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    Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets to Make a Kid Friendly Smart Home' from all over the world.

    Ily: Ily is a smart home phone for kids to communicate with their family, without their own mobile devices or access to yours. This dedicated hub connects generations; kids need to just tap and it rings on their parent'/grandparent's smartphone or smart device even if they don't have an Ily phone. It's designed to be safe for kids to use on their own; parental supervision not required. They will be able to call only those whom you have added to your family list. To make a call you don't need two Ily Phones; family members can make and receive calls via the Ily app on iOS and Android devices. And when kids call from Ily, it will ring on your phone at work, or even on the landline at the grandparents' house (requires a landline or VOIP service.) It comes integrated with Amazon's "Ask Alexa" tool that allows kids with questions. Ily's simple drawing feature lets the kids send their works of art right to your smartphone. Its messaging feature allows the kids to send you text messages, and keeps a running thread with your photos and drawings. Now calling family is only a tap away. More info.

    Ily smart home phone

    SeeNote: SeeNote is a digital sticky note that can be placed anywhere. It features an ePaper touchscreen, lasts up to 1 month of continuous use, comes with a full color lightstrip, and more. It connects to your home network via Wi-Fi pulling down updates from its cloudserver. It comes with a customizable, modular interface that provides you easy access to notes, updates, and controls from your favorite apps. You can leave a note to your kids or family members via email, or through the app. It gets you the best route using Google Maps, keeps you updated with your next appointment, works with IFTTT and you can control your smart home, set reminders, open API and more. Using its Bluetooth it can detect and switch accounts, based on proximity. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It comes with no wires, or requires installation; just stick it anywhere you want. Pre-order: $99.

    SeeNote digital sticky note

    Knocki: Knocki is a smart device that makes any surface interactive. It attaches to any surface, comes with built-in Wi-Fi, can perform multiple tasks and control multiple devices. Use Knocki to send a text, turn on the lights, change the TV channel, shuffle music and much more or rather to control the world around you. You can use app for iOS and Android to set-up and monitor each Knocki. Pre-order: $89.


    Aido: Aido is the next generation home robot that's smart, interactive, and mobile; it plays with your kids, assists you with household chores and schedule, and keeps your home safe. It's your entertainment hub, personal assistant, a teacher, storyteller and more. This interactive robot recognizes each member of your family, monitors your home, controls your lights, plays useful videos and more. It features HD projector, 6 microphones, face detection, speech recognition, voice call support. smartsensors, multiple cameras and is voice activated. Its ballbot design along with object recognition and obstacle avoidance lets him navigate your house with ease. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $940.


    CHiP: ChiP is a robot dog that needs attention, likes to play, goes to sleep and more. He can recognize, is trainable and can be kid's best friend. It comes with smartband that lets him to uniquely recognize you, follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you for mealtime or playtime. Pre-order: $196.99.

    ChiP robot dog

    SleepIQ Kids Bed: This smart bed adjusts with the kids as they grow and adjusts to their Sleeping Number setting. It allows you to teach them how to develop good sleep routines. The bed alerts you when the kid is out of bed, the under-bed lights can be remotely turned off, and activates when the kids gets up. Its app lets you know how well the kids slept and alerts you in real-time if need arise. Buy Now: $799.99 - $1399.98 .

    SleepIQ Kids Bed

    Hive Active Heating™ 2: The Hive Active Heating™ 2 is a smart thermostat that allows you to control your heating and hotwater at home or remotely from your smartphone, smart device, and laptop. It keeps you comfortable while saving you money, you can set schedules; it uses your smart phone's geolocation and turns heating on before you get home and comes with frost protection and a Holiday mode. It's compatible with iOS/Android devices. Buy Now.

    Hive Active Heating 2

    Gecko Switch: The Gecko Switch is a movable light switch that allows you to control your lights from anywhere in your home. All that's needed to be done is replace your standard light switch with the base switch and you are done. Now you can place the Gecko Switch anywhere you want, within the reach of the kids and control your lights. It requires no wall work, no new wiring, hubs, bridges, or Wi-Fi, its simple to use. Gecko Switch is also a dimmer, timer and works for delayed off. The Gecko Switch can be removed then placed over and over again and if it looses its sticking power, just wash it with water and it regains its stickiness. There are many images available, and these allow you to mark your Gecko Switch to know what each switch controls. And using its search function, you can make the switch beep. Buy Now: $59.

    Gecko Switch

    Netpure: Just plug the Netpure into your router and turn it on; and it gives you the ability to limit content based on the kid's requirement. This two-step system creates a safe Wi-Fi network for every device your kids use. You can block content, manage screen time, and stay informed with its alerts. You receive notifications on your phone, email, text, or smart watch. Its Time Out feature lets you pause the Internet. You can access the device using its app on your smartphone or your laptop. Buy Now: $ 169.

    Netpure Smart Router

    Artesia Fun-1 61-Key Digital Piano: The Artesia Fun-1 61-Key Digital Piano is an iPad and laptop compatible piano designed to introduce your kids to music. It features 2 speakers, full size velocity sensitive keys, 8 instrument voices and animal sounds. Buy Now: from $199.

    Artesia Fun-1 61-Key Digital Piano
    FlipFlic: FlipFlic is a smart windowblinds controller that automates your regular windowblinds in few seconds. Its compact, solar-powered, and easy-to-install, adjusts your windowblinds based on light, temperature, or schedule your set up using its app. It easily transforms any horizontal or vertical windowblinds into a self-adjusting smart window. You can set it up in automatic, schedule or manual mode depending upon your preference. It can be integrated into your pre-existing smart home systems via BLE and ZigBee and works with Homecontrol, Homekit, Wink, Lyric, SmartThings, hue, netatmo, Athom and Iridium. Pre-order: $89.


    Cinemood: Cinemood is a mini portable projector that lets you turn any wall into a personal theater and beam educational pre-selected cartoons, view digital books and more. Apart from these, you can use it for yourself to watch your favorite movies, share family photos and even send video messages through its app from anywhere. It's connected to a cloudlibrary, getting new content is easy and totally wireless. Pre-order: $279.


    Clairy: Clairy is a natural air purifier that combines the power of nature and technology and makes air around you cleaner. This smart flowerpot and natural air purifier is powered by real plants. Pre-order: $179.

    Clairy Air Purifier

    Ulo: This adorable owl is actually a surveillancecamera in disguise. This cute camera interacts with you through eye expressions. It lets you monitor your home or anything that's important to you, provides live streams and alerts you when it detects anything moving in your house. Pre-order: About $219 (€199).

    Ulo Security Camera

    EverLights: EverLights are smart decorative lights for your smart home that you can control from your smartphone. These sleek, permanent and weatherresistant lights needs to be installed once and can be enjoyed for years to come. These app-enabled lights are nearly invisible by day and radiant at night. You can light up a customized show with over 16 million colors for any special event, including birthdays, showers, or game day with a touch of a button. It projects its own Wi-Fi network that you can control from up to 300 feet away. More info.


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    R2-D2 is a very versatile and multifunctional astromech droid that can make things a lot easy for you. Lets see what this trusty droid of yours is up to this time?

    R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator: This life-size remote control R2-D2 refrigerator is 1:1 replica of the film version 'R2-D2'. He can move, make sounds, and lights up and is all controllable with its remote. It comes with 6L storage that can hold 6 x 350 ml cans, features a 720p HD projector and Miracast for Android. He measures 25.2" x 23.8" x 36.9", and can move around for about 2 hours on a full recharge. Pre-order.

    R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator

    R2-D2 Coffee Press: There can be a no better way to start your day with a good cup of coffee and when it comes from your favorite droid Artoo -Detoo that makes things much better. R2-D2 Coffee Press can serve 32 oz. of coffee, that's about 4 cups to keep you motivated. It comes with removable glass carafe that's dishwasher safe. Buy Now: $39.99.

    R2-D2 Coffee Press
    R2-D2 Popcorn Maker: The R2-D2 Popcorn Maker prepares delicious and healthy airpopped corn snacks for your family. All you need to do is just drop in some popcorn kernels, turn it on, and watch as tasty yummy snack jumps out from under its domed cover. Buy Now: $49.99.

    R2-D2 Popcorn Maker
    R2-D2 Humidifier: The R2-D2 humidifier features 10 moisture settings, auto-off function and an opening on the top of its head that works with a standard size water bottle. It creates soothing mist up and increases humidity in your bedroom, living room or office space. It measures 7.25 x 11.5 x 6 inches. Buy Now: $40.

    R2-D2 Humidifier
    R2-D2 Smartphone Speaker Dock: The R2-D2 Smartphone Speaker Dock supports all smart phones and mp3 players via its 3.5 mm auxiliary input. When you turn it on it gives light and sound effects just like the real one. Buy Now: $96.05.

    R2-D2 Smartphone Speaker Dock
    R2-D2 AC / USB Power Station: R2-D2 AC / USB Power Station is a portable power station that features a USB wall recharger and powerstrip. It comes with two built-in USB ports (2.1A and 1.0A) to recharge your smart phones, smart devices and other devices, and also features four Type B sockets (US standard) that powers your laptop and other devices. It measures 7-1/4" tall by 4-1/4" wide by 2-1/2" deep and weighs 12 oz. Buy Now: $29.99.

    R2-D2 AC / USB Power Station
    R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp: The R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp is adjustable, uses 40w max incandescent Type A bulb or 13w max compact fluorescent, comes with 60 inch long cord with in-line on/off switch. Buy Now: $59.99.

    R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp
    R2-D2 Kitchen Timer: The R2-D2 Kitchen Timer can be a perfect little assistant for any chef. The timer can be set for up to 60 minutes by rotating its head, and once it reaches zero it alerts you. So you will know when your food is done to the perfect timing. Buy Now: $18.95.

    R2-D2 Kitchen Timer
    R2-D2 Mini Fridge: The R2-D2 Mini Fridge features a removable shelf to hold a six-pack of 12-ounce cans, comes with warm and a cool setting that keeps your food at just the right temperature. It measures 11" tall by 7-1/2" wide by 10" deep and weights 4.6 lbs. And internal space measures 8-1/4" tall by 5-1/2" wide by 5-1/4" deep. You can use it in your home, office or use a 12V DC adapter for use in your car. Buy Now: $79.99.

    R2-D2 Mini Fridge
    R2-D2 Screwdriver: The R2-D2 screwdriver comes with three steel bits; its dome head holds the bits during usage and you can store them in its base when not in use. Buy Now: $15.99.

    R2-D2 Screwdriver
    R2-D2 Bluetooth Speakerphone: The R2-D2 Bluetooth Speakerphone connects to your smart phones and smart devices wirelessly and streams music. It comes with an integrated microphone that lets you answer or make handsfree calls. You can even connect it using its standard 3.5mm audio jack. It also features its familiar lights and some more. It has a range of 32 ft and lasts 90 minutes on a full recharge. It recharges via micro-USB and measures 4" in diameter. Buy Now: $49.99.

    R2-D2 Bluetooth Speakerphone

    R2-D2 Can Cooler: Now let your trusty droid keep your favorite beverages cool. The R2-D2 Can Cooler features rubber interior that holds on to a standard 12 oz can, hole in the base prevents vacuum and allows condensate to drain. It measures 4-1/2" tall x 3-1/2" exterior diameter, and 2-5/8" inner diameter. Buy Now: $9.99.

    R2-D2 Can Cooler
    R2-D2 Roomba Decal: Made by Bel and Bel, these stickers turn your Roomba cleaning robot to look like your favorite droid Artoo. More info.

    R2-D2 Roomba Decal
    R2-D2 Concrete Bookend: Now give the responsibly to keep your books in place to R2-D2 Concrete Bookend. These are made to order, colors are optional and measures 7-3/4" in height, 5-3/4" in width, and 1-3/4" in depth. More info.

    R2-D2 Concrete Bookend
    R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum: This R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum is supposed to keep your workstation clean. Its USB powered, and measures about 14 cm tall. Buy Now: $22.47.

    R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum
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  • 10/17/16--22:21: 15 Best Lunch Boxes For You.
  • What's holding you back from taking a packed lunch? Is it the old-school brown paper bags, or rigid material lunch boxes or not so cool lunch boxes? Did you know packing a lunch can save you a lot on your food costs and you can eat healthier. With these 'Best Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags' you can set things straight and in order.

    Prepd Pack: Prepd Pack is a beautifully crafted smart lunchbox that's designed to give you a healthier lifestyle. This innovative lunchbox comes with multiple modular containers and smart magnetic cutlery. These modular system of containers are completely leakproof and holds food for you throughout the day. Its accompanying app gives you precise and in-depth nutritional information of your food portions. Its app is compatible with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $80.

    Prepd Pack

    Twist Lidlunch Box: What make this lunch box to stand out? It features a unique and easy-to-use twisting closure system. You get access to your lunch by twisting its cover to open or close it. Apart from this it keeps your foodhot for up to 4 hours. It measures 5 x 5 x 5 inches. Buy Now.

    Twist Lidlunch Box

    R2-D2 Lunch Box: R2-D2 Lunch Box comes with three containers in order to hold your lunch. Its legs can keep all the three parts firmly together when you're not eating. Perfect to take your lunch to school. Buy Now: $9.99.

    R2-D2 Lunch Box

    Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox: The Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox saves you space when you are done with its contents. It goes completely flat when empty. Whatever you put inside the box it holds it tightly in place and conforms to its shape. Buy Now: $35.

    Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox

    FlatBox: How about having a placemat with your lunchbox? Zip FlatBox to hold your food an unzip it and you get placemat. It's perfect for school, beach, outdoors and more. Buy Now.

    Vaya Tyffyn Box: The Vaya Tyffyn Box features a double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steelshell that keeps your foodhot up to 6 hours. It comes with three stainless steel containers with copper finishing and leakproof cover. What more it comes with a shoulder bag that can be unzipped to turn into a placemat. Buy Now: About $38.

    Vaya Tyffyn Box
    USB Heated Lunchbox Pouch: This USB powered lunchbox keeps your lunch warm for you. Just plug it in any USB port and it maintains the right temperature. The set includes the pouch bag, two USB heaters, and lunchbox trays. It measures 240 x 130 x 105mm and can heat up to 80°C. Buy Now: $68.

    USB Heated Lunchbox Pouch
    Colborne Bag.: The Colborne Bag is both fashionable and functional, it lets you take your food in style. It features antique brass clips to the side of the bag that lets you clip it onto your briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack. More info.

    Colborne Bag
    Bento Lunch Box: The Bento Box from Black + Blum is perfect for pasta, rice or even sushi. It comes with a clip for holding your fork or chopsticks. You also get a fork, saucepot and a separator. It is dishwasher safe that makes cleaning the lunch box a breeze. Buy Now: $22.

    Bento Lunch Box
    Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag: The Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag by Gouache definitely makes the brown paper bags old-school. The waxed canvas lunch bag features polyester taffeta lining, is waterrepellent both inside and outside. Each bag is individually crafted by Marikina Bag Makers and no two bags are the same. Buy Now: About $15.

    Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
    Marla Shoulder Lunch Bag and Archer Lunch Cooler Box: If you are among those who spends lot of money trying to look professional, and are looking for a high quality and professional lunch bag, then the Modern Lunch Bags from Archer Brighton is perfect for you. Buy Now:$ 94.95 and $ 84.99.

    Marla Shoulder Lunch Bag and Archer Lunch Cooler Box
    Frozzypack II Lunchbox: For one of those days when you prefer to take fruits and salads and keep them cood, Frozzypack II Lunchbox is best suited. It keeps your salad chilled and fresh for up to seven hours. It doesn't have a refrigeration unit; the integrated cooling in the cover does the work. You need to keep it in the freezer for at least 10 hours for maximum cooling effect. Buy Now: $19.95.

    Frozzypack II Lunchbox
    Gamebox Lunchbox: Here is something from your childhood to make you nostalgic - Gamebox Lunchbox. The Gamebox Lunchbox measures 20 x 10.5 x 13.3 cm, features five separate areas that lets you pack multiple dishes and doesn't let them mix up. It features a watertight seal to keep liquid contents in place. Buy Now: $12 (£9.99).

    Gamebox Lunchbox
    Guitar Case Lunch Box: This miniature tin guitar case lunch box is made to withstand hard knocks of life on the road. It comes with set of ten stickers to customize it as you want. It measures 28.5cm x 16cm x 8.5cm. Buy Now: $18 (£14.99).

    Guitar Case Lunch Box
    Marlowe Lunchbag: The Marlowe Lunchbag is made of waxed canvas, measures 12" tall by 8" wide by 5" deep, perfect for taking your lunches or snacks. Buy Now: $44.

    Marlowe Lunchbag
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  • 10/18/16--22:28: 15 Best Combs for Styling.
  • Looking for combs to straighten, detangle or shape your hair, or maintain your mustache and beard? We have the essential grooming tools made from titanium, wooden, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum to keep hairs in best shape.

    Man Comb: The Man Comb is a tough and compact flip comb that's an ultimate tool for hair, beard and beverage. Its made tough, has a stainless steelhandle; the comb material is made from similar thing to airplane windshields. You can comfortably place it in your pocket or can attach to a keychain. Its magnetic that lets the comb hold in the open and closed state and a bottle opener is an integral part of the design. Buy Now: $31 (£ 25).

    Man Comb
    Headgehog Wallet Comb: The Headgehog is a stainless steel multi-function comb that can be placed comfortably in your wallet. Its similarly sized to a credit card, keeps your beard maintained or your hair styled on the go. It features 7+ functions - comb, bottle opener, phone stand, money clip, chip clip, screwdriver and wrenches. Buy Now: $14.

    Headgehog Wallet Com
    Mercury Comb: The Mercury comb from Metal Comb Works is crafted from 12-gauge stainless steel and features genuine silver "Mercury Dime" in it. You can see both the face and reverse of the coin; a machined pocket holds the dime securely in place. It features Medium-wide tooth spacing, measures 5 3/8" long, and is available in a high polish or burnished finish. Buy Now: $ 58.

    Mercury Comb
    Go-Comb - Finetoothcomb: It is a space saver tool that can be kept in your wallet just like a credit card. It's perfect for short hair, beards and mustaches. Buy Now: $ 15.99.

    Go-Comb - Finetoothcomb

    Titanium Comb: The Titanium Comb is made from high-grade titanium similar material used in aerospace, marine, and automotive applications. It also comes with its own leather sleeve. It measures 5.6" x 1.25" x 1mm. Buy Now: $115.

    Titanium Comb
    Le Loup Multi Tool: Le Loup Multi Tool is a bottle opener, beard comb, box cutter, prytool and a keychain. This looks cool and even works better. Buy Now: $15.25.

    Le Loup Multi Tool

    Wooden comb: The Wooden comb is best suited for your head hair but also works for your beard and moustache. It's handmade using a special technology of lamination; made using five layers of the highest quality walnut. It lets you untangle your hair with no issues with breakage of any of the comb's teeth. It measures 5.5" (14cm) long x 1.15" (3cm) wide. Buy Now: $ 20.37.

    Wooden comb
    Carbon Fiber Comb: This Carbon Fiber Comb is made out of pure carbon fiber, measures 5.5" X 1.5" 3/8", and features a lanyard hole. Buy Now: $ 34.99.

    Carbon Fiber Comb
    Mechanic Pocket comb: The Mechanic Pocket comb features five wrenches - 14mm, 13mm, 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm. It measures 5.85" long x 1.1" wide. Buy Now: $ 18.

    Mechanic Pocket comb
    Beard and Mustache Comb Bottle Opener: The Beard and Mustache Comb keeps your mustache and beard maintained. Its made from stainless steel, comes with an integrated bottle opener, and is a must have tool for any self respecting mustachioed or bearded man. Buy Now: $15.95.

    Beard and Mustache Comb Bottle Opener
    HandleBeard Beard Comb: This one comes from HandleBeard Beard Combs, its perfect for all medium beards. It measures 6" x 3/8". Buy Now: $22.

    HandleBeard Beard Comb
    WrangleandTraveler Comb: The WrangleandTraveler Comb features strong flexible bristles that gently detangle your beard, and massages the skin. Most importantly it gets your beard into the right shape. Buy Now: $ 20.

    Wrangle and Traveler Comb
    Corter Wallet Comb: The Corter Wallet Comb is a credit card sized comb and bottle opener, crafted from kitchen-grade 305 stainless steel, and features round tines for comfort. Buy Now: $28.50.

    Corter Wallet Comb
    Stainless Steel Comb: The Stainless Steel Comb is made of stainless steel, features a pocket clip that lets you attach it to your gear or clothing. It measures 6-1/8"X 1.5" 3/8". Buy Now: $ 24.99.

    Stainless Steel Comb
    Sailor Opener Comb: The Sailor Opener Comb is crafted with tattoo art and sailor images machined into the comb. It comes with a hole at one end for attaching a lanyard or paracord and a bottle opener. It's made from 304 stainless steel and measures 5". Buy Now: $ 39.

    Sailor Opener Comb
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    If cleaning tires you up then you aren't alone to feel that way; to make things a lot easy for you we have the 'Best Cleaning Gadgets' from all over the world.

    iRobot Roomba 980: iRobot Roomba 980 is a smart vacuum cleaning robot that features iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization that allows it to easily navigate your home and keeps track of its location. Its AeroForce Cleaning System with Carpet Boost automatically increases its power on carpets. Its app-enabled, using the iRobot Home App, you can put your robot on schedule from anywhere. Its compact design allows it to clean under most furniture and kickboards. It automatically returns to its docking station when it needs recharging. Its cliff-detection smartsensors ensures your Roomba avoids stairs and other drop-offs. It automatically adjusts to clean carpets, tiles, hardwood and floors. Buy Now: $899.99.

    iRobot Roomba 980

    Robosnail: Robosnail is a fully automated aquarium glass cleaner that can be of great use at home. It takes care of cleaning the aquarium while you can focus on other tasks. Buy Now: $199.99 - $249.99.

    Smartcan: It features a powerful vortex vacuum, Wi-Fi connectivity and provides you with low bag alert and trashday reminder on your iOS/Android device. All you need to do is sweep the dirt into its integrated vacuum inlet and it will automatically deposit it directly into the bag. Pre-order: $129 (MSRP $199) - $179 (MSRP $249).


    Airmega: Airmega is a smart air purifier that filters the air in your home and keeps you healthy. It comes with filters that withhold particles as small as 0.3 microns. It features real-time air quality monitoring, smart mode that automatically adapts to its surroundings, powerful dualsuction, filter lifetime indicator and more. Using its app you can monitor the air quality, activate the Airmega remotely, set schedule, receive real-time outdoor air quality updates and more. Buy Now: $644.99 - $719.99.

    Airmega smart air purifier

    Sweepovac: Sweepovac takes the words literally 'sweep under the carpet', though here its under the furniture. Sweepovac can be installed under your existing furniture like cabinets, shelves and more. It comes with a drawer in the middle with a small opening in its base and a large button on the side. All you need to do is just sweep the dirt in the front of the opening and press the button using your foot and leave the rest to the device. It ensures you won't ever again need a dustpan. Buy Now: $199.95.

    Sweepovac Vacuum

    UviCube: UviCube safely dries, cleans and stores baby bottles. Buy Now: $299.


    Loogun: The Loogun is a handheld motorized device that sprays a powerful jet of clean water that washes away stubborn marks. It never touches the toilet, cleans above and below the water line without splashing beyond the bowl. Its reservoir holds 300ml of water, enough for around 6 uses, and can be refilled easily. Buy Now: $43 (£34.99).


    Solar-Breeze: Solar-Breeze is a solar powered device that intelligently navigates your swimmingpool removing dirt and debris from the surface. Pre-order: $558.


    Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer: This cute Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer can keep your toothbrushes clean. It comes with one button activation and auto shut-off in just 7 minutes. Buy Now: $39.95.

    Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer
    Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner: The cool Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan is a colorful furball that moves around your house cleaning. Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners that requires you to change the bag or empty the canister, its here that the sophisticated piece of technology and simplicity lays; all you need to do is just clean the ball using its special brush and its good to go again. Buy Now: $ 73.

    Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner
    Grillbot: Just place this grill-cleaning robot on your grill and press a button and you're done. Its three powerful motors and three brushes provide reliable and thorough cleaning. You can set it on light clean or deep clean, and it signals when cleaning is complete. Buy Now: $88.92.

    iRobot Mirra 530 Swimmingpool Cleaning Robot: This Robotic Swimmingpool Cleaner by iRobot is a self-contained vacuum, pump, and filter system that works without modifications to existing systems making your swimmingpool's systems work less, requires less maintenance, and lowering the cost. All you need to do is drop Mirra 530 in, press the clean button and it pumps and filters 70 gallons (265 liters) of water per minute. Using iAdapt Nautiq Responsive Cleaning Technology, it sizes up the approximate dimensions of the swimmingpool, and then chooses the optimum cleaning cycle for maximum efficiency. Buy Now: $849.64.

    iRobot Mirra 530 Swimmingpool Cleaning Robot
    Sterishoe: Sterishoe keeps your feet healthy by sanitizing and deodorizing your shoes. Buy Now: $149.95.


    Auto Mee Robot Screen Cleaner: This Auto Mee Robotic screen cleaner by Takara Tomy, Japan keeps screen of your smartphone for that matter other gadgets too clean while you relax. Buy Now: $20.09.

    Auto Mee Robot Screen Cleaner
    Winbot: The Winbot W730, window-cleaning robot by Ecovacs features frameless window detection system and pathfinder technology that automatically calculates the size of your window and programs for customized cleaning path for maximum efficiency. It can clean glass of any thickness and even thermopane windows. And its sophisticated onboard computer allows it to intelligently avoid edges and obstacles while leaving windows and mirrors shining and spotless. Buy Now: $197.59.

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    Collection of 'Best Kids Friendly Kitchen Tools' from all over the world.

    Karoto Sharpener and Peeler: This kitchen tool allows you to peel, sharpen and curl thin ribbons of carrot, zucchini and cucumber vegetables to decorate your salads and dishes. Buy Now: $11.99.

    Karoto Sharpener and Peeler
    Pie Crust Bag: Now make perfectly shaped pie crusts every time with this pie crust bag and keep your countertop clean. Buy Now: $6.95.

    Pie Crust Bag
    Lettuce Chopper: This cool karate chopper gives your lettuce a swift slice and prepares fresh salad is seconds. Buy Now: $12.99.

    Lettuce ChopperVeggie Twister: This cool kitchen gadget turns veggies into endless spiral veggies. Buy Now: $29.

    Veggie Twister
    Strawberry Huller: This cool kitchen tool quickly removes the leaves and stem from a strawberry. Buy Now: $7.95.

    Strawberry HullerBanana Slicer: Just peel your banana, and push this gadget down from top; it creates evenly sliced pieces. Buy Now: $4.41.

    Banana SlicerSausage Dicer: This dicer provides a quick and easy way to dice your sausage into smaller size pieces. Buy Now: $12.95.

    Sausage Dicer
    Tomato Slicer: This cool tool quickly turns one tomato into nine perfect 1/4" thick slices in no time. Buy Now: $19.80.

    Tomato SlicerPancake Pen: Mix batters right in the bottle; measurement markings on the side lets you measure quantities and it can hold 3 cups of batter. Buy Now: $11.95.

    Pancake PenBasting Brush: This basting brush looks like a highlighter pen, lets you moisten your kebabs, steaks, and more. Buy Now: $13.80.

    Basting Brush
    Apple Divider: This tool produces two sizes of uniformly sliced apples and with a downward push, it cores an apple and cuts it into thin slices. Buy Now: $22.95,

    Apple DividerGarlic Shaker: The Garlic Shaker gives you the simplest yet the best way to peel garlic. All you need to do is put garlic cloves into the device, close both covers, shake for 30 seconds and you are done. Buy Now: $19.95.

    Garlic Shaker

    Cherry Pitter: This Cherrymat Cherry Pitter can process up to 25 lbs of cherries in a single hour. Buy Now: $29.95.

    Cherry Pitter
    OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener: The Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener makes opening jars easy with just the press of a button. It works with a wide variety of glass jars from 1" to 4" in diameter. It's compact for easy storage. Buy Now: $29.99.

    OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener
    Herbs Mill: With a minimal effort and simple twist, the sharp blades will quickly and smoothly mince even large quantities of herbs. Buy Now: $19.95.

    Herbs MillTomato/Mozzarella Slicer: This useful tool swiftly cuts ripe tomatoes and creamy mozzarella into uniform slices. Buy Now: $37.61.

    Tomato/Mozzarella SlicerCorn Kerneler: Just place this handy tool at the narrow end of the corncob, push straight down and all kernels will collect neatly. Buy Now: $7.83.

    Corn KernelerPeach Pitter: With an easy downward push this tool turns whole peaches and nectarines into uniform slices. Buy Now: $9.99.

    Peach PitterCarrot Whisk: Why use a regular whisk to blend ingredients smooth when you can have a carrot whisk! Buy Now: $12.72.

    Carrot Whisk
    Strawberry Slicer: This cool gadget transforms a whole strawberry into perfect slices with just a press of the handle. Buy Now: $14.95.

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    If you are looking for gadgets that can keep you connected to your kids, then you have landed on the right page.

    Snowfox: Snowfox is a phone and a GPS locator. Snowfox Trackerphone supports voice calls, its powerful antenna provides real-time connectivity, it's playproof for everyday use and its app gives your kid's location on map, voice call and smart notifications. Buy Now.


    Smart Teddybear: Inside this handmade smart toy comes proprietary technology carefully hidden that enables you to measure your kid's health by simply making him hold the teddybear by the paw. It even measure the kid's temperature; all you need to do is simply press the button on your smartphone app. Buy Now: $140 (€129).

    Smart Teddybear

    Mimo Smart Baby Monitor: The Mimo Smart Monitor connects with your smart devices and provides baby's sleep activity, breathing pattern, body posture, skin temperature and live audio in real-time. The starter kit contains 3 machine washable organic cotton kimonos, 1 low power Bluetooth transmitter and a Wi-Fi and recharging base station. Buy Now: $189.99.

    Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

    AmbyGear: AmbyGear is a cool smartwatch for kids that comes with a range of fun applications to inspire kids to be independent, confident and physically active. It nurtures your kid's learning and keeps them engaged. It comes with built in GPS, text messaging and boundary alerts, and informs you of your kid's location and activity. Using its texting app you can direct text to your kid's AmbyGear smartwatch and it requires no cellphone service. Its rewards empower you to track progress and reward you kids for their achievements. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones. Pre-Order.

    Starling: Starling is a smart wearable device that tracks the number of words your kid says and hears each day. It connects with its smart phone app, gives you personalized information and analytics of your kid, and even suggests activities to boost their IQ. Buy Now: $199.


    FiLIP 2: FiLIP 2 is a wearable phone and smart locator for kids. You can call, text and locate your kid right from their smartphone. Using the FiLIP app you can choose five phone numbers that your kid can call up and receive calls from them. FiLIP 2 uses a blend of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi that allows you to locate your kid using the most accurate location information, both indoors and out. Kids can press the red button on their FiLIP 2 for three seconds to initiate alert. You can set up to five safezones using the FiLIP app, and when FiLIP 2 detects your kid has entered or left a safezone, it sends a notification to your smartphone. The FiLIP 2 works as a regular watch and shows the time and the date. It's compatible with iOS 6 and greater or Android 2.3 and greater. Buy Now.

    FiLIP 2

    MonBaby Smart Monitor: MonBaby is a baby monitor that looks like a button and sends information about your baby's breathing to your smartphone. Buy Now: $169.

    MonBaby Smart Monitor

    dokiWatch: dokiWatch is a 3G-enabled smartwatch for kids that features video calling, voice calling, messaging, GPS tracking and more. Pre-order: $199.


    Kiband: Kiband is a smartband designed for kids from ages 18 months to 7 yrs old. It allows you to create customized safe perimeters and keep track of your kids anywhere. If the kid begins to wander, the Kiband buzzes and reminds the kid to stay close. And if the kid goes too far then the Kiband and your smartphone gives out audible alert. Using similar technology to your smartphone, the Kiband actively maps the surroundings and alerts you so that you can instantly react and locate a wandering kid before it's too late. Even if it's submerged in water it can alert you. Pre-order.


    Oliba: Oliba is a cute owl that you can tie to your kid's cuddly toy and turn it into a smarter buddy. Use its app to communicate; it's a storyteller with endless imagination, you can choose a story form its library or record your own. Its also a connected musical nightlight and doubles as a cuddly toy tracker. Pre-order: $59.


    Remi: Remi is a smart customizable sleepcompanion that learns your kid's sleep routines, tracks sleep progress and notifies you with its app. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart devices and iOS and Android devices. You can customize kid's bedtime and naptime routine through alerts, lighting, music and more. Pre-order: $69.


    Aumi: Aumi is a smart night-light that you can control from your smartphone. It's a Bluetooth enabled, portable, multi-colored nightlight that provides over 16 million color options. You can use your smartphone to set a timer for the night-light, adjust its brightness, and change notification settings. Pre-order: $39.


    Netpure: Just plug the Netpure into your router and turn it on; and it gives you the ability to limit content based on the kid's requirement. This two-step system creates a safe Wi-Fi network for every device your kids use. You can block content, manage screen time, and stay informed with its alerts. You receive notifications on your phone, email, text, or smart watch. Its Time Out feature lets you pause the Internet. You can access the device using its app on your smartphone or your laptop. Buy Now: $169.

    Netpure Smart Router

    Photon: Photon robot grows with your kid and makes it easy for them to take their first steps into the world of technology. It motivates kids to gain knowledge while keeping them engaged in a fun tale. It gives kids programming related challenges. Finishing challenges awards experience points that kids can use to unlock new senses for the robot or boost his parameters according to their taste. It comes with kid friendly app that let them interact with their robot and create their own programs. The language used by this smart robot is based on colorful blocks and inspired by Scratch and Google Blockly. Pre-order: $169.

    Photon robot

    iKydz: iKydz is a simple box the features a key to your Internet and lets you safeguard and monitor your kids's device specific access to the Internet using a simple app. It recognizes every device you own and lets you manage them individually - smart phones, smart devices, smart TVs or more. It provides you with a series of global block lists for content, and it allows you to make your own lists. Its Meal Time feature lets you pause all Internet access with one button and lets you re-establish dinner conversation and interaction. The system access and management can be accessed, modified and updated using a standard web browser or using its app on Android or iOS device. Buy Now: About $113 (€ 99).


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  • 10/23/16--22:46: 15 Must Have Cat Gadgets.
  • If you are looking for the best cat gadgets for making your cat comfortable, cozy, and more, we got something for you. Just have a look!

    Cat Post: Cat Post comes from German company Goldtatze that specializes in creating real air routes, bridges, branches, platforms and more for your cat. The Cat Post features a clear columnar shape; solidly wrapped with sisal making it something similar to a mast of a sailing ship that your cat would like to climb. Buy Now: $250 (€229.95).

    Cat Post
    Cat Perch Cover: The Cat Perch Cover is made of cotton with a sateen finish, is washable, keeps your cat perches clean and protected. It can be used with any perch measuring 10 to 14 inches in diameter. It's available in round version for round perches, square version for square or rectangular perches. It reversible, that gives stylish print on one side and solid color on the other side. With this you don't need to spend hours trying to vacuum all that cat hair off your cat perch. Buy Now: $42.95.

    Cat Perch Cover
    Cat Modular Climbing Systems: The Cat Modular Climbing Systems feature ladder steps, planks, sisal-lined poles, and more for your cat to climb, play, and relax. It also features a washable cotton canvas that can be removed without having to remove any of the placed planks from your wall, making cleanup a breeze. As its modular, you have limitless design options; you can build almost any design you want. Reserve Now: From $27.

    Cat Modular Climbing Systems

    Easyfeed: The Easyfeed is an automatic food and waterdispenser, that lets you video chat with your cat from anywhere. It lets you set automatic mealtimes, set food portion size, and even gradually introduce a new food into its diet. What more it even gets their food to your doorstep via Amazon when you're running low. And it automatically refills water tray to keep your cat fully hydrated at all times. Pre-order: $249.95.


    Cat Fort: The Cat Fort gives your cat a perfect play structure for their climbing and scratching needs. It features two sisal poles, and shelves to keep your cat in good health by providing it the right space to exercise. Buy Now: $398.

    Cat Fort
    Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed: Just place this Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed off the radiator and your cat has a nice warm cozy place to curl up. Buy Now: $34.92 .

    Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed
    Cat Tree Furniture Condo: The Cat Tree Furniture Condo lets you lounge your cat in high places and boosts their confidence. It's perfect for climbing, sleeping, scratching, and exercising. It measures 50"(L)X26"(W)X74"(H). It's simple to assembly and looks good in any room. Buy Now: $104.48.

    Cat Tree Furniture Condo
    Cat Scratching Mat: The Cat Scratching Mat can be placed onto any corner in your house and it provides your cat with a dedicated place for scratching. It's specially designed to protect your wall coverings from scratches by your cat. Buy Now: $34.99.

    Cat Scratching Mat
    Catalpa Cat Tree: The Catalpa Cat Tree measures 6 feet tall, features 8-inch wide platforms and a sisal-scratching mat attached on the trunk. Its weighted base keeps the tree stable. It's available in Espresso and Mahogany versions. Buy Now: $257.93.

    Catalpa Cat Tree
    Arty Cat Scratcher: The Arty Cat Scratcher features a curved design that separates into two pieces; these can be used together or apart to provide more than one scratching outlet in your home. If your cat wants to scratch, lounge or play this innovative design has everything covered. Buy Now: $69.

    Arty Cat Scratcher
    Cat Shelves: The Cat Shelves feature two-tiered shelf that can be fixed on the wall, and gives your cat a place to climb and perch. On this shelf, cats appear to float along your wall space. It measures 20" x 10" (platforms), total size 38" wide. Buy Now: $99.99.

    Cat Shelves
    Elevation Wall Climbing System: The Elevation Wall Climbing System is a series of shelves and steps that can be customized to create a great play ground for your cats and give them their own space. These use pelican clips to secure to your wall and can support over 50 lbs. Buy Now: $20.

    Elevation Wall Climbing System
    Cat Bed: The Cat Ball bed is a modern cave for your cat that features six thick, flexible panels and two openings that provides a place to hide, play, and sleep. Buy Now: $100.

    Cat Bed
    Floating Sisal Cat Post Step: The Floating Sisal Cat Post Step is best for bringing out the acrobat in your cat. Its perfect for climbing and gives an outlet for their climbing needs. And it even provides a scratching outlet in your home. This bracket-less sisal post measures 4" wide and 11" long. Buy Now: $45.

    Floating Sisal Cat Post Step
    Cat Camp Tent: If you are among those who cant leave your cat behind on your outdoor adventures then this cat camp tent is a must for you. It measures approximately 21.5" wide x 21.5" long x 14.0" tall. Keeps your cat comfortable, cozy while protecting it from the elements. Buy Now: $65.

    Cat Camp Tent
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    If you are looking for a smart powerstrip for your home, office or travel, then you have come to the right page. We have the 'Best Powerstrips for You' from all over the world.

    Youmo Modular Powerstrip: The Youmo Modular Powerstrip is a multi functional modular powerstrip that lets you customize from a range of different modules, each with different power functions, and create the power system you need. Its adaptable power base modules supports one-to-five plug sockets, multi-USB ports and wireless recharging. Its Smart module lets you control and communicate with all your plugged-in devices and its app gives power updates and suggestions for connected devices. You need to start with a power module and power base cord set and addon more modules to make a power system that grows and adapts to your lifestyle. Its removable cables and cords are available in both different lengths and a variety of colors. More info.

    Youmo Modular Powerstrip

    WoodieHub: WoodieHub is a stylish powerstrip that crafted by expert Italian artisans with the best woods, marbles and concretes and features universal socket, 3.2A USB port, wireless recharging and microsuctionpad. Buy Now: From $240 (219.90 €).


    Mogics Power Bagal Travel Powerstrip: The Mogics Power Bagal Travel Powerstrip features 4 universal AC sockets (UK, EU, AU, US), and two USB ports. It comes with 3 feet right-angled cord that can be completely stored inside its case. It features space saving design, can be comfortably placed in your pocket and lets you juice up your gadgets during your travel. Buy Now: $49.

    Mogics Power Bagal Travel Powerstrip

    Orvibo Smart Home Powerstrip: Orvibo Smart Home Powerstrip lets you use your smartphone to control the devices connected in it. Using its app you can check the status of the appliances, turn off/on and more. It supports WiFi network, comes with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. Buy Now: $33.96.

    Orvibo Smart Home Powerstrip
    Powerqube: The Powerqube is an innovative powerstrip that comes with three USB ports and six electrical outlets. It measures 5.5" by 2.75", can be comfortably placed in your backpack or briefcase. This sleek designed powerstrip can be placed on your desk, conference table, kitchen counter, nightstand, and more. More info.

    Joule Portable Powerstrip: The Joule is a minimal and portable powerstrip that features 3 AC outlets to supply power to your laptop and other gadgets, and two integrated 2.1A USB ports to recharge your smartphone, smart devices and other mobile devices. It also features built-in lights that lets you access the outlets even in the dark. Pre-order: $50.

    Joule Portable Powerstrip
    Mi Smart Powerstrip: The Mi Smart Powerstrip by Xiaomi comes with 6 sockets, supports Wi-Fi, and lets you control your devices and appliances from your smart phone and smart devices. You can turn on/off, put them on countdown off / on timer or schedule and more. Apart from these, it even automatically selects the mode of use and lets you save electricity. Its app on your smartphone lets you easily calculate your usage and economy of electric power. More info.

    Mi Smart Powerstrip
    Satechi Aluminum Powerstrip: The Satechi Aluminum Powerstrip features a sleek and compact design, comes with 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Its built-in 2.4A USB recharging ports lets you recharge your smartphones, smart devices and other USB gadgets. It also features IC smart technology that automatically adjusts the power to match it with your device requirements. Buy Now: $24.99.

    Satechi Aluminum Powerstrip
    Fruit Powerstrip: The Fruit Powerstrip by Trozk looks and comes in the shape of a thickened fruit slice. This cute powerstrip features 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Using its USB ports you can recharge four mobile devices at a go. It's available in four colors, and comes with 1.8m cord. Buy Now: $22.88.

    Fruit Powerstrip
    Trix Travel Powerstrip: The Trix Travel Powerstrip is a style and functional palm sized powerstrip that measures 110mm x 110mm x 45mm. It comes with 3 AC outlets and 2 smart USB powered ports at each corner giving a wide range of power distribution. And one of its ends is magnetic. Buy Now.

    Trix Travel Powerstrip
    Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Switch: The Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Switch comes with a total of eight power outlets, two are always on and six are remote-switched outlets. The wireless remote switch lets you shut off power-including standby power. The Wireless remote has a range up to 60 feet and lets you control the devices. Buy Now: $41.95.

    Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Switch
    Smart Powerstrip LCG-3M: The Smart Powerstrip LCG-3M comes with 10 power outlets and features auto-switching technology. It automatically turns off power when not in use to save energy. Buy Now: $37.21.

    Smart Powerstrip LCG-3M
    Weekly Digital Powerstrip: The Westek TE08WHB Weekly Digital Powerstrip comes with total 8 outlets of which 4 outlets are controlled by the timer while the other 4 outlets are always on. The smart timer lets you program for group of days: weekdays, weekends, single days, and more. Buy Now: $16.97.

    Weekly Digital Powerstrip
    Embertec Emberceptor AV Series: The Embertec Emberceptor AV Series comes with 7 power outlets of which three are always on and four are energy saver outlets. Apart from these it also features an IR smartsensor that can be placed anywhere you need. Buy Now: $64.95.

    Embertec EmberCeptor AV Series
    Power Pod: Power Pod design makes it good enough to be kept on the desktop; it comes with 6 power outlets with storage tray cover. It comes in milk and aluminum finish that makes it suitable in any office or home décor. Buy Now: $121.

    Power Pod
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    If you are looking for the best home security camera or a smart home security system, you have landed on the right page. We have the best home security cameras for both outdoors and indoors for you from all over the world.

    Netatmo Presence: The Netatmo Presence isn't just another smart security camera that records, sends alerts to your phone and more. Netatmo Presence is smart enough to identify what's at the door - a person, car or an animal. It provides ultra-precise alerts to let you know instantly about what happens outside your home. It comes with integrated outdoor lighting or you can use its IR night vision to watch discreetly. You can switch on the smart floodlight manually using its app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal. Use its app to watch live stream from any device, anytime; just scroll through past footage and download your favorite videos. Record the feed locally onto the Presence using microSD card. Its simple to install, features weatherproof aluminum construction, up to 20 meter / 65 feet of detection, and secure end-to-end encryption. Buy Now.

    Netatmo Presence smart security camera

    Smart Robotic Camera: It is an outdoor robotic camera that talks, detects human faces, and features 360-degree, and auto-tracks people to safeguard your properties. Pre-order: $449.9.

    Smart Robotic Camera

    iCamPRO Deluxe: iCamPRO Deluxe is a cordless robot that's really simple to install and it can talk, hear, detect faces, and track 360° to guard your home and family. It comes with 256-bit encryption, real-time two-way audio, remote tilt/zoom, nightvision, real-time push picture alerts, cloudstorage, and more. Its capable of automatically tracking moving objects 360° and keeps you informed on what it hears and sees. It keeps you informed with its special face alerts feature. It comes with a light bulb socket that makes installation really simple. You can access the recorded video files stored in the microSD cards with a simple swipe on the timeline. Its video alert with service subscription provides you 10-second long video alerts allowing you to truly understand what happened. You can adjust the video quality depending on your available bandwidth to ensure a smooth streaming experience. It comes with activity / block out zones that allows you to protect or ignore certain areas so you can customize your security. Buy Now: $ 299.9.

    iCamPRO Deluxe security camera

    Arlo: Arlo IP cameras are 100% wirefree, attach them to its fully magnetic holder or simply place on any flat surface, connect its base station to your home Wi-Fi router, sync your cameras, install the Arlo app on your smartphone, and you're done. You can move them around with ease as per your requirement. These smart home security cameras are weatherproof so can be placed outside. You can connect up to 15 cameras to the cloudserver, watch up to four cameras at once. These come with automate motiondetection, HD quality and nightvision. Buy Now: $179.99.

    Arlo security camera

    Ulo: This adorable owl is actually a surveillancecamera in disguise. This cute camera interacts with you through eye expressions. It lets you monitor your home or anything that's important to you, provides live streams and alerts you when it detects anything moving in your house. Pre-order: About $216 (€199) .

    Ulo security camera

    Versonel Nightwatcher Floodlight: The Versonel Nightwatcher Floodlight is a robotic lighting that detects activities around your property and sends alerts to your smart device while recording the event onto a removable SD card for later playback. It can record anything moving up to 55 feet away over a 200-degree range. The robotic head auto rotates light towards activity zone and the light will follow it. It comes with color camera with Wi-Fi connectivity for in-home or remote monitoring. Buy Now: $299.99.

    Versonel Nightwatcher Floodlight

    Riley: Riley is a smart home security robot that gives you an interactive way to monitor your home. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, 5MP camera, HD video, night vision, and more. It streams HD video and audio to your smart phone. It comes with smart alert; it sends you a notification on your smart phone as to what is happening in your home when you are out. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $299.99.

    Riley security camera

    Butterfleye: Butterfleye is a smart, simple, wireless home monitoring camera that connects to your smartphone and keeps you updated of what's happening in your home while you're out. It features Activity Based Recording™ that records only when it detects sound or anything moving; this saves energy, storage, and bandwidth. It features 12 hours of internal storage space (16GB); if no WiFi connection is available it will record internally and then upload once connection is back. Pre-order: $199.

    Butterfleye security camera

    Spot: Spot is much more than just a smart camera, its your link to your home and acts as your eyes, and ears. It features 'Sound Recognition' that enables it to understand smokealarms. And it can recap a day in seconds with 'Time Lapse'. It also features 2-way audio, nightvision, HD real-time streaming video, sound and motiondetection, 4x digital zoom, local video storage (up to 64 GB Micro SD) and cloudstorage. Its easy to install, has voice-guided audio setup, comes with magnetic holder and flexible and adjustable legs for easy adjustment. Works with your Android and iPhone smart devices. Buy Now: $99.99.

    Spot security camera

    Helmet: This family monitor lets you watch over your home, parents, dogs, cats or any other valuables. This smart camera comes with laserbeam to play with your furry friends. It features 1080 HD, 360° view, 70° tilt, nightvision, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 2-way audio, cloudstorage, social share, video recording, airsensor, and more. Buy Now: $99.95-$297.95.

    Helmet security camera

    Kuna: Kuna is a smart home security system that features Wi-Fi camera with intercom built into an outdoor light. It detects people coming to your home and allows you to see and speak to them using your smartphone, from anywhere. Kuna is capable of filtering out false alerts like swaying trees, small animals, and more. Its also capable of recognizing different moving patterns, and can tell the difference between someone coming home, someone leaving, and a visitor waiting at the door. It allows you to choose to receive all these alerts, or only alerts of a particular type. It also acts as an alarmsiren. It's a smart light too which can be controlled from your smartphone, set a schedule, or use the dusk-to-dawn and other modes. Its easy to install, takes under 15 minutes, uses your existing wiring, is a drop-in replacement for your existing light fixture. Its app supports both iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $199.

    Kuna security camera

    Nubo: Panasonic's Nubo is a smart monitoring camera that features 4G mobile connectivity. Its advanced video analytics alerts to your mobile device when something is happening in your protected area. Its easy to setup, can be taken anywhere you go and you can monitor your valuables. Nubo is weatherproof and can be used indoors and outside. You can store your footage to a micro SD card also. The device features motiondetection, night vision, 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi b/g/n, ZigBee, Bluetooth, two way audio and is home automation ready. Buy Now: $380 (€349).

    Nubo security camera

    GeckoEye: GeckoEye is a round camera powered by solar panels that can be fixed anywhere. It comes equipped with a motionsensor that connects to the base by Wi-Fi, transmits videos to a cloudstorage, which you can monitor live or on demand. It features 2 HD cameras, motionsensor, solar recharger, GPS tracker, car digital video recorder, highly sensitive microphone, cloudsupport and more. It's a versatile solution to ensure your house, car, office and more is safe and secure 24/7. More info.

    GeckoEye security camera

    Novi: Novi is a 4-in-1 home security solution for your home that features its own portable power source that makes installation easy. It comes with HD camera, nightvisions, and detectors. If there is any issue, you receive picture notifications on your smartphone. You can install multiple units and track them on your smart devices. You can place it anywhere in your home, and use its app to immediately take action upon receiving a notification. There is no monthly fee and requires no subscription fee. Buy Now: $299.

    Novi home security solution

    Cocoon: This smart home security device packs all the security you need into one small package. It combines HD Camera, motiondetection and Subsound technology and senses activity through walls and doors throughout your home, all controlled through your smartphone so you can take action and feel safe. This smart gadget learns who should and shouldn't be there, uses smartphone location to know who's at home, learns your schedule to activate protection whilst you sleep and with night-vision and more. Buy Now: $366 (£299).

    Cocoon smart home security device
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    Collection of the 'Best Gadgets For Listening Music' for you from all over the world.

    Aumeo: Aumeo is a smart device that uses audio tailoring technology and enriches your music experience by customizing music to your ears' unique sensitivity. Using its app (iOS and android) you can create your audio profile in 2 minutes. It's capable of finding out your sensitivity to each frequency and tailors music to each ear. It works with your favorite headphones and music player. Buy Now: $199.

    Aumeo smart music device
    Necksound: Necksound is a smart wireless necklace wearable music device that has a modern and sporty design and provides top quality sound. It makes listening to music or talking on the phone possible while doing any type of physical activity without the need for headphones. It comes with directional speakers, stores up to 1000 songs in its 4 GB internal memory, you can share your favorite music or create play list, synchronies up to 3 Necksound devices to your smartphone (iOS and Android), and more. Pre-order: About $ 111 (€99).

    Necksound smart wearable music device

    Basslet: The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer that uses a whole new technology for sound and lets you literally feel the music. It provides the beats and basslines of your music directly to you resulting in a powerful sound experience. Pre-order: $179.

    Basslet wearable subwoofer
    Boomstick: The Boomstick Portable Headphoneenhancer creates a truly immersive listening experience. Plug your headphones into the device, plug the Boomstick into your music player and enjoy improved definition and clarity in the music. Buy Now: $79.99.

    Boomstick Headphoneenhancer
    Subpac M2: Subpac M2 is a wearable tactile bass system that lets you feel the music in your body. It connects to any audio device via headphone cable or Bluetooth and projects low frequencies into your body. It lasts up to 6-8 hours of use on a single recharge. Buy Now: $349.

    SubPac M2 wearable tactile bass system

    'A' Speaker: Did it ever happen to you that you want to hear music or watch TV but others complain about getting disturbed? If your answer to this is yes, we have a perfect solution for you - 'A' Speaker. 'A' Speaker is a directional speaker; only you can hear. This advanced directional speaker creates a beam of sound and directs it into your ears from across the room without bothering other people around you. Its simple to use, just connect it to your smart device, laptop, TVs, and other audio sources. Pre-order: $550 - $1850.

    Directional Speaker

    Popcorn Hour A-500 Pro: Popcorn Hour A-500 Pro is a networked media jukebox that provides astounding sound for music-listening and superior video quality for movie. Buy Now: $599.

    Popcorn Hour A-500 Pro networked media jukebox
    HiFiskyn: HiFiskyn is a smart case made for music; it turns your iPhone into an awesome music player. It makes your music and videos sound clearer and louder. It recharges your phone and protects it too. Pre-order.

    HiFiskyn smart case for music

    Helix: Helix is a sleek wearable stereo headphones on your wrist. With this Bluetooth device there wont be any tangled or loose headphones. Buy Now: $169.

    Helix wearable stereo headphones

    SoundBrake: The SoundBrake is a smart headphone attachment that alerts you to outside sounds while you are fully isolated in your audio. You can use it with any audio player and yet you won't miss hearing a door knock, phone call, and more. More info.

    SoundBrake smart headphone attachment
    Aqua: Aqua is a lightweight, batteryfree headphone amplifier that connects to your iOS or Android devices and improves the output audio quality. Its built-in high quality DAC supports 24bit/192kHz. It features a stylish metallic design, connects directly to mobile devices and headphones and lets you enjoy great music anytime, anywhere. Buy Now: $90 .

    Aqua headphone amplifier

    dSp: The dSp is a digital sound processor that makes your headphones sound better. It significantly improves headphone sound quality for smartphones, smart devices, and portable devices. It's compatible with Android Lollipop, Chrome OS, Windows, OSX and more. It incorporates proprietary digital Sound processing and conversion along with a high-performance headphone amplifier. It supports all audio formats. Buy Now: $69.99.

    dSp digital sound processor
    soundKey DAC: soundKey DAC is designed to be part of your headphone cable and brings your music on the move to life. Just plug the soundKey into your smartphone, and your headphones into the soundKey for a highly improved listening experience. More info.

    soundKey DAC smart music device

    Kien: Kien is a modular, multi-room sound system that gives you Hi-Fi sound wherever you go. The system consists of satellites and subwoofer; sats are portable speakers and requires no wiring, this lets you set up any system you want, anywhere. To recharge the sats, you need to place it on the sub, and you can continue to listen to your music. The system lets you share audio with your friends anywhere and in any imaginable way you want: Dolby® surround sound, Hi-Fi stereo, multi-room, all made portable. The Kien system can be used anywhere in the world as it works with both 110 and 230 volts power input. Kien is compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, you can use your kien system with all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Buy Now: from $250 (€229).

    Kien modular sound system

    Sound Running Vest: The Sound Running Vest comes with integrated speakers right below your ears, lets you listen to your music without eliminating the sounds around you. This lightweight form running vest is perfect for every run - day or night. It features a two-pocket system in the front that holds your smart phone or small gadgets, keys or ID. You can easily remove its speakers for washing and it comes with 360º reflectivity. Buy Now: $ 55.

    Sound Running Vest
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    Looking for travel safety gadgets for your next tour? Look no further we have the 'Best Travel Safety Gadgets' for you from all over the world.

    Travelsafe X15 Portable Travel Safe: Travelsafe X15 Portable Travel Safe is a waterresistant portable safe that can easily hold a 15" MacBook, iPad, a DSLR camera and more and keeps it safe. It comes with 360-degree eXomesh stainless steel wiremesh embedded into poly canvas fabric, and 360° eXomesh locking system that keeps your valuables safe. Buy Now: $99.95.

    Travelsafe X15 Portable Travel Safe

    Nimb Smart Ring: Nimb is a smart wearable device with a concealed button that notifies your family, friends and others when you are in trouble. You need to press and hold the button for 3 seconds to send the alert and it gives a buzzing feedback to let you know that a message has been sent. It tracks your location in real-time and the response team knows exactly where you are. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $99.

    Nimb Smart Ring

    EasyLock: The EasyLock is a portable temporary travel door lock that features the strength of stainless steel and secures in seconds. Its strong yet a small and light security solution, it lets you open just enough to allow you to confirm a visitor or receive documents. It's perfect for travelers. Buy Now: About $30 (£24.95).


    Leather USB Bracelet: This Scandinavian Design Leather USB Bracelet features USB Drive with 8 GB storage and is made with real braided leather cord (4mm). Use it to store a copy of all your important documents - passport, divers license, credit cards, travel itinerary, and more. In case you lose any of the important documents, photocopies of the said documents will makes things a lot easy for you to replace the originals. Buy Now: $ 39.

    Leather USB Bracelet
    iBackPack 2.0: The iBackPack 2.0 is a smart backpack that functions as an electronic power house, a communication hub, storage space and more. It's made of weatherproof material and features 6 USB ports, Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi, Bluetooth audio, 3G/4G, retractable power cord, 20k mAh power bank, and is app controlled (iOS and Android devices). It also features multiple pockets; kevlar pockets option, wireless/car recharger, carabiners, RFID blocking sleeves, integrated TSA lock and more. Its GPS Tracking system lets you know where your bag is, and its antitheft system keeps your bag safe. Its shoulder straps hold your smartphone, keys, wallet, money, earbuds, transit pass and more. It comes with special storage for iPhone/ iPad/computer, cables, modems, USB port hubs, GPS tracking and much more. Buy Now.

    iBackPack 2.0

    Wearsafe: Wearsafe is a wearable personal safety device that instantly alerts, informs and connects your most trusted network with the press of a button. When activated, an alert is sent to your contacts list with your location, speed of travel, and streaming audio. It has a range of up to 200 feet and is compatible with your smartphone. Buy Now.

    Wearsafe personal safety device

    Silent Pocket: Silent Pocket is a secure wallet that blocks out all wireless signals preserving privacy, security and identity. This beautiful and stylish leather pocket features dual-pocket design that gives you the choice to go on or off the grid. It protects you smartphone, credit cards, passport, and more. Buy Now.

    Silent Pocket blocks out all wireless signals
    Cowarobot R1: Cowarobot R1 is a robotic suitcase that can follow you autonomously. It's capable of avoiding obstacles in its path, and maneuvers to stay in your line of sight. Its multiple smartsensors gather data from its surrounding area and ensure it returns to its place next to you. It has a max speed of 4.5 miles per hour, and runs for 12.5 continuous miles when fully recharged. Its active wheels retract when you turn its Autonomous Mode to Manual Mode. It features GPS tracking, obstacle avoidance, portable power bank, TSA approved smart lock and more. Pre-order: $519.

    Cowarobot R1 robotic suitcase

    Airbolt: Airbolt is a smart lock for your luggage that features proximity alerts, location tracking, and privacy controls. This Bluetooth enabled smart lock talks to your smartphone via its app and unlocks with a single push of a button. You can also unlock it using a programmable button combination, or its app from another compatible smartphone. Using its crowdsourced GPS network, you can see your luggage's last seen location on your smartphone. It even alerts you in event of you getting separated from your luggage via its app or by using the built in buzzer on the lock. It's TSA-friendly. Pre-order: About $ 50 ($70 AUD).

    Airbolt smart lock

    Lifesaverbottle: The 4000UF bottle gives you 4,000 litres of clean drinking water. It keeps you hydrated with no worries about the quality of water available to you. It does instant purification and can filter to a level of 15 nanometers. Buy Now: $149.

    Portable water filter
    water filter bottle
    Slughaus Flashlight: This tiny flashlight that measures just 10.5mm x 30mm, weighs only 6 grams and produces 15 lumens of light surely redefines EDC. It's sleek, minimal, and comes in beautiful design; can be attached to your keyring and powers on/off with a simple quarter rotation on the head. Designed with aerospace-grade aluminum, it illuminates in any weather and is available in three-color options. Buy Now: $10.

    Slughaus Flashlight

    Solar Smartphone Recharger: The GreenLighting Solar Smartphone Recharger features 2000mAh, recharges using solar light. Just place it on your window, and use its 4-in-1 USB recharging cable to recharge your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Buy Now: $39.99.

    Solar Smartphone Recharger
    eGeeTouch: eGeeTouch is a smart travel padlock that comes embedded with state-of-art proximity access and vicinity tracking technologies that secures your personal belongings in your luggage / travel bags and requires no key. Features One-Touch to unlock using smartphones, smart wearable, NFC tags/sticker and more. It's compatible with Android and iOS smart devices. This smart travel padlock is TSA friendly. More info.

    eGeeTouch smart travel padlock

    Smart Tracker 2: The Smart Tracker 2 is the improvised version of Smart Tracker; this real-time GPS tracker comes with pre-installed Sim that works worldwide (except two countries) up to 2 years, improved audio quality up to 47%, two way communication, no monthly fee and its 2GB integrated memory can store over a year of tracking on board. More info.

    Smart Tracker 2
    Zerohour Apex: Zerohour Apex is a tacticalpen that features a waterproof ink cartridge, and tungsten steel glass-breaking tip. The tungsten steel tip can be used to break glass when you need to enter or exit a space quickly, or for selfdefense and more. It's available in titanium or aluminum. Buy Now: $ 59 - $ 89.

    Zerohour Apex
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    Looking for gadgets to boost your productivity? We have the 'Best Productivity Gadgets' from all over the world for you.

    IP-1 Interactive Whiteboard Pen: This interactive pen lets you write, draw and control the mouse. Four people can work together on the projected whiteboard surface. Buy Now: $79.

    IP-1 Interactive Whiteboard Pen

    Superbook: Superbook is a smart device that turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop. It's actually a smart laptopshell that features a large screen, keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, lasts 8+ hours, and features phone recharging capabilities. Pre-order: $99.

    Superbook smart device

    Displio: Displio is a standalone, customizable Wi-Fi display that tracks and notifies you on everything that is important to you. Buy Now: $ 140.

    Displio customizable Wi-Fi display

    ELF emmit: ELF emmit is a wearable device that emits electromagneticpulses from 2 Hz up to 19 Hz to attain a required state of mind. Using its app you can opt for deep learning, concentration, sleep, and more. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $129.

    ELF emmit wearable device

    Fibaro's Smart Button: The Smart Button is perfect for any connected home. It makes things a lot easier around by letting you control your connected home appliances. It recognizes 6 different actions for various customized scenes - control the air conditioner, lights, notify your family member, call a taxi or order pizza and more. Its wireless and hence can be placed just about anywhere you want. Buy Now.

    Fibaro's Smart Button

    Equil Smartmarker: The Equil Smartmarker is a smart device that turns any whiteboard into a smart board. It comes with built-in memory that keeps track of what you write on whiteboard, and lets you record up to 16ft x 5ft of content. Use your smartphone or laptop to view what the device has recorded. It records in real-time and syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Buy Now: $699.95.

    Equil Smartmarker

    Eora3D: Eora3D is a portable device that turns your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner. It works with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $319.

    Eora3D 3D scanner

    CableBin: CableBin is a clever and sophisticated cable management tool that lets you organize cable clutter and keeps it out of sight. Just place the excess cables, routers, and surgeprotectors, and close the cover. It comes with 6 selfadhesive hooks that hold the devices and the excess cable. You can access the cables through the cable outlet on the side of the bin. Buy Now: $89.95.

    CableBin cable management tool

    Passfort: Passfort is a security device, that manages all your accounts and stores your passwords securely, and automatically sends to any device you wish to use. Its designed as a keychain, it works with all your everyday devices - mobile or computer, and works on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. Pre-order: $59.99.

    Passfort security device
    Neo Smartpen N2: This smartpen bridges the gap between paper and digital, it writes on paper and also mirrors into smart devices. It works along with its companions N notebooks and Neo Notes app and integrates your real and digital worlds by transforming what you write or draw on paper. It writes like any other pen, features ergonomic, useful and beautiful design, comes with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and is iOS and is Android compatible. Buy Now: $169.

    Neo Smartpen N2

    Nespresso Prodigio: Nespresso Prodigio is a connected coffee and espresso maker that lets you make a cup of coffee from your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, lets you schedule the making time, sends alerts and more. It features 3 programmable volume settings. The complete kit comes with 24-ounce thermal travel cup and 2 espresso glasses. Buy Now: $278.

    Nespresso Prodigio connected coffee and espresso maker

    Orbnext: Orbnext is an always-on Wi-Fi connected real-time desktop data display device. It connects to your home or work network via Wi-Fi and lets you track virtually endless array of information. It lets you visualize important information with colors providing instant knowledge at a glance. Setting it up is easy, just place it over your smartphone and it connects to your wireless network, just plug, You can use its app on iPhone or Android to display popular presets such as stocks, weather, sports and more. It also integrates with IFTTT to provide virtually limitless flexibility to build customized notifications or monitor other Internet enabled devices on your network. Buy Now: $129.


    Transporter: Transporter lets you share, and back up files with others located anywhere in the world. It's completely private and using it is simple; just send an invite to the people you want to share, they accept, and that's it. It stores your data only on your local network and the local networks of others whom you specifically authorize. It gives you unlimited sharing, anywhere access, is 100% private and has no monthly fees. More info.

    Transporter Storage

    Logitech Home Switch: The Logitech Home Switch plugs into a standard wall outlet and lets you control your connected home appliances - smart lighting, music, and more. The smart switch can be programmed with up to three customized commands. Its wireless and can be placed just about anywhere. It works with your Logitech Harmony and supports iOS and Android devices. It's compatible with Philips Hue, LIFX, August, Sonos, Lutron, Insteon, and Belkin WeMo devices. Buy Now: $ 39.99 - 99.99.

    Logitech Home Switch
    Smart Clip: It is a smart wearable Bluetooth clip with a microphone and display that lets you stay connected. It connects to your smartphone (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth; lets you answer calls, display texts and respond using voice. Just clip it on your shirt or bag and it makes things a lot easier on the go, driving and biking. More info.

    Smart wearable Bluetooth clip

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    If you are looking for the best app enabled color-changing lights for any occasion, we have something special for you, just follow along.

    Lumenplay: The Lumenplay is an app-enabled color changing 6mm lights that work indoors and outdoors. Its app gives you color options of over 16 million colors, and variety of effects. The starterstring features 15 lights with 6mm bulbs, extenderstring comes with 15 lights, and the starterstring supports 16 extenderstrings for a total of 170 feet of lights. Buy Now: $100.

    EverLights: EverLights are smart decorative lights for your smart home that you can control from your smartphone. These sleek, permanent and weatherresistant lights needs to be installed once and can be enjoyed for years to come. These app-enabled lights are nearly invisible by day and radiant at night. You can light up a customized show with over 16 million colors for any special event, including birthdays, showers, or game day with a touch of a button. It projects its own Wi-Fi network that you can control from up to 300 feet away. More info.


    Twinkly: Twinkly is a tree lightstring that you can control using your smartphone. It connects directly from your smart device or using your home Wi-Fi network, use its app to control it. You can draw and customize your own effects, download new and updated animations. Reserve Now: From $57 (€52).


    Lifx Z: The Lifx Z lets you select from a spectrum of colors for 8 individually addressable zones per meter and create you own artistic lighting. The starter kit comes with an AC power plug and 2 meters of striplighting with adhesivebacking tape. You can further expand it using its one-meter extension to your requirement. Its app is compatible with Android and iOS; what more you can connect it with the rest of your smart home. Buy Now: $89.99.

    Lifx Z
    Playbulbcomet: The Playbulbcomet is a smart Bluetooth color changing lightstrip that you can control from your smartphone. It comes with selfadhesive tape for easy installation and its app is compatible with Android and iOS. You can control its colors, brightness and lighting effects. You can also put it on timer for automatically switching it on/off. Buy Now: $59.99.

    Ilumi Smartstrip: The Ilumi Smartstrip is a flexible and versatile smartstrip that takes all the power and performance of Ilumi and lets you light up places around your home with dynamic light patterns. This digitally addressable smartstrip is powered by Bluetooth Mesh, has a range of up to 150 feet. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can control up to 50 Ilumi smartstrips and smartbulbs right from your smartphone. Buy Now: From $29.99.

    Ilumi Smartstrip

    Playbulb Stringlights: It is a USB powered smart stringlights that gives you entire color spectrum to light up your home. It features 16.8 million RGB colors, Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart, supports 4 lighting effects and is IP65 rated waterproof. You can group up to 5 smart stringlights together to share the same color and lighting effect. Also you can extend the length with its 5 meters extension pack, and with its USB wall recharger adapter you can extend upto 20 meters. Its easy and simple to install, its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. More info.

    Playbulb Stringlights

    Tittle Light: Tittle Light is a connected, color-changing lamp that transforms your home lighting in three dimensions. This interactive lamp is made up of 512 lights that let you set the tone for any occasion. Using its mobile and web app you can create the perfect lighting effects in three dimensions in any room. It connects via Wi-Fi, and it's iOS and Android compatible. More info.

    Tittle Light

    XKchrome: Xkchrome is designed to let you "play with light" using your smartphone's camera, microphone, accelerometer, music and more. It lets you turn everyday objects or living space into impressive focal point. Buy Now: from $179.99.


    Fluxo: This smart pendant lamp lets you adjust the direction of your light using simple paint gestures on your smartphone. Indirect lighting creates a very pleasant light ambience and you can choose multiple colors for the indirect light and create perfect ambience in your home. You can paint your light, the more you paint, the brighter it gets, while the other parts of your room will stay dimmed. It comes with smart learning functionality that makes it capable of learning from your behavior by analyzing which light scenes you use and turns on most likely light scene automatically or using the light switch. It can even detect your presence and turn itself on when you enter the room in the dark. And if you don't have your smartphone with you and want another light scene, all you need to do is simply turn the light switch off and on again. Currently its able to communicate "out of the box" with - Homey, Guh.IO and openHAB and in near future more 3rd party smart home system integrations are supposed to come. It connects to your iPhone 5 (and above) and Android via Bluetooth LE, has up to 2800-lumen output when fully illuminated, is easy to install and has a universal power supply. Pre-order: About $542 (€479).

    Fluxo smart pendant lamp

    ShadowBox: ShadowBox is a portable app-controlled wireless smart lamp that can be controlled using smartphone or IR remote from long range. This all-purpose lamp is batterypowered, lasts 8 and 12 hours between recharges, and comes with color adjustability. Its ShadowHub radio transmitter lets you control up to 30 lights and broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network. Buy Now.


    Playbulb Smart Bulb: This smart bulb is simple, yet stylish. Can be fixed into most light fixtures with its standard E26/ E27 screwsocket or use an adapter for any kind of lamps too. This Bluetooth smart bulb along with the app gives you 16.7 million colors to choose from. Buy Now: $39.99.

    Playbulb Smart Bulb

    Ilumi: Ilumi smart bulbs are intelligent and are capable of doing much more than just changing the colors. These smart bulbs enhance your life, ramp up your music, improve your sleep, and connect your whole home. Its capable of sensing your smartphone proximity and turn on and off your lights automatically. With these smart bulbs you have world of color at your fingertips, provides vacation security by turning your lights randomly on and off, and you can sync it with Spotify and experience your music like never before. You can schedule your lighting, comes with long-range Bluetooth mesh for control of 1-50+ bulbs at a go, and requires no hub or Wi-Fi and more. A19 Ilumi Smartbulb - Buy $59.99 and BR30 Ilumi Smartbulb - Buy $69.99.


    Qube: Qube is an affordable Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color smart bulb for your home. Using its app you can control your lights anytime, anywhere and also create countless automations. Buy Now: $19.


    LightFreq Square2: LightFreq Square2 smart bulb features HD audio speaker, 16 million colors, intercom and voice notifications. More info.

    LightFreq Square2

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    If you are an outdoor adventurist or among those who spend most of the time outdoors then perhaps you should consider having the "Best Off Grid Communication Gadgets".

    goTenna Mesh: goTenna Mesh turns your iPhone or Android into an off-grid communicator. It creates people-powered connectivity absolutely anytime, anywhere without using towers, Wi-Fi and satellites. It lets you send text messages and share GPS locations on offline maps with others. Apart from these you can even chat privately in 1-to-1 or group conversations, or broadcast to any other goTenna Mesh device up to several miles or kilometers away. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth-LE and uses UHF radio waves to send text messages and GPS location information to other goTennas Mesh devices in the area. Pre-order: $ 149.

    goTenna Mesh off-grid communicator

    inReach SE: The inReach SE is the satellite communicator from Delorme, that lets you send and receive, track and more, off grid. Its waterproof, dustproof, and impactresistant, comes with a color screen, GPS, and lasts for up to 100 hours on a recharge. It also connects to your smartphone or smart device over Bluetooth and gives you more features. Buy Now: $299.95.

    inReach SE satellite communicator

    Gotoky: Gotoky is an advanced off-grid communication device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you to call, text, share location, and navigate to others using Gotoky device. It also works as a location beacon up to 20 km and even more when no obstacles without any mobile network coverage. It works over standard radio frequencies and supports iOS and Android. More info.

    Gotoky advanced off-grid communication device

    Spot Gen3: With Spot Gen3 you can take your adventures beyond mobile coverage areas. It provides you a line of communication and lets family and friends know you are okay or send your GPS location, all at the push of a button. This rugged, pocket-sized device gives you various tracing rates to suit your needs. Buy Now: $169.95.

    Spot Gen3 line of communication

    Iridium GO: Iridium GO gives you satellite-based Internet access anywhere; you can connect up to 5 devices within a 100-foot radius. Buy Now: $ 683 ($899 AUD).

    Iridium GO satellite-based Internet device

    Brck: Brck is a smart, rugged device that provides a reliable way to connect to the Internet, anywhere in the world. All you need to do is insert a 3G data enabled Sim card and broadcast a WiFi signal that you can share with up to 20 devices. If you don't have a Sim card, Brck vMNO for global connectivity without Sim cards got you covered. Comes with a built in global Sim, works in 140+ countries and has external 3g/4g antenna port for those times that you're at the edge of the signal range and need to attach an antenna to reach the distance. It's designed to work in harsh conditions where the infrastructure isn't robust; its rugged design prepares it for drops, dust and weatherresistance and uneven voltage recharging. It can be recharged via solar panel, car, your computer or the wall outlet and it works for 8-hours in full power mode, and much longer if in a lower power state. Its cloudserver allows you to access and manage all of your devices from one place, anywhere in the world and you can write your customized software for it through the available API. Other machines can be connected through its Arduino compatible GPIO port, comes with 4Gb of onboard storage, which you can upgrade. Buy Now: $249.99.

    Brck off grid connect to the Internet

    goTenna: goTenna is a small, rugged device that connects wirelessly with your iPhone or Android smartphone, enables you to text and share your location with any other goTenna-enabled smartphone even if you don't have network for miles. goTenna uses 151-154 MHz frequencies that make it extremely long-range, but with an extremely low bandwidth network that allows you to send text messages and GPS coordinates only. goTenna works anywhere on the planet, requires no towers, routers or satellites and allows you to communicate with one another. Buy Now: $149.

    goTenna off-grid communicator

    Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot: This portable WiFi hotspot makes sure you stay connected from anywhere in the world. You can make calls, use email, send messages, or enjoy your favorite social media apps. You can place the satellite unit outside and facing the satellite and use your smartphone indoors. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now.

    Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot portable WiFi hotspot

    Fogo: This smart flashlight features a built-in GPS, digital compass, an accelerometer, 2-way radio, is text enabled, has USB recharger and more. It comes with 1000 Lumens, intelligent lighting, is waterproof and durable. It's easy to find in the night, just move around and it lights automatically. It comes with power saving mode for backpacking and automatically turns on every 15 minutes to log in your location. It also functions as fitness tracker, and works as advanced bike computer with built in light, radio and recharger. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows you to connect with your friends via off the grid text message, built-in walkie-talkie, and sharing your location and other data. Buy Now: $299.99.

    Fogo smart flashlight

    Cerberus: Cerberus from Briartek features Cerberlink, CerberTouch and CerberCenter. You can use Cerberlink by itself or install the CerberTouch app and use it along with your smartphone. The Cerbertouch app on your smartphone connects the Cerberlink via Bluetooth and provides you two-way satellite communication. You can send and receive text messages via satellite. You can tap the SOS button on your smartphone touchscreen to get in touch with CerberCenter. The device uses Iridium network of low orbiting satellites, that allows satellite messaging from anywhere in the world. Buy Now: .

    Cerberus off-grid communicator
    Globalstar Sat-Fi: The Sat-Fi satellite hotspot allows you send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages when you are off the grid. It uses most modern satellite network, designed to use on land or at sea, and connects upto 8 devices. Buy Now: $999.

    Sat-Fi satellite hotspot

    SATcase: SATcase is a rugged case that transforms your smartphone into a satellite phone. All you need to do is to install the SATcase app and stay in touch with others from anywhere. It gives you voice communication, text, email and more outside of mobile phone coverage. More info.

    SATcase turns your smartphone into a satellite phone

    Beartooth: Beartooth lets you use your smart phone off the grid; it connects with your smart phone using Bluetooth 2.0 and lets you talk, text, and use maps when you have no service. It has line-of-sight range of 5 miles for voice and 10 miles for text, and non-line-of-sight of 2 miles for voice and 4 miles for text. It comes with 3000 mAh to recharge your smartphone, lasts for 4 days on a full recharge, features AES 256-bit encryption and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $179.

    Beartooth off-grid communicator

    Text Anywhere: Text Anywhere is a portable two-way device that provides satellite-powered hotspot for your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, works via a Web app, works on the Iridium satellite network, and lets you send 160-character text messages or text-only emails. Buy Now: $399.

    Text Anywhere
    isavi IsatHub: The Wideye isavi IsatHub portable connects your iPhone, iPad or Android devices directly to the Inmarsat system of global communication satellites and allows you to send and receive sms and emails, surf the web, call any mobile phone or landline anywhere. Buy Now: $1,349.

    Wideye isavi IsatHub portable

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    If you are looking for off grid power supply or solution, then look no further we have the 'Best Off Grid Power Systems' from all over the world.

    Lycanpowerbox: It is a solar power generator with an interchangeablebattery, making it best suited for your off grid adventures. It recharges using the solar panel or wall outlet. It powers your smartphone, refrigerator, laptops, TV and more for few hours. This little powerhouse is lightweight and rugged and keeps you going for up to 900 watt-hours. It's fully rechargeable in 7.5 hours. Buy Now.


    Golar: Golar is a fully portable solar panel on the go, comes with everything built into it. All you need to do is plug your appliances in and it will work. More info.


    Jackery Power Pro: The Jackery Power Pro is a portable power station that generates 578 watts of power to recharge your gadgets multiple times. It comes with a 110V AC port, 12 V DC port and two 5V USB ports. It provides you with 500 hours of lighting, 5 hours of TV time and runs your mini fridge for 10 hours. It weighs only 12 lbs, recharges using solar panel making it perfect for your off grid adventures. Reserve Now: $375.

    Jackery Power Pro portable power station

    Kodiak Solar System: The Kodiak is a lightweight, compact, expandable backup solar system for your off grid adventures. This modular solar system consists of solar generator and 50 solar panels; panels collect the solar energy and the generator stores that power. You can increase batterystorage and solar panels, thus further expanding the unit as per your requirement. This off grid solar system can be recharged using solar panels, car recharger, or wall recharger. Pre-order: $1,529.

    Kodiak Solar System

    smartflowerpop+: Its a compact and complete solar energy system for your off grid home. It features intelligent tracking system that allows it to efficiently use the available solar light at all times of the day. It's available as on-grid with 2.3 kWh of storage and off-grid versions with a storage capacity of 4.6 kWh. Provides you with clean solar power and works best as back-up system for power cuts. More info.

    Personal Hydropower Plant: The Bluefreedom is a compact power plant that needs flowing water to produce and store electrical energy. It measures 20 centimeters in diameter, weighs 600 grams, and it takes minimum space in you backpack. It comes with USB recharging and works with your digital cameras, MP3 players, navigation devices, lamps, camping fridges, mobile phones, smartphones, notebooks and more. Buy Now: $319.

    Personal Hydropower Plant

    Estream: Estream is a portable water power generator that works with any moving water and uses it to store energy to recharge your USB devices. It produces 2.5W - 7W of energy, takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge 6,400mAh by running water and can recharge up to 3 smartphones, GoPros or more, twice as fast as a regular outlet. Pre-order: $180.

    Estream portable water power generator

    Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant: Heliomotion PV-650 is a dual-axis tracking solar power plant designed for home use, can generate up to 7 kWh per day. It can be installed on a pole (wall supported) or as a stand-alone unit. Its tracking feature makes the best use of natural light through out the day irrespective of your house orientation. The DC electricity generated can be stored or directed into the power grid. About: $1963 (1,720€).

    Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant
    BioLite BaseCamp Stove: The BioLite BaseCamp uses branches or small pieces of firewood to work. It transforms heat into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. It provides 5W of electricity via a standard USB port. You can cook your meals and recharge devices all at the same time. Buy Now: $199.95.

    BioLite BaseCamp Stove

    Rooftop Wind Turbine: The Liam Urban Wind Turbine is a small wind turbine that can be comfortably installed on your roof or wall. It comes with a diameter of 1,5 meters and weighs about 100 kilograms. It generates between 300 and 2,500 kilowatts annually at an average wind speed of 4,5 meters per second. Pre-order.

    Rooftop Wind Turbine

    SolarWindow: SolarWindow comes with see-through electricity generating coatings on the glass. And these the company claims can generate energy at 50 times the output of present solar panels. It's created using an ultra-thin layer of liquid coating on to glass and flexible plastics. These coatings produce tiny solarcells that form into arrays, yet retains its transparency with added functionality. More info.

    Flamestower: The Flamestower is a compact device that uses a thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food. Buy Now: $99.99.


    Kalipak: The Kalipak is a lightweight, portable energy generator that uses foldable solar panels. It's capable of recharging smartphone, cameras, laptops and other USB devices while at the same time provides up to 60 hours of continuous power for portable area lighting. It features four USB ports to recharge up to 4 devices simultaneously. It weighs 600Wh/13 lb. and 400Wh/10 lb. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you control and monitor the energy levels of the device. It can transform into a weatherresistant comfortable backpack for easy transporting. Pre-order: $599 - $999.


    BioLite Kettlecharge: The BioLite Kettlecharge provides off-grid power using heat and water. It recharges smartphones, camp lights, GPS and other USB powered devices by using 10 watts via USB. Buy Now: $150.

    BioLite Kettlecharge

    Anker PowerHouse: Anker PowerHouse is a 400Wh portable power supply that features a 12V car socket, an AC outlet, and 4 USB ports. It can power your lamps, phones, laptops, mini fridges, and more. It recharges using a wall outlet or solar power. Buy Now: $499.99.

    Anker PowerHouse
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  • 11/02/16--23:16: 15 Best PC Gadgets.
  • Collection of 'Best PC Gadgets' from all over the world for you.

    Slidenjoy: Slidenjoy is an ultra-thin, light, portable and freestanding device that makes really easy adding one to two extra screens to your computer. It attaches to the back of your laptop and lets you enjoy a full panoramic display and share content through the 180° rotation. The screen is powered by a single USB 3.0 or 2 ports 2.0; Slidenjoy is available in 2 models: 1 or 2 external screens. Pre-order: About $ 422 (422.29€).


    Superbook: Superbook is a smart device that turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop. It's actually a smart laptopshell that features a large screen, keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, lasts 8+ hours, and features phone recharging capabilities. Pre-order: $99.

    Superbook smart device

    The Model 01: The Model 01's enclosure is made from two blocks of solid maple that lets you rest your hands comfortably, comes with gloriously tactile mechanical keyswitches similar to those found in the original Apple II, and customized sculpted keycaps. Pre-order: $ 329.

    The Model 01

    Gest: Gest is a wearable that lets you control your computer or smartphone with your hands. It lets you map handgestures to keyboard shortcuts, and lets you control almost any app. It takes interaction to a whole new level, understands with a high degree of precision and does things in a more intuitive way. More info.

    Gest wearable

    Hub+: Hub+ gets your MacBook ports back; it features 2 USB-C ports, SDXC card reader, a mini DisplayPort, and 3 USB-A 3.0. It supports all your devices for work + play, recharges your laptop, recharges your devices using any of the 3 recharging USB-A ports and also recharges any phone on the go. More info.


    Myo Gesture Control Armband: Myo Gesture Control Armband reads the muscle activity in your forearm and lets you wirelessly control technology with handgestures. It uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can control music, games, presentations, and more. Buy Now: $172.58.

    Myo Gesture Control Armband

    Solu: Solu is an innovative cloudlinked computer that ensures you don't need to worry about your harddrive, backing up files, or installing software. It also works offline. This powerful pocket computer, made out of wood, is built around the idea of collaboration. It can be used as a portable device or as a stationary one. It can be plugged into any screen, your content is automatically stored in a multi-GB local cache of the Solu cloudserver, and it also backs up all settings. Pre-order: $900.


    Workspace Lift24: The Workspace Lift24 is a height-adjustable laptop stand that transforms any surface into a standing desk. And if you want to sit and work just remove the tray. Its made with brushed aluminum, holds desk surfaces 12" deep or larger, provides you with 23" × 12" of space and weighs 12 lbs. Pre-Order: $199.95.

    Workspace Lift24

    Pocketscan: Pocketscan is a compact, smart, and ultra light wireless scanner. Just larger than a business card, it's a perfect gadget on-the-go for your Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone. It features a unique and patented real-time image processing software, that lets you create beautiful scanned images and turns text and tables into editable content. With the press of a button it starts scanning, and wirelessly transmits and displays it on the screen. Buy Now: $149.


    Luxafor: Luxafor is a USB light indicator that connects to computer through a USB port or via Bluetooth and shows your colleagues your availability and notifies you about important incoming information. Buy Now: $28.


    Saent: Saent is a smart device and software designed that blocks out distractions and makes you more productive. Once you press the button on the device, its app locks you into apps and websites (based on a predefined list) that are productive for your work, and blocks out distractions (like social networking sites or app notifications). It optimizes your work cycle by letting you work in 30, 50 or 90 minutes blocks with breaks in between. Pre-order: $49.


    Gablys Locker: Gablys Locker is an encrypted Bluetooth 4 tag that automatically locks your computer and protects your personal data or your ongoing work and unlocks when you walk back. Pre-order: About $44 (39.9 €).

    Gablys Locker

    Remix Mini: Remix Mini is a compact PC that gives you an Android experience unlike anything on a PC and a PC experience unlike anything on Android. Its powered by Remix OS, comes equipped with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. Buy Now: $89.99.

    Remix Mini

    Orbnext: Orbnext is an always-on Wi-Fi connected real-time desktop data display device. It connects to your home or work network via Wi-Fi and lets you track virtually endless array of information. It lets you visualize important information with colors providing instant knowledge at a glance. Setting it up is easy, just place it over your smartphone and it connects to your wireless network, just plug, You can use its app on iPhone or Android to display popular presets such as stocks, weather, sports and more. It also integrates with IFTTT to provide virtually limitless flexibility to build customized notifications or monitor other Internet enabled devices on your network. Buy Now: $129.


    Keezel: Keezel is a portable device that gives you online privacy, lets you visit blocked websites all over the world, allows you to watch the TV shows, sports games and other programs you want but can't reach, and it secures all your devices with just one device. It requires no installation, and allows you to be part of the worldwide Keezel network, combining the best providers into the largest and most resilient VPN network. Pre-order: From $119.


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    Who would like to use an unclean bathroom and who wants to clean one? To make things a lot easy to maintain a clean bathroom we have these gadgets that we are sure going to be of good use to you.

    Kohler Purefresh Toilet Seat: The Kohler Purefresh is a toilet seat that features an integrated filtration system to neutralize bathroom odors while its built-in freshener releases a light scent. It also features a programmable 8-hour dual nightlight that provides guide and task lighting. Buy Now: $69.30.

    Kohler Purefresh Toilet Seat

    IllumiBowl: IllumiBowl is a clip-on toilet night-light that will ensure you are never left in dark again. Just stick it on the outside of your toilet, and you are done. It turns itself on when you walk in and off when you leave. Then how does this make a bathroom neat may be your question? Well men will be men; it saves you from nasty surprise when 'he' uses the toilet during the night in the dark and naturally keeps your bathroom neat. Buy Now: $ 14.99.


    Saniseat: The Saniseat by Jumbl features a computerized mechanism that automatically provides a new plastic cover every time someone uses the restroom. This ensures that you never have to come in direct contact with the actual toilet seat. It easily installs onto most standard toilet seats. Buy Now: $245.08.


    Mat Walk Bathroom Mat: In this mat, slippers are integrated into the mat itself that allows you to walk comfortably without slipping on dirty floors. Apart from this Mat Walk can be seen as a new way of wiping the bathroom floor. Buy Now: $ 33 (€ 29.95).

    Mat Walk Bathroom MatiRobot Braava 380t: The iRobot Braava 380t is the mopping robot that uses smart technology to clean every square inch of your bathroom floor. Buy Now: $299.99.

    iRobot Braava 380t

    Odorless: The Odorless is a toilet odor removal system for your toilet. It pulls out odor from your toilet bowl through the vent pipe and uses its activated carbonfilter to eliminate odor. It activates the air filtering when you sit and shuts off when you walk away. Buy Now: $169.95.

    iTouchless Sensorcontrolled Automatic Toilet Seat: As you walk towards the toilet, the cover rises and with a wave at the toilet the seat rises. The iTouchless seat and cover lower themselves 15 seconds after you walk away. Don't you think its gross to leave the seat cover up when the toilet's not in use? Buy Now: $109.55.

    iTouchless Sensorcontrolled Automatic Toilet Seat
    Lavnav Nightlight: Lavnav Nightlight turns on when you walk in the dark, and turns off after you leave. And what more it uses red or green light to cleverly show whether the toilet seat is up or down. Well how does this keep the bathroom clean? You don't want a sleepy head to use the toilet during the dark with the toilet seat down, would you? Buy Now: $10.28.

    Lavnav Nightlight
    Mirror Clearer: You don't need to use your hands or towel to clean the fogged up mirror after your shower; just attach this mirror clearer on your mirror and use it as a windshield wiper. Buy Now: $13 (12 €).

    Starwars Inspired Shower Curtain: This 72" square scene covers the entire width of your bath area and transforms it into a planet from Starwars. And makes it easy for you to separate the dry area while giving the bathroom a neater look by hiding the bathtub. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Starwars Inspired Shower Curtain
    Touchless Toilet Flush Kit by Kohler: It's an easy-to-install retrofit kit from Kohler that brings touchless flush to almost any toilet. Buy Now: $75.

    Touchless Toilet Flush Kit by Kohler
    Jonny Glow: These toilet-illuminating stickers make it easy to use the toilet in the middle of the night. These glow-in-the-dark stickers recharge using the normal light and lets you know in dark if the seat is up or down. Buy Now: $24.

    Jonny Glow
    Aqueduck Faucet Extender: If you have kids in your house, then trust us you need this to keep your washbasin area clean and tidy. And you don't need to lift the little one's to reach the flowing faucet once you attach the Aquaduck extension. Buy Now: $9.99.

    Aqueduck Faucet Extender
    Loogun: The Loogun is a handheld motorized device that sprays a powerful jet of clean water that washes away stubborn marks. It never touches the toilet, cleans above and below the water line without splashing beyond the bowl. Its reservoir holds 300ml of water, enough for around 6 uses, and can be refilled easily. Buy Now: $43 (£34.99).


    Clairy: Clairy is a natural air purifier that combines the power of nature and technology and makes air around you cleaner. This smart flowerpot and natural air purifier is powered by real plants. More info.

    Clairy natural air purifier

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    Collection of 'Best Gadgets For The Blue Collar' from all over the world.

    Magvest: This wearable magnetic tool vest keeps everything within your reach. It provides a smarter way to manage the tools you use every day. It has magnetic pull strength of over 10 lbs, securely attaches the tools and weighs 3 lbs 9 ounces. Buy Now: $79.99.


    Bagel Smart Tape Measure: The Bagel Smart Tape Measure is a smart device that makes measuring things easier. It supports three measurement modes and lets you measure anything with ease. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, lets you save measurements, record voice memos, and sends them to your smartphone. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It gives you a smarter way to measure. Pre-order: $72.

    Bagel Smart Tape Measure

    Dubs Earplugs: Dubs are advanced tech acoustic filters that reduce volume without affecting the clarity of sound. They feature a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to protect your ears. Buy Now: $45.

    Dubs Earplugs
    Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Outdoor Work Jacket: The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Outdoor Work Jacket is air conditioned and keeps you cool outside. This hooded jacket is waterproof and features special materials integrated that prevents it from smelling. It's designed to give you a professional look even while working outdoors. Buy Now: $ 289.

    Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Outdoor Work Jacket
    CompactPRO: The Seek Thermal CompactPRO plugs directly into your iOS or Android smartphone and turns it into an IR thermal imaging camera. It features 20x240 thermalsensor, 32-degree field of view, adjustable span, level, and emissivity settings. Buy Now: $499.

    Self Heating Gloves: The Self Heating Gloves use unique fabric that draws energy and reflects body heat. These gloves maintain heat to natural body temperature and require no power source. Buy Now: About $71 (£49.99).

    Self Heating Gloves

    Evaporative Cooling Vest: The 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest provides cooling through evaporation; just soak this cooling vest in water for 2-5 minutes to activate and it remains hydrated for up to 4 hours. Buy Now: $31.27.

    Evaporative Cooling Vest
    Bosch GLM 100C Rangefinder: The Bosch GLM 100C transfers and stores measurements from the rangefinder to an iPhone, iPad or Android device via its app. It can measure distances up to 330-feet with 1/16-inch accuracy. You can take a photo of the jobsite and the numbers can be superimposed directly on the image using the Bosch GLM 100 C measurement camera app. Buy Now: $214.20.

    Bosch GLM 100C Rangefinder
    Tool Band-it: Tool Band-it uses powerful magnets to hold on to your metal tools, it can hold up to 25 lbs. It's a lightweight, flexible armband that holds pliers, wrenches, nails and more. Buy Now: $12.50.

    Tool Band-it
    Heated Jacket: The 13 Hour Heated Jacket features three temperature settings; it provides warmth for up to 13 hours of continuous heat on the lowest level to four hours on the highest. Buy Now: $99.95.

    Heated Jacket
    Lenz Heated Socks: The Lenz Bluetooth Heated Socks keeps you warm during the winter season. It comes with 3 heat settings with up to 14 hours heat and you can control them from your smartphone. Buy Now: $300.

    Lenz Heated Socks

    Wipry 5x: Wipry 5x is a portable tool that turns your smartphone or smart device into a dual-band spectrum analyzer. This useful tool lets you identify and avoid wireless interference for optimized connectivity. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $499.97.

    Wipry 5x
    Evaporative Cooling Hat: Just place this hat in cool water and wear it before you leave the house on a sunny day. The water will vaporize over 5-10 hours and keeps your head up to 20º F cooler than outside air temperature. Buy Now: $29.95.

    Evaporative Cooling Hat
    Breathe: Breathe is a really compact wearable air purifier that cleans the air within seconds. It measures 3 cm x 6.5 cm, requires no filter replacement, cleans air up to 20m in diameter, lasts up to 30 hours on a full recharge and more. Pre-order: $89.


    Waterproof Socks: These Waterproof Socks have an outer layer of nylon/lycra and a waterproof middle layer; keeps your feet dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30º F. Buy Now: $59.95.

    Waterproof Socks
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    Collection of 'Best Bedside Gadgets and Gear' from all over the world.

    Portable Night Light: These are multi-colored, interactive night lights that come with removable illuminated Glo balls. And the most unique feature of these is there's nothing electronic in them and so you can even keep them in the bed with your kid. Buy Now: $69.99.

    Portable Night LightThe Holding Cellphone Holder: The Holding Cellphone Holder is a simple device that gives you storage space for your smartphone. It comes with a built-in recharging cord holder, can hold any smartphone or baby monitor, and keeps your device within your reach. Buy Now: $20.

    The Holding Cellphone Holder

    Snuzpod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib: The Snuzpod is contemporary bedside cot, stand-alone crib and bassinet in one. It features see through zip down mesh wall, rocking stand, removable bassinet, hinged stand and more. It gives you easy access to your baby while ensuring that your baby is comfortably sleeping next to you in his own safe sleeping area. It's available in 4 colors, and is suitable for 0-6 months. Buy Now: $350.

    Snuzpod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib
    Olfactory Alarmclock: The olfactory alarmclock wakes you up using pleasant and enjoyable scents. You can choose from 7 scents: espresso, peppermint, seaside, and more. Buy Now: $109.

    Olfactory Alarmclock

    UpLamp: UpLamp turns your smartphone into gesture driven smart bedside lamp. It can be turned on or off by clapping your hands, or by using its app, and wave to dim the light up and down. Reserve Now: About $ 54 (€49).


    The Man Table: The Man Table - don't judge a book by its cover perfectly suits here. It may look like any other side table, but underneath this exterior is a refrigerated cooler, perfect for keeping your favorite beverage chilled by your bedside. Buy Now: $599 - $634.

    The Man Table
    Zcharge: Zcharge gives storage space for your smart phones and smart devices and even recharges them. Its made from fabric, needs to be placed at the base of the mattress, and it gives you overlapping storage pouches on either side of the bed that can hold up to six devices. It comes with a USB hub, power supply unit and works with all USB-powered devices. Buy Now: $99.99.

    Fibaro's Smart Button: The Smart Button is perfect for any connected home. It makes things a lot easier around by letting you control your connected home appliances. It recognizes 6 different actions for various customized scenes - control the air conditioner, lights, notify your family member, call a taxi or order pizza and more. Its wireless and hence can be placed just about anywhere you want. Buy Now.

    Fibaro's Smart Button

    Urban Shelf: The Urban Shelf is a space saving bedside storage system for your smart phones, smart devices and other essentials; it folds flat to only 1/2" thick. Buy Now: $15.99.

    Urban Shelf
    Cubix Nightstand: The Cubix Nightstand is crafted of solid poplar and engineered wood, features two drawers with undermount metal glides. Buy Now: $450.

    Cubix Nightstand
    Aromacare: Aromacare is a connected essential oildiffuser that lets you program individual aromatherapy sessions for yourself or for others. It makes this easy with the need of an expert, works by activating the unit that you place inside the device. Each of these units contain a highly specific blend of essential oils, each designed for a specific purpose. It comes with 6 designed essential oil blends and lets you control everything from your smartphone. More info.

    Bed Butler Bedside Caddy: The Bed Butler Bedside Caddy holds laptops up to 17", magazines, smart devices, books, smart phones, remotes, pens, glasses and more, all within reach while you rest in the bed. Buy Now: $49.

    Bed Butler Bedside Caddy
    Felt Bedside Caddy: The Felt Bedside Caddy is a secure pocket that gives you a perfect place to keep all your bedside essentials safe. Buy Now: $20.

    Felt Bedside Caddy
    Couchlet: Couchlet needs to be placed between the mattress and boxspring using its folding elbow, and you get a recharging station by your bedside. It features 2 USB ports and a 6-foot USB cable. More info.

    Bedside Storage Caddy: The Bedside Storage Caddy needs to be placed in between mattress and boxspring, features multi pockets and pouches for holding your bedside essentials. Buy Now: $10.

    Bedside Storage Caddy
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