Vest: This cool vest features 42 pockets to take all your things along with you. It also features RFID-Blocking Pocket to protect your credit cards and passport; PackPocket is huge, exterior back pocket that has the storage capacity of a small backpack; Multiple Power Pockets that features patented Personal Area Network that allows you to wire power packs from just about any pocket to just about any other pocket; Easy Access Panels are huge panel pockets which are accessible from the exterior front of the vest, with interior organization to get to your gear quickly and hoodie which is stowable in the collar. Buy Now: $145.

    Scottevest QUEST Vest
    Dubs Earplugs: Dubs are advanced tech acoustic filters that reduce volume without affecting the clarity of sound. They feature a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to protect your ears. Buy Now: $25.

    Dubs Earplugs
    BookBook Travel Journal: The BookBook Travel Journal from Twelve South is a hardback leather case that holds your iPad and all the other stuff that go around with it. Inside you have a collection of pockets and adjustable bands for neatly organizing and protecting items like your power adapter, cables, USB drives, stylus, mouse, earbuds or high-end headphones. Buy Now: $99.99 - $129.99.

    BookBook Travel Journal
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    Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Entrepreneurs' from all over the world.

    Sprimo: Sprimo is a smart portable air purifier that provides you with cleaner air in any room, instantly. It comes with Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE connectivity, touchscreen and smartsensors; gives you your personal bubble of fresh, clean air. It connects to your smart phone and using its app you can control it and get real-time insights into the quality of the air around you. Reserve Now: $299.


    Wristocat: We all know that using the system most of the day gets tiring - using keyboard, touchpad, trackball and mouse. Wristocat is here to make things a bit more comfortable for all of us. It supports your wrist using magnetic levitation that lets you float above. Just place the device behind your input device and rest your palm on it. Reserve Now: $33.


    Opi: Opi is a compact device that works as your digital safe. All your information is encrypted, located where you want, presumably your home and keeps your private information private. It lets you access your information no matter where you are and yet still be in control of who has access to it and where it is stored. Its your private cloudserver and lets you share information with others, on your terms. Its a multiuser platform and lets you sync calendars, email, contacts, files and photos. Buy Now - About $216 (199€).


    Slidenjoy: Slidenjoy is an ultra-thin, light, portable and freestanding device that makes really easy adding one to two extra screens to your computer. It attaches to the back of your laptop and lets you enjoy a full panoramic display and share content through the 180° rotation. The screen is powered by a single USB 3.0 or 2 ports 2.0; Slidenjoy is available in 2 models: 1 or 2 external screens. Pre-order: About $ 337 (€301).


    Phree: Phree is a high-resolution mobile input device that lets you write, draw, and annotate on virtually any surface. It connects to your smartphones, smart devices, laptops or any other device with a Bluetooth connection. It's compatible with software and apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. What more it works as a headset and has an integrated screen for brief texts. With Phree you can sketch or jot down ideas, notes, thoughts, email addresses and phone numbers whenever you want. Pre-order: $198.


    swivelCard: swivelCard is a premium paper business card that features a USB drive and includes analytics and can be updated even after giving it out. It allows you to give your business card with pictures, videos, presentations, and more; while the back-end software interface allows access to useful information about your cards and how they are being used. And the remote access gives you many opportunities to continue interacting with the card's recipient. It also allows you to remotely make changes for each specific card. Buy Now - $14.99.


    Echo Dot: Echo Dot is a handsfree, voice-controlled device that features far-field voice recognition, comes with a small built-in speaker that connects over Bluetooth and uses Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, sports scores, news, weather, and more. It makes home automation simple and works with smart home devices like thermostats, switches, lights, and more with compatible connected devices from WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, Ecobee, and more. Buy Now: $89.99.

    Echo Dot

    Z4aurora: Z4aurora is a smart projector with Harman Kardon SB 26 advanced soundbar, gesture control, and Android OS, that transforms any surface into a 300-inch screen. Reserve Now: $898.


    CableBin: CableBin is a clever and sophisticated cable management tool that lets you organize cable clutter and keeps it out of sight. Just place the excess cables, routers, and surgeprotectors, and close the cover. It comes with 6 selfadhesive hooks that hold the devices and the excess cable. You can access the cables through the cable outlet on the side of the bin. Buy Now: $89.95.


    Ember: Ember keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature and lets you enjoy your beverage exactly the way you like it. All you need to do is pour your beverage, adjust the temperature by rotating the dial at its bottom. And it keeps the content at the perfect temperature for up to 2 hours on the go, or all day when used with its recharging coaster. Using its app you can name your cup, create temperature presets, choose notification preferences, and more. Apart from these you can remotely adjust it to your ideal temperature. Pre-order: $ 149.


    Neone: The Neobase is an encrypted Private Network Device that allows you to connect and share files, photos and other media with friends and family in a completely secure and private setting. The unique design of Neobase will make sure your data never pass through any website, service or cloudserver. Buy Now: $249.


    Solu: Solu is an innovative cloudlinked computer that ensures you don't need to worry about your harddrive, backing up files, or installing software. It also works offline. This powerful pocket computer, made out of wood, is built around the idea of collaboration. It can be used as a portable device or as a stationary one. It can be plugged into any screen, your content is automatically stored in a multi-GB local cache of the Solu cloudserver, and it also backs up all settings.


    Recap S2: This smart device makes recording your phone calls directly into your computer really simple. Its simple, secure and private as recorded calls are stored locally and never leaving your premise. It records incoming/outgoing calls and both sides of the phone call conversation. It's compatible with Android, iPhone and most smartphones. Buy Now: $99.

    Recap S2
    Bluewire: Bluewire is a Bluetooth headset that is capable of recording both sides of a smartphone or VoIP conversation and store the recordings securely on the headset itself. Even if you are using another Bluetooth-enabled headset or device, as long as Bluewire is connected to your smartphone and in range, it'll record whatever conversation is passing through the phone and store the recordings on its built-in memory. Using its app you can access these recordings. Buy Now: $195.


    Coolmore: Coolmore is a compact gadget that serves as desktop air cooler, cooler and more. This portable device is USB powered. More info.


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    Collection of 'Must Have Dashboard Cameras For Your Car' from all over the world.

    CP1: The Smartwitness CP1 is an advanced camera that comes with 3G video transmission, built-in tracking and drive data. It features 1080p wideangle HD camera, 3-axis Gsensor, microphone, SD storage, SIM cardslot, integrated GPS receiver and 3G modem, and more. And it records exactly what happened before, during and after an event. More info.

    Vico-WF1: The Vicovation Vico-WF1 Smart car dash camera features 1080p full HD, Wi-Fi, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). It also features Vico-schedule that enhances the image quality at night, diagonal viewing angle of 160 degrees and comes with an option to record inverse video if you place your camera upside down. $219.99.

    LyfeLens: This smart device allows you to keep an eye on your car. It features dual-facing HD cameras, detectionsensors, built-in GPS, 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and cloudstorage. The device allows you to monitor your car from your smartphone. Its app provides you with a live videofeed and lets you know what's happening inside and outside the car. And if you miss anything, it stores the footage on the internal storage or sends it to the cloudserver. The built-in GPS provides real-time speed, location information of your car and stores your tour data securely to the cloudserver. It provides a push notification to your smartphone if anything goes wrong with your car. Its 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot keeps all your gadgets connected while you're on the move. Pre-order: $ 249.


    KP1S: The Smartwitness KP1S is an all-in-one smart camera, comes with 3G/Wi-Fi, live tracking and real-time image transfer. It features a 720p wide-angle HD camera, 3 axis Gsensor, microphone, two SD cardslots, integrated GPS receiver, and more. It provides instant notifications and videos of events in less than a minute. And it records exactly what happened before, during and after an event. Its optional 2nd plug and play camera can be connected to the main unit for recording the driver, rear of the vehicle, or side view. More info.

    SVC1080: The Smartwitness SVC1080 features a full HD (1080P), 170° lens, and 2.4" monitor for live viewing, playback and setup. It comes with an integrated 3 axis Gsensor, microphone, integrated GPS receiver and micro SD storage up to 32GB. This GPS dash camera records exactly what happened before, during and after an event. More info.

    Reco Smart: Reco Smart is an in-car and portable camera that allows you to record 1080p video anywhere. You can use it as in-car dash cam; it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time streaming, NFC One Touch Engage, 500 GB of ASUS WebStorage for one year and more. You can preview your clips and download them to your smart device. It has Oneshot, Time Lapse, and Photoburst modes. It also features Sonysensor that lets you take high quality photos and videos in low-light conditions. It also has a 150-degree wide-angle lens that gives you unobstructed view of the sides of your vehicle and the road ahead. Its parking monitor mode automatically starts recording and continues to do so until it detects nothing moving for one minute. More info.

    Reco Smart

    GoSafe 388 Dashboard Camera: The Papago GoSafe 388 Dashboard Camera features 1080p full HD, 142-degree wide-angle view, 3 recording modes, 2" display and micro SD storage up to 64GB. It features Stop Sign recognition, Driver Fatigue Alert, and Light Reminder. Buy Now: $139.99.

    GoSafe 388 Dashboard Camera
    Caruma: Caruma is a compact and portable smart connected car device that connects your car to the cloudserver. You can control it using your smartphone, it sends you an intelligent notification when it senses anything out of the ordinary. It features dual wide-angle lens cameras with HD video and lets you see what's happening inside your car and out. It features a built in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, gyroscope, accelerometer and proximitysensors, GPS, Bluetooth LE, MicroSD, light, microphone, speaker and !Alert (press to send an urgent notification to anyone on your contact list). Its app records video, receives intelligent notifications, improves safety, and more. Pre-order: $ 224.


    Swann Smart HD Dash Camera: The Swann Smart HD Dash Camera comes with 3MP 2304x1296 resolution, 160° ultra-wide angle FOV, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, 2.0" color display screen, and micro SD storage up to 64GB. Its app is compatible with iOS and Andriod, and supports Windows and Mac OS X. Comes with voice command support, auto recording modes, remote viewing and more. $146.99.

    Swann Smart HD Dash Camera
    recPRO Full HD: The recPRO Full HD is an automatic, standalone, on-board recording system that features a Full HD camera, wide angle lens, GPS and more. It also features Auto-Rec, GPS Tracker, Gyroscopicsensor, and 7.6 cm built-in display. This video black box automatically lets you adjust your driving with the LDWS and Speed Limit Alert. And it also comes with Parking Mode. Buy Now: About $314 (279.9 €).

    recPRO Full HD
    CarVi: CarVi is a smart driving assistance that monitors your driving habits and keeps you safe on the road. It uses a small dashboard camera installed in your car that "talks" to your smart phone, while the CarVi analyzes the data in real time and issues audible and visual alerts if it senses any potential issue. It device monitors your laneposition, distance from the driver in front of you and more. It learns about your driving habits and its app provides you with data and improves your driving skills. Pre-order.


    Waylens: Waylens is a data driven intelligent camera system that empowers you to easily record, edit, and share your best moments right from the road. It overlays real-time performance data on top of high quality video. It works with any vehicle with an OBD-II port, can be powered from 12v socket and is simple to install. It turns on automatically once you start your car, automatically records interesting clips based on data, and using its app you can post it on your social channels. It's compatible with iOS, and Android devices. Pre-order.


    BlackVue DR600GW-HD: The BlackVue DR600GW-HD Car Dashcam features full HD video recording capability, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and more. Using its app on your smartphone you can communicate with the device. Buy Now: $671.62.

    BlackVue DR600GW-HD
    F750: The Thinkware Dash Cam F750 features 1080p Full HD and Full HD 2CH, 30fps, Dual Save, GPS, Wi-Fi, road safety alert system and safety camera alert. More info.

    Smart Car Recorder: The Smart Car Recorder features Full-HD video 2304x1296P at 30 fps, super wide 170° angle, Gsensor, automatic seamless video recording in loop, GPS, one button audio recording on/off, smart speed/deviation alert, headlight on/off alert and more. About $109 (£74.99).

    Smart Car Recorder
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    A good night's sleep is essential for good health and productivity; for you to have a better night's sleep we have this collection of gadgets.

    Beddit 2.0: This Smart Sleep Tracker tracks your sleep quality, sleep stages, noise level, nighttime events, light and much more. Unlike other trackers it doesn't require you to wear anything; all you need to do is place it under your bed sheet and sleep on it. It enables automatic sleep measurement with your iOS devices, its wakes you up at an optimal hour of your sleep cycle and provides tips on how to improve your sleep and wellness. Buy Now: $144.98.

    Beddit 2.0

    Chrona: Chrona is a sleep optimization system that turns your pillow into a smart pillow. It adjusts to your needs for better sleep and actively enhances the quality of sleep by playing different frequency sounds specific to where you are in your sleep cycle. It provides wearablefree sleep tracking, deep sleep boost, perfect wake-up, smartphone connectivity and smart alarm. Buy Now: $169.


    Kokoon Headphones: These smart headphones are comfortable enough to be slept in, capable of tracking your sleep and provides comfort with audio that responds to your sleep. The Kokoon Headphones knows how and when to adjust your music as you fall asleep and wake. These headphones along with its app give insight to let you improve your sleep. To increase the levels of comfort, these are shaped to the natural contours of the head while spreading pressure away from the sensitive regions using its patented comfort system. Kokoon Airflow system maintains the acoustic seal yet encourages air circulation about the headphone cushioning to reduce heat and moisture. Kokoon has partnered with Onkyo to bring you these smart headphones. Kokoon is designed to look after your sleep, optimize your ambiance and ensure you have the peace you need to rest. Buy Now: $229.

    Kokoon Headphones

    Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow: The Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow is designed to provide you benefits of Yoga along with good sleep while comfortably improving your posture while you sleep. Buy Now: $19.99 - $59.99.

    Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow
    BodiTrak Smart Bed: This smart bed features advanced sleep technology based on pressure-sensing Smart Fabric. The system continuously monitors your body posture and pressure distribution and automatically adjusts the bed's air support for maximum comfort. It also monitors your comfort level, and other factors to ensure you are having a good night sleep. The BodiTrak Smart Bed Sleep Center allows you to review the quality of your sleep on your computer or smart device. And also you can make adjustments to the smart bed using the same on your smart devices. Buy Now.

    BodiTrak Smart Bed

    Hexoskin: This smart shirt is a wearable tracker for sports training and sleep tracking. It provides all the information you need at your fingertips to improve your everyday life and your physical performance. Pre-order: $369.


    Hush: These smart earplugs are wireless noise masking earplugs that blocks out the world, allows you to sleep comfortably and yet wakes you up for the things that matter you the most. It notifies you and you alone, that way when your alert goes off it doesn't bother anyone else. It can play soothing sounds for you to fall asleep. Its app allows you to control. And if you misplace the device, you can track them through its app and make them sound to find them. These are ideal for travelers; on a loud flight, sleeping isn't always most pleasant because of noise and bulky headphones are uncomfortable. Hush provides you a lightweight wireless solution for this. Buy Now: $150.


    Ayo: Ayo is a smart wearable device that boosts your energy, minimizes jet lag and improves your sleep using light. Just using it for 20 minutes a day, you wake up easier while feeling more energized. Pre-order: $169.


    Hugone: Hugone is a sleep monitor for the entire family; just place it on the corner of the bed, under the mattress cover, and it monitors your sleep cycles. It monitors temperature, humidity and air quality for a healthier home. It monitors humidity in every bedroom and also indoor air quality, notifies you if the air quality in your home needs attention. It connects to your smart bulbs, smart thermostat, wakes you up at the perfect time, provides personalized sleep advice and makes it easy for the entire family to sleep better. Buy Now: $179.


    SleepPhones Wireless: If you are among those who have trouble falling asleep often and are in habit of listening to relaxing or soothing music or sounds but are troubled with earphones, SleepPhones Wireless is for you. These wireless headphones comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and are hidden in a comfortable headband. Buy Now: $99.95.

    SleepPhones Wireless

    Sound Asleep Pillow: If are in habit of listening to relaxing or soothing music or sounds for falling asleep, then Sound Asleep Pillow is for you. It comes with inbuilt speaker, just plug your music source into the pillow's 3.5mm stereo socket and relax. Pre-order: $ 26 (£ 17.99).

    Sound Asleep Pillow
    Bluetooth Sleep Mask: The SleepTunez Bluetooth Sleep Mask lets you rest, relax and fall asleep. It plays up to 6 hours of wireless music from your smart devices and blocks out light. Using its built-in speakers and microphone, you can even answer the calls. Buy Now: $ 49.99.

    Bluetooth Sleep Mask
    SleepCompanion: The SleepCompanion is smart light bulb that lets you improve your sleep. It works along with its app and measures the quality of your sleep each night and lets you achieve a more restful night. Buy Now: About: $ 89 (€79).


    Sleep Sound Generating Pillow: This innovative cordless plush pillow comes with integrated speaker that plays white noise and nine relaxing nature sounds to lull you to sleep. Buy Now: $29.95.

    Sleep Sound Generating Pillow
    Aromacare: Aromacare is a connected essential oildiffuser that lets you program individual aromatherapy sessions for yourself or for others. It makes this easy with the need of an expert, works by activating the unit that you place inside the device. Each of these units contain a highly specific blend of essential oils, each designed for a specific purpose. It comes with 6 designed essential oil blends and lets you control everything from your smartphone. More info.

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