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    No one likes cleaning chores, it's tiring, boring and mundane, but you have to do what has to be done. For those of you who have robotic vacuum cleaners it's altogether a different ball game, but for the rest of us we need to do it ourselves. To make cleaning a bit easier, faster and fun, we have these cleaning tools for you.

    Mop Dog: When you see a Komondor dog you are sure to wonder is that a dog or a mop? Taking this a step further, a Japanese online store Felissimo has made this mop dog that looks like a dog. This dog shaped mop brings a little bit of fun back in to your floor cleaning duties, and while you walk him around in your home, your floors get cleaned. Buy Now: $ 28.62 .

    Mop Dog

    Wispsystem: The Wispsystem is a functional broom and dustpan that's designed to minimize your effort while sweeping the floor. It lets you sweep and use the dustpan while standing up that too using only one hand. To use its dustpan, all you need to do is step on its footrest and it gets sealed to the floor and you can sweep into the dustpan without the need to bend over. A telescoping handle on the broom extends from 29 inches to 51 inches long for height and easy storage. It comes with patented bristle seal technology that uses a 90-degree angle electrostatic bristles that collect dirt, hair, dust, and more with ease. For easy storage, dustpan and broom easily attach together and you can choose from four colors. Buy Now: $29.95.

    Wispsystem functional broom and dustpan

    Wallybroom: The Wallybroom is a cool cleaning tool that consists of mini broom and dustpan that lets you to clean up both wetanddry messes. Its broom features bristles on one side that you can use to clean up dry messes like hair, dust, and more, while the other side of the broom features a squeegee that lets you easily clean up messes like yogurt, soup, and more off the floor. The broom's handle magnetically connects to a dustpan. Buy Now: $29.95.


    Baby Mop: Put this pajamas to your baby and he will give a hand in your cleaning chores. The Baby Mop is a pair of footed baby pajamas outfitted with 100% cotton dust mop pieces. While the baby moves around on the floor, the floors get cleaned. Buy Now: $40.

    Baby Mop

    Roto Sweep: Roto Sweep is a handpowered floor sweeper that comes with three rotating brushes and an integrated dustpan. All you need to do is push the sweeper over the area that you like to clean, its spinning brushes and its collector dustpan does the cleaning for you. It requires no power, or a bag; once you are done cleaning and its container is filled up, you can simply open its door and empty the contents. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Roto Sweep

    Microfiber Cleaning Slippers: With these Microfiber Cleaning Slippers you can do much more than walking. Put them on and while you walk you floor gets cleaned. These open toe slippers feature microfibers that does the cleaning for you while you walk around in your home. Buy Now: $9.08.

    Microfiber Cleaning Slippers
    Cleaning Slippers for Cats and Dogs: You are busy with the cleaning chores, you even got your baby pajamas and he is giving you a hand with your cleaning chores, then won't your favorite poodle feel bad that he isn't able to contribute? To make your cat and dog happy, we have these cool slippers that you need to put on their paws, and as they roam around your home, the floor gets cleaned. Buy Now: $ 5.

    Cleaning Slippers for Cats and Dogs
    Miniwisp: Miniwisp features patented bristle seal technology that uses a 90-degree angle electrostatic bristles in convenient 6" width that collects dirt, hair, dust, and more with ease. Its compact size makes it ease for storing in bag, car, truck, RV, camping gear and more. It's perfect for sweeping up messes in tight areas. Buy Now: $12.95.

    Remote Control Sugoi Mop: The Remote Control Sugoi Mop makes cleaning so simple that even the kids will enjoy doing it. This remote radio control cleaning brush will drive around cleaning your house. Buy Now: $ 45.

    Remote Control Sugoi Mop

    Mofamop Robot: The Microfiber Floor Cleaning Mop Robot is a automatic household surface wiping gadget. At the press of the button this clever gadget spins around by itself as it moves in order to clean up all the dust and grime on the floor. It the mop robot reaches a wall or obstacle, it simply changes direction and keeps on doing the cleaning. Once the cleaning is done, you can take off the mop cover and wash it. It lasts for about 1.5 hours on a full recharge of around 2 hours. Buy Now: $ 117.

    Mofamop Robot

    Mopet: We have seen many robot vacuum cleaners in the past, but Mopet is a cute robotic vacuum. It can work for about 6 hours when fully recharged. It moves around on its own, cleaning your home; you can put it on for 10-minutes for convenient cleaning. What more to make it cuter, you can place "face stickers" so you can customize and decorate it. Buy Now: $ 97.


    Sugoi Mop Mini: This Sugoi Mop Mini is a small version of the popular 'Remote Control Mop' and works in similar way but it doesn't have a remote to control; you need to power it on and whenever an obstacle comes in front of it, it automatically changes the direction and keeps on cleaning the floor of your home. Buy Now: $ 30.

    Sugoi Mop Mini

    Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner: The cool Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan is a colorful furball that moves around your house cleaning. Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners that require you to change the bag or empty the canister; its here that the sophisticated piece of technology and simplicity lays; all you need to do is just clean the ball using its special brush and its good to go again. Buy Now: $ 56.

    Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner

    Smartcan: It features a powerful vortex vacuum, Wi-Fi connectivity and provides you with low bag alert and trashday reminder on your iOS/Android device. All you need to do is sweep the dirt into its integrated vacuum inlet and it will automatically deposit it directly into the bag. Pre-order: $199.


    Windowblind Brush: The Windowblind Brush is sure to speed up your cleaning task. It's specifically designed for windowblinds, comes with four brushes that cleans at one go, unlike the regular brush that cleans one windowblind at one time. The Redecker Brush covers more area in the same time and minimizes your effort. It's made of goat 's hair and natural wood. Buy Now.

    Windowblind Brush
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    How about jazzing up your walls with these cool decorative outlet covers? Just replace your standard outlet cover plates with these cool outlet covers and give a personal touch to any room in your home.

    Socket Deer: The Socket Deer Outlet Covers allow you to place your smart phone on the wall while recharging. Apart from your smart phone, you can also place your portable gadgets like your camera, GPS and more. The antlers come in three types and are perfectly shaped to hold your gadgets. More info.

    Socket Deer Outlet Covers
    (Image: Credit).

    Starwars Themed Outlet Cover: The Starwars Themed Outlet Cover is a handmade decorative outlet cover, its made from pro material and is 3/8" larger than standard to cover walls better. Buy Now.

    Starwars Themed Outlet Cover
    Snaprays Guidelight: Snaprays Guidelight comes with nightlight designed into the cover plate. It looks like any other standard outlet cover plate and replaces the same, it installs within seconds and requires no wires and always leaves both outlets open for use. It automatically provides illumination in the dark and turns off during the day. Buy Now.

    Snaprays Guidelight

    Jaws Outlet Cover: The Jaws Outlet Cover is an unbreakable switch plate cover, is scratchresistant, and withstands daily use and can be cleaned using any household cleaner. The image is printed using a unique direct printing process on this outlet cover. Buy Now.

    Jaws Outlet Cover
    Calla Lily Outlet Cover: The Calla Lily Outlet Cover turns your wall outlet into a recharging station for your smartphone; the calla lily holds your phone while recharging. Buy Now.

    Calla Lily Outlet Cover
    Batman Wall Plate Outlet Cover: The Batman Wall Plate Outlet Cover is perfect for your room, bathroom, bedroom and more. Buy Now.

    Batman Wall Plate Outlet Cover
    Snappower Recharger: With all the smart devices around, we are always looking to recharge them, and Snappower Recharger makes that easy. It's a USB recharger built into an outlet plate. All you need to do is remove your standard outlet cover and replace it with this device. Buy Now.

    Snappower Recharger

    Spiderman Outlet Cover: Now where are you going to fix this Spiderman Outlet Cover as Spiderman looks cool on any wall? The outlet covers is handmade by using the art of decoupage. Buy Now.

    Spiderman Outlet Cover
    Ninja Turtles Comics Outlet Cover: The Ninja Turtles Comics Outlet Cover comes decoupaged with a picture from the comic book and gives you a simple and easy way to bring color and personality into your room. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

    Ninja Turtles Comics Outlet Cover
    Supergirl DC Comics Outlet Cover: This cool outlet cover comes decoupaged with pictures of various characters from the comic book. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

    Supergirl DC Comics Outlet Cover
    Lion King Outlet Covers: These Lion King Outlet Covers are perfect for your kid's room; and is created using the art of decoupage, and sealed with several coats of acrylic glaze for easy cleaning and durability. Buy Now.

    Lion King Outlet Covers
    Wolverine Outlet Cover: Where do you think the Wolverine Outlet Cover should go, bedroom, living room, or bathroom? The image is heat pressed on, wont scratch easy and features glossy or satin finish. Buy Now.

    Wolverine Outlet Cover
    Frozen Power Outlet Cover: The Frozen Power Outlet Cover features characters from Frozen, is perfect for your kid's room, created using the art of decoupage, and sealed with several coats of acrylic glaze for easy cleaning and durability. Buy Now.

    Frozen Power Outlet Cover
    Green Lantern Outlet Cover: This cool outlet cover comes decoupaged with a picture from the comic book - Green Lantern. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

    Green Lantern Outlet Cover
    Space Outlet Cover: How about giving a touch of space to your room? The Space Outlet Cover is perfect for any room. The cover is made by decoupage with hardening enamel to seal it off. Buy Now.

    Space Outlet Cover
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    The world of avid readers revolve around books, so why not give a touch of bookishness to your home and make it adorable and who knows you may even motivate others to get into the habit of reading more books!

    Storybook Carpet: The Storybook Carpet looks real sweet and for sure is going to be a perfect addition in your kid's room. Its called the Pop Up Book Carpet designed by the Bob Foundation, and comes from Japan. Its one side says Once Upon a Time and the other side says Happily Ever After. It gives you a cool way to initiate interest in kids for reading books. Buy Now.

    Storybook Carpet
    Book Planter: The book shaped planter comes with small container for soil for the plant to grow, its revealed once you open the book. You can place it on its own or along with other real books for creating a surreal effect and it looks like the plant has grown out of the paper pages. It comes from Tokyo-based design studio YOY. More info.

    Book Planter
    Book Bed: To overcome the lack of space faced by urban-dwelling Japanese families, photographer and innovator Yusuke Suzuki came up with this innovative bed design. This 'fold-up' bed is in the shape of a book; when opened at night, its pages act as a duvet and pillows and it comes with large cut out shapes and illustrations. And during the day it can be folded up and used as a playmat. Moreinfo.

    Book Bed(Image: Credit).

    Book BedBooks Shower Curtain: The Books Shower Curtain is 100% polyester with image printed directly on the curtain that lets you give a of literary touch to your bathroom. Buy Now.

    Books Shower Curtain
    Book Stair Decals: How about turning your staircase into a distinguished library using these cool book stair decals? These are customized, so you can choose any title you want or can come up with something of your own. Buy Now.

    Book Stair Decals
    Bedtime Stories Blanket: An interesting way to read books right before you go to bed, part of an interesting project named Sleepless. More info.

    Bedtime Stories BlanketBedtime Stories BlanketBook Clock: The Book Clock is a set of black books that function as a clock, perfectly disguised on your bookshelf and displays time. Buy Now: $48.66.

    Book Clock
    Book Plates: The Book Plates are perfect for a wide variety of cuisines. Buy Now.

    Book Plates
    Book Bench: Book Bench is avpart of book-themed furniture created by Big Cozy Books. It has perfect height for sitting and are available in 6', 7' and 8' lengths. It's sure to create the right type of setting in your library. Buy Now.

    Book BenchBooks Pillow Cover: The Old Books Pillow Covers are sure to look great in your library. These come with print on both sides and feature a hidden zipper. These are available in three sizes: 16x16, 18x18 or 20x20. Buy Now.

    Books Pillow Cover
    Folding Book Night Light: The Folding Book Night Light folds right back on itself and gives out light around 360 degrees. Its USB rechargeable; lasts up to 6 hours, and comes with 2500mAh. You have two lighting color options to choose from - yellow and white. Buy Now: $55.

    Folding Book Night Light
    Classic Book Bookends: These cool bookends are designed to look like books, keeps your books in place and also stores your small things in their drawers. Buy Now: $59.

    Classic Book Bookends
    Bibliotek Vase: The Bibliotek Vases from Seletti is made out of porcelain, looks like a set of books, makes a perfect addition to your home library. Just put your favorite flower in them or you can even use them to hold your stationary like ruler, brushes, pens and more. What more, you can even use them as bookends. Buy Now: $121.26.

    Bibliotek Vase
    Book Page Luminary Bag: The Book Page Luminary Bag is fashioned out of vintage book pages, looks cool as table centerpieces for homes, parties, events and more, available in three sizes. Buy Now.

    Book Page Luminary Bag
    Book Planters: These cool book planters are called Honbachi; reuses olds books in a good way, grows succulent plants, and sure to look good anywhere you place them. Buy Now.

    Book PlantersBook PlantersOpen Book Booths: Open Book Booths also come from Big Cozy Books, part of their book-themed furniture. These are designed for standard height tables, for comfortable work top level. Buy Now.

    Open Book BoothsOld Books Tapestry: Old Books Tapestry is a beautiful and colorful wall art that compliments your home. Its made of 100% lightweight polyester with handsewn finished edges, can be used indoors and outdoors. Buy Now.

    Old Books Tapestry
    Book Paper Sculpture: The Book Paper Sculpture is folded from the pages of a used paperback novel, looks good on your desktop, as a table centerpiece and more. Buy Now.

    Book Paper Sculpture
    Library Book Switch Plate Cover: The Library Book Switch Plate Cover is a vintage metal Amerock Carriage House switch plate covered in a decoupage book page, measures 5.75" x 3.25", and is perfect for your indoor library. Buy Now.

    Library Book Switch Plate Cover
    Book Paper Art Sculpture: The Book Paper Art Sculpture is made from a discarded Spanish book; the tree features book paper and black silk paper leaves, and can be placed on a shelf or fixed on a wall. Buy Now.

    Book Paper Art Sculpture
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    How about growing your own tomatoes and potatoes for making fresh ketchup and fries? If you have ever grown your own vegetables or fruits or even herbs, then we are sure you know what it really means getting the fresh vegetables or herbs right of the plant. Its aroma, and freshness cant be described; you need to feel it yourselves. And if you haven't grown a vegetable plant in your life, then how about doing it now? Its never too late, read on.

    Tomato Success Kit: The Tomato Success Kit is perfect for those who have limited knowledge about gardening or limited space. It comes with everything you need to grow your own delicious tomatoes. Its self-watering, includes planter, support system, soil mix and more and lets you grow big crops of tastier tomatoes. Buy Now: $79.95.

    Tomato Success Kit
    Potato Barrel: The Potato Barrel is a frost proof potato planter that lets you grow delicious potatoes right on a patio or even a balcony and when you need fresh potatoes simply lift up the sides of the barrel to harvest just few at a time or as needed. It comes with 80 liters capacity, measures 60cm H x 43cm D and you can plant 5 seed potatoes. Buy Now: About $25 (£19.95).

    Potato Barrel
    Tomtato: This unique Tomtato plant produces potatoes and tomatoes; tomatoes above the ground and potatoes below the ground. You can grow them indoors and outdoors. Buy Now: From $25 (£19.99).

    Self-Watering Tomato Planter: The Self-Watering Tomato Planter lets you grow your own organic tomatoes right at home and all year-round. It uses olla technology-an ancient technique used by desert farmers; the olla container releases the water to the soil only as the plants need it. Its 64 oz. mason jar comes with organic moisture-balancing biochar and organic nutrient-rich soil perfect for efficient plant growth. Just pour water once a week and the olla container does its work. Now you can harvest fresh organic cherry tomatoes right at home for months. Buy Now: $28.49.

    Self-Watering Tomato Planter
    Grow Your Own Potatoes Planter: The Grow Your Own Potatoes Planter lets you watch your potatoes grow from small bulbs to ripe veggies. It consists of two containers - inner and an outer. Just lift the inner container to look at your potatoes as they grow from little bulbs to fresh potatoes in 8-10 weeks. Its inner container gives you access to your potatoes and you can harvest just few at a time as needed. Buy Now: $19.95.

    Grow Your Own Potatoes Planter
    Tomato Barrel: The Hydrofarm Tomato Barrel is a self-watering planter that provides strong support and expands to over 4-feet tall. It includes a round planter, 3 support rings and 3 connecting risers. It's designed to provide lightweight, strong support for tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables. Buy Now: $34.

    Tomato Barrel
    Upside-Down Tomato Garden: The Upside-Down Tomato Garden lets you grow a compact garden almost anywhere. The tomato plant grows downward from the top. Buy Now: $29.99.

    Upside-Down Tomato Garden
    Potato Grow Bag: The Potato Grow Bag makes it easy for you to grow potatoes anywhere you want in your home - patio, stairs, roof, corner, and more. This 7-gallon planter bag lets roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts yield and plant growth. Its access cover makes it easy for you to get the potatoes. It's lightweight, waterproof and easy to handle. It measures 13.3" D and 13.7" H, you can plant about 4 to 6 seed potato plants in each bag. Buy Now: $13.99.

    Potato Grow Bag
    Honeycomb Tomato Planter: The Honeycomb Tomato Planter is a self-watering tomato planter that's designed for maximum harvest in minimal space. This innovative, low-maintenance planter comes with integrated 33" high tomato support, dual-hydrate watering system, honeycomb ventilation and lightweight grow bag liner. Now you can grow a super-productive tomato plant right on your patio or deck. Its honeycomb ventilation and lightweight grow bag liner air prunes roots, its dual-hydrate watering system takes care of watering, and its integrated 33" high tomato support provides extra support for the branches. Buy Now: $33.99 - $39.99.

    Honeycomb Tomato Planter
    Pop Up Tomato Accelerator: The Pop Up Tomato Accelerator is a protective miniature growhouse that protects young tomato plants from cool temperatures and wind. It features a zippered mesh top that opens for even better ventilation, lets the warm air out, and prevents overheating and flattens for easy storage. Buy Now: $14.95.

    Pop Up Tomato Accelerator
    Micro Drip Irrigation Kit: The Micro Drip Irrigation Kit gives water to the root zone where the young tomato plants need it most, keeps foliage dry, and conserves water. It is said to use up to 90% less water than sprinklers. It comes with 6 stakes to hold dripnozzles and water to 6 plants. Buy Now: $24.95.

    Micro Drip Irrigation Kit
    Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter: The Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter is perfect for those with limited space, apartments and more. You can place it from a tree, balcony, porch, patio or deck. It comes with a built in funnel on top of the bag for watering and fertilizers. Just plant your tomato plant after filling in the soil, water as needed, and get ready to have ripe tomatoes harvest in a months time. Buy Now: $13.75.

    Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter
    Geopot Potato Bag with Handles: The Geopot Potato Bag is a 15 gallon fabric bag that features an opening that lets you access your delicious potatoes and harvest as needed. As it's a fabric bag, its completely breathable and provides perfect conditions for root structure by aerating the root zone and also drainage. Buy Now: $14.79.

    Geopot Potato Bag with Handles
    Pack Ultomato Tomato Support System: The Gardener's Blue Ribbon Ultomato adjustable tomato support system is designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables. It consists of three 5' heavy-duty sturdy stakes and nine fully adjustable support clips that continuously supports throughout the plant's growth. Buy Now: $29.99.

    Pack Ultomato Tomato Support System
    Tomato Ring: The Tomato Ring is a plant support that's made of galvanized spring steel and specifically designed for growing tomatoes though it supports peppers, dahlias, and more. It comes in set of 6, use one, two or three depending on the expected size of your plant, it works will all typical support stakes and holds your large tomato plants. All you need to do is secure the first ring about 1 foot off the ground, and move the top ring up as your plant grows. Buy Now: $21.

    Tomato Ring
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    If you have been looking for products to give a touch of industrial look and feel to your room or home, we got you covered. We have the best freight storage container shaped furniture, boxes, storage cabinets and more for you from all over the world.

    Shipping Container Tissuebox: This cool Shipping Container Tissuebox holds your tissuebox, looks like one of those big shipping cargo containers, except it's a miniature version of it. It's made of iron to make it even more authentic. The large shipping container box measures 30.5*12.5*14.0 CM, and the smaller box measures 16.5*12.5*14.0 CM. You can even get your own customized logo screen printed onto these mini-shipping containers if you order 50 qty. Buy Now: $69.

    Shipping Container Tissuebox
    Shipping Container Cabinets: These Shipping Container Cabinets are a contemporary take on industrial freight storage containers by Sander Mulder. These are built to resemble industrial shipping containers, can be placed and rotated to create multiple storage configurations. Buy Now.

    Shipping Container Cabinets
    Shipping Container Cabinets
    Shipping Container Cabinets
    Shipping Container Cabinets
    Shipping Container Coffee Table Wrap: Now you can transform a cardboard box into a coffee table that looks like an intermodal shipping container with this cool shipping container adhesive wrap. The intermodal shipping container wrap measures 48 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches, includes the top, two side doors, and two long side panels. Buy Now: $220.

    Shipping Container Coffee Table Wrap
    Industrial Container Trunks: These freight container trunks are perfect for creating an industrial style setting in your room. These are handmade from wood and handpainted and the largest trunk is size L70cm x W 50cm x H 50cm. Buy Now: $950.

    Industrial Container Trunks
    Container Box With Pen Holder: This container box is perfect for your desk; it holds your tissuebox along with your pens. It comes with a tissuebox holder and a penholder. It measures 30.5*12.5*14.0 CM, to give it an authentic industrial look its made of iron. You can even get your own customized logo screen printed onto these mini-shipping containers if you order 50 qty. Buy Now: $75.

    Container Box With Pen Holder
    Box Container Auto Flip Clock: The Box Container Auto Flip Clock is perfect to give a touch of industrial setting to your room, it shows time of the original props, similar to sports scoreboard. Buy Now: $99.

    Box Container Auto Flip Clock
    Desktop Shipping Container: The Desktop Shipping Container is made from corrugated plastic, and comes with realistic metal texture printed on the surface. It measures approximately 7.5 in wide by 4.75 in tall and 3.75 in deep. Perfect for keeping your pens, pencils or other desktop instruments within reach. Buy Now: $19.95.

    Desktop Shipping Container

    Shipping Container Veneer For Ikea Side Table: To get an industrial look in your home, this corrugated shipping container sheath for your Ikea Lack side table is perfect. The 5 corrugated plastic sheets need assembling and the included 8 stickers hold the panels together. Buy Now: $ 149.

    Shipping Container Veneer For Ikea Side Table
    Industrial Container Side Table: The Industrial Container Side Table is constructed from iron, comes equipped with a removable shelf and a large amount of storage space, and includes a hasp and ring for lockable functionality. Buy Now.

    Industrial Container Side Table
    Container Lockers: These creative Container Lockers are handmade, to make it look more authentic its made of iron, measures 30*12*14 CM, and are prefect to hold your things. You can even get your own customized logo screen printed onto these mini-shipping containers if you order 50 qty. Buy Now: $69.

    Container Lockers
    ABS Container Tissuebox: This miniature container holds your tissuebox, measures 25x12x11cm, is made from ABS and available in colors: yellow, green, orange, brown, blue, and red. Buy Now: $15.

    ABS Container Tissuebox
    Container Storage Boxes: These cool storage boxes look like a miniature version of the big shipping cargo containers, this metal series is available in silver, gold and copper, perfect for storing your stationary, small things or whatever you want. Buy Now: $45.

    Container Storage Boxes
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    These vertical wall planters are best suited for urban dwellers who have limited space, yet want to have a touch of greenery to their walls. If you are looking for vertical and wall planters for your home, we have the best for you.

    Rainypot: The Rainypot is a cool wall planter that comes with a water filter that waters the plants. All you need to do is pour some water into the opening on the top of the water filter and the water falls through the small holes in its base onto the plant below. Buy Now: $15.90.

    (Image: Credit).

    Urbio Magnetic Modular System: The Urbio Magnetic Modular System is an attractive way to stay organized while adding a touch of greenery to your walls. It attaches to the wall, and you can attach the containers of your choice. The magnetic containers attach to wall plate. Buy Now.

    Urbio Magnetic Modular System
    Chalkboard Wall Planter: The Chalkboard Wall Planter is best suited for growing herbs, it comes with moisture mat technology that ensures even distribution of water throughout and the chalkboard paint finish on border lets you to label the herbs. You can water as needed through the top irrigator and the hidden collector tray catches excess runoff. Buy Now: $115.96.

    Chalkboard Wall Planter
    Oak Frame Wall Planter: The Oak Wall Frame Kit is perfect for your vertical garden, it includes grovert , irrigator, collector and frame. It makes watering easy, when you pour the water in the irrigator, the excess water gets collected in the collector at the bottom. Buy Now: $ 124.90.

    Oak Frame Wall Planter
    Living Wall Planter: The Living Wall Planter is perfect for growing a living wall and turns even the blackest of thumbs, green. Buy Now: $19.

    Living Wall Planter
    Cable Wall Planter: The Cable Wall Planter makes turning your wall green as easy as placing a picture on the wall. Using a marine-grade braided cable, you can place this planter from a single point on the wall. It holds two 4" nursery plants comfortably. Its water port is concealed yet accessible for adding water. Buy Now: $58.

    Cable Wall Planter
    Cool Wall Planter: With this cool wall planter you can make your own beautiful vertical garden, it comes with leaking sieve, and promotes healthy root growth. Buy Now: $13.

    Cool Wall Planter
    Serenity Garden Planter: The Serenity Garden Planter is perfect for your outdoors, looks elegant, and is a decorative accent and a garden adornment. Buy Now: $60.

    Serenity Garden Planter
    Faceted White Wall Planter: This succulent planter is made of slipcast porcelain with a clear glaze, has a hole at the back for easy fixing to the wall, and its weight is kept to a minimum, as it is hollow. The planter is 5.5" wide, 3.5" out from your wall, and 3.5" tall. Buy Now.

    Faceted White Wall Planter
    Walnut wood Wall Planters: These Walnut wood Wall Planters are handmade from sustainable walnut, and the interior is lined with a colored laminate; are best suited for succulents, small house plants and more. Buy Now.

    Walnut wood Wall Planters
    Off The Wall Planter: The Off The Wall Planter is a cool ceramic planter that you can fix on your walls at an angle. It features hidden wall fixture for a seamless look and are perfect for cacti or succulents. Buy Now: $15.99.

    Off The Wall Planter
    Hiveplanters: Turn your wall into a living work of greenery with these planters. These are designed to display airplants on the wall, made with white stoneware, matte finish on the outside, and glazed clear on the inside. Comes in set of 9. Buy Now.

    Leather Porcelain Wall Planter: The Leather Porcelain Wall Planter features a leather strap that can be used to fix the planter on the wall. It looks like a cute tote to grow your greens on your walls. Comes in set of 3. Buy Now.

    Leather Porcelain Wall Planter
    Bubble Shape Wall Planters: These handmade Bubble Shape Wall Planters are best suited for airplants, comes in set of 5. Buy Now.

    Bubble Shape Wall Planters
    Geometric Minimal Wall Planter: The Geometric Minimal Wall Planter looks cool by itself or in a group; this porcelain wall planter is best suited for airplants, trailing plants, kitchen herbs, cactus or succulent mini-garden and lets you give a touch of greenery to any wall. It's available in 5 convenient sizes and 10 customizable colors. Buy Now.

    Geometric Minimal Wall Planter
    Vertical Planter Frame: The Vertical Planter Frame is handmade from vintage picture frames, comes with plastic-coated wire mesh fastened to the back of each frame, providing approx. 3" of depth for planting. Buy Now.

    Vertical Planter Frame
    Rustic Wooden Planter Box: This beautiful three tier herbs planter box lets you give a touch of greenery along with a rustic look to any wall. Buy Now.

    Rustic Wooden Planter Box
    Wall Pocket Wall Planter: This waterproof wall planter is made from felt, that lets the soil to breathe and your plants to grow healthy. The planter's back and bottom are watertight. Buy Now.

    Wall Pocket Wall Planter
    Succulent Wall Planters: The Succulent Wall Planters are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to any wall. These planters are made in a light material, and sure to look good in any style home or room. Buy Now.

    Succulent Wall Planters
    Watertight Wall Planter: The 3x3 wall garden is made from felt, that allows the soil to breathe and your plants to grow healthy. Planter's backs and bottoms are watertight. Its modular, portable, waterproof, watertight and handcrafted. Buy Now.

    Watertight Wall Planter
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  • 06/30/17--22:05: 15 Best Hidden Safes For You
  • The diversion safes let you hide your valuables in plain sight without drawing attention to them. These look real, can be right in front of you, yet you wont think them to be safe or holding anything valuable. On the second thought, if you do have anything that's really valuable then it would be wise to invest in a good safe locker to keep it secure and protected.

    Air Vent Hidden Safe With RFID Lock: The Quick Safe air vent hidden safe uses Radio Frequency ID cards to keep your valuables safe and secure. It looks like an HVAC vent so it blends into any wall, and effectively hides your valuables in plain sight. Buy Now: $219.99.

    Air Vent Hidden Safe With RFID Lock
    Book Safe: The book safe looks like any other hardbound book, but it reveals its secret safe once you open it. An authentic hardbound book with actual printed-paper pages is hollowed out and fitted with a secret safe. It's perfect for hiding small valuables, such as jewelry, keys, cash, credit cards, and more. Its internal storage space measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 1" and the exterior measures 9.5" x 6.5" x 1.5". Buy Now: $13.95.

    Book Safe
    Cash Can: All you need to do is fold the dollar bill, place it around the internal rod, close it, attach it to your keychain and forget about it until you lose your wallet and you need money immediately. Buy Now:.

    Cash Can

    Hair Brush Safe: The Hair Brush Safe looks like an actual hairbrush, but it comes with a hidden safe for your valuables that you can secure in your home or on the go. The special safe measures 1.25 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep, is perfect for on the go or home, and won't draw attention to your valuables. Buy Now: $10.95.

    Hair Brush Safe
    Hidden Wall Outlet Safe: The Hidden Wall Outlet Safe looks like an electrical outlet, comes with a template that makes it easy to install; just replace the outlet cover with this safe. It has a storage area measuring 7" x 2 1/2" x 2; you can store your money, jewelry, valuables in the electrical outlet wall safe. Buy Now: $8.83.

    Hidden Wall Outlet Safe
    Key Safe: The Key Safe is a portable steel container for storing cash, or other small valuables safely on person. Its waterproof, can be attached to your keychain, measures 1.84"H x 0.475"D inside, 2.25"H x 0.625"D outside, and comes in natural stainless. Buy Now: $ 24.99.

    Key Safe
    Pillow Safe: The Pillow Safe is your personal pillow that comes with a secret safe; it features a patent leather pouch within the pillow that holds your jewelry, passports, and other valuables. The hidden pouch is secured by powerful magnets that close shut automatically. Buy Now: $28.99.

    Pillow Safe
    Bottle Safe: The Hidden Bottle Safe is perfect for hiding your valuables in plain sight. It looks realistic, and is even weighted to feel full. Buy Now: $14.67.

    Bottle Safe
    Screwpop Travel Stash Keychain: The Screwpop Travel Stash Keychain keeps your cash or other small valuables safe. It features clip that easily attaches onto a keyring, carabiner clip, paracord, belt loop and more. It also doubles as a bottle opener, measures 1/2" x 1" x 3 1/8" and weights approximately 0.75 ounce. Buy Now: $8.75.

    Screwpop Travel Stash Keychain
    Hide a key Rock: Hide a key Rock looks like a real rock and this one hides a key in plain sight. Just place your backup key into this rock outside in your garden, lawn etc in plain sight so you or your family members are never locked out. Buy Now: $6.99.

    Hide a key Rock
    Pringles Can Safe: The Pringles Can Safe is perfect for hiding your valuables in plain sight, it comes with real chips inside, gives out realistic sound when shaken and looks realistic too. Just put your valuables in the can, and put it in your closet, it won't draw attention to your valuables. Buy Now: $11.99.

    Pringles Can Safe
    Can Safe: The Can Safe gives you another option of hiding your valuable in plain sight, just put your valuable in the can safe and put it in your fridge along with other soda cans and you are done, it wont draw any attention to it. Buy Now: $8.75.

    Can Safe
    Surgeprotector Hidden Safe: The Surgeprotector looks real but it isn't, it comes with a hidden safe that you can use to store your valuables or other things that you don't want others to find. Its on/off switch glows red using Double A to give even more authentic look. Buy Now: $21.39.

    Surgeprotector Hidden Safe
    Secret Container Bolt: The Secret Container Bolt is made from a real ¾" machine bolt, comes with O-ring seal for weatherproof storage, is perfect for securing small valuables in plain sight. Buy Now: $24.59.

    Secret Container Bolt
    Sprinkler Head Key Holder: Sprinkler Head Key Holder looks like a real sprinkler head, has storage space for your key, you can place it in your lawn etc., in plain sight so you or your family members are never locked out. It's made from a real sprinkler system head, is waterproof, virtually indestructible, and has enough room for keys, money, or a small document. Buy Now: $7.38.

    Sprinkler Head Key Holder
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    Did it ever happen to you that you are tired being on your feet all day, and want to sit down but there is nowhere to sit comfortably? This can be while you are traveling, commuting to work, at concerts, park and more. Now with these portable seats you are sure to always get a place to sit comfortably anywhere.

    Foldable Backpack Chair: The Foldable Backpack Chair comes with a chair that's perfect for resting while hiking, traveling or camping. This backpack with a built-in seat gives you a comfortable seating option than sitting on the ground, stairs, or stones. The backpack has all things you expect of a backpack, likes multiple pockets, holds 16" notebook, has a capacity of 47 liters, is waterproof, measures 35 x 27 x 50cm and weighs 1200g. The chair measures 30 x 27 x 29cm, and can take load up to 100kgs. Buy Now: $78.

    Foldable Backpack Chair
    SitGo Portable Seat: The SitGo Portable Seat lets you rest while standing, it features a telescoping and lightweight design, is compact for easy storage, and comes with a carabiner for easy attachment. It can take up to 300lbs, weighs 1.5lbs, and comes with adjustable lengths from 25" to 33". This foldup seat is perfect for commuting, golf, backpacking and tailgating. Buy Now: $39.81.

    SitGo Portable Seat

    2-in-1 Seat and Cooler Backpack: With this cool backpack you need not worry again about being uncomfortable or unprepared at your next sporting event, it transforms from a comfortable backpack to a stadium seat with a built in cooler. Buy Now: $63.99.

    2-in-1 Seat and Cooler Backpack
    Bagobago Backpack: The Bagobago Backpack comes with a built in compact seat, perfect for traveling, commuting to work, trekking and more. Its interior is divided into a large space, and a smaller space suitable for storing a notebook. The exterior features a front pocket with zipper suited for your smartphone or wallet and two side pockets for water bottles. The legs are hidden behind a removable cover. This lightweight backpack is waterproof, measures 20.87"H x 13.78"W x 7.87"D (closed), capacity 5.8 gallons, weighs 3,53 lbs (1.6 kg) and its seat can take up to 287 lbs (130 kg). Buy Now: About $ 154 (€135).

    Bagobago Backpack

    Ride-On Carryon: The Ride-On Carryon is perfect for families traveling with little ones. It attaches to your luggage in seconds, the headrest doubles as a tray table, it folds flat and can be placed in the overhead bin, works with any carryon luggage 18-22" tall, and doubles as a safe and secure child seat. Buy Now: $143.49.

    Ride-On Carryon
    My Pod Portable Seat: My Pod portable seat comes with a strap, and also has two heat packets that can be placed in MyPod pockets and can be used as warmer. Buy Now: $21.83.

    My Pod Portable Seat
    Camo Backpack: The Camo Backpack transforms into a camp chair seat making it perfect for camping, fishing, tailgating, or anywhere you want to take your gear and have a place to sit. It features 3 pockets for your gear, adjustable shoulder strap, weighs 3.2 lbs, waterresistant outer and inner lining, and seating area measuring 8" x 11". Buy Now: $29.89.

    Camo Backpack
    Flipstick: Flipstick is a lightweight, portable seat that 'locks' the bicycle shaped saddle for either walking or sitting with a simple push-of-a-button. Buy Now: $45.

    Lugabug: Lugabug is kid's travel chair that provides an exciting way to cruise through the airport without falling behind or getting tired feet. It attaches to your suitcase in seconds without taking up extra space. It's recommended for kids 2 years and up with a weight limit of 70 lbs. Buy Now: $64.


    HowdaSeat: HowdaSeat can be repositioned either forward or backward and it conforms to the body in various seating situations. This portable seat can be taken to bleachers, theater seats, boats, airplanes and more. Buy Now.

    Anywhere Backpack: Anywhere Backpack features a folding chair to let you have rest anywhere. The chair folds easily and can be stored in the backpack. It comfortably holds notebook, bottles and folding umbrella. It also features waterproof pocket for poncho and many storage pockets. Buy Now.

    Anywhere Backpack

    Chairless: Designed by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, Chairless comes from Vitra. It is an adjustable sitting strap designed to be wrapped around the back and knees to relieve tension and stabilize the body while seated. More info

    Rothco Backpack: The Rothco Backpack comes with a built in seat, features rubberized lining, large zip up front pocket, three pockets for your gear, and adjustable shoulder straps, is perfect for your outdoors. Buy Now: $37.99.

    Rothco Backpack
    Outdoor Reclining Seat: The Oniva Outdoor Reclining Seat is lightweight and portable, comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and six settings for reclining. Buy Now: $39.95.

    Outdoor Reclining Seat
    Portable Folding Sports Bench: The six-person foldable bench is perfect for your tailgating. It seats 6 people, folds away for easy storage and is compact. Buy Now: $65.19.

    Portable Folding Sports Bench
    Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair: The Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair can comfortably hold 250 lbs while the cooler can take in a case of beverages. Buy Now: $48.95.

    Tailgating Couch: The Reflex is a portable recliner travel couch that features 37.5" long seat, armrests and an adjustable shoulder strap. It folds in half for easy storage and transport. Buy Now: $ 149.95.

    Tailgating Couch

    Y-ply Beach Rests: It's a multiple-use gadget that allows you to use in various conditions: back, headrest, or pillow. Buy Now: $38.

    Y-ply Beach Rests
    Messenger Bag Director's Chair: This cool portable seating folds up into a small and portable shoulder strapped messenger bag for easy transporting. Buy Now: 139.95.

    Portable Reflex Travel Couch
    Portable Recliner with Armrests: The Portable Recliner with Armrests lets you turn the floor into comfortable seating. It reclines up to 6 different ways, comes with extra large hidden back pocket for essentials storage, folds flat for minimal storage and easy transport. And its adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps allow for easy transport and it measures 32.5" L x 25.5" W x 2" H. Buy Now: $39.99 - $60.58.

    Portable Recliner with Armrests
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    If you are an avid reader, then it's natural for you to have a collection of books, and to keep your favorite books organized on the shelf you must be needing bookends? Look no further, we have the 'Best Bookends For Your Home Library' to hold your precious books from all over the world.

    Starwars Bookends: These cool bookends take its inspiration from Starwars. These are handmade from wood; the two parts when placed together side by side (holding books) forms the replica from the movie. Coming to its functionality, these are meant to hold the books unlike the one from the Starwars. Buy Now.

    Starwars Bookends
    Vintage Camera Bookends: The Vintage Camera Bookends are made from vintage cameras. The set consists of one camera with the iconic flash bulb and one without. If you are into photography and reading what more can you ask for. Buy Now: $ 285.

    Vintage Camera Bookends
    Iron Man Bookends: It looks like Iron Man has sided with you, and is here to hold your books in order. Now you need to worry only about Captain America as he and others have pitched up against Iron Man and the group until they patch up again. Just another thought, you can encourage your little ones to read and become smart by citing Stark. Buy Now: $65.

    Iron Man Bookends
    Evolution Bookends: We see evolution charts where monkey to man is shown in various stages, but with these bookends you get monkey one side while the other side is an intelligent human. Buy Now: $29.99.

    Evolution Bookends
    Record Bookends: How about giving your shelf a retro look with these cool record bookends. Buy Now.

    Record Bookends
    Hogwarts Express Bookends: The Hogwarts Express is a fictional legendary train that takes students to the school, but this Hogwarts Express is here to keep your books in order. These Hogwarts Express Bookends create a scene where the carriages and engine are entering and exiting a tunnel while holding your favorite books. Buy Now.

    Hogwarts Express Bookends
    R2-D2 Concrete Bookend: The iconic droid from the far away galaxy is here to keep your books organized. The R2-D2 Concrete Bookends are inspired by Starwars, handmade, and measures 7-3/4 x 5-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Concrete Bookend
    Strong Man Bookends: How about giving the task of getting your disorderly books in order to strong men? Well these bookends feature muscular double-sided figures with an antique silver finish to keep your books organized. Buy Now: $128.

    Strong Man Bookends
    Book and Hero Bookend: The Book and Hero Bookend is a clever bookend that creates an illusion of the superhero in mid air and stopping the books from falling. It uses a magnet for creating this impression while keeping your books organized. Buy Now: $31.90.

    Book and Hero Bookend
    DSLR Camera Bookends: The DSLR Camera Bookends is handcrafted with detailed carvings, is 2/3 of real life size of the popular Canon 7D camera with zoom kit lens, keeps your books in order and is perfect for those who are into photography. Buy Now: $75.

    DSLR Camera Bookends
    Balloon Dog Bookends: The Balloon Dog Bookends are based on the classic art of balloon animal making. The big top bookend is shaped like a top dog, but it wont deflate and is sturdy to hold your books in place. Buy Now: $45.

    Balloon Dog Bookends
    Skateboard Bookends: The skateboard bookends is a cool addition to your kids room, keeps the books organized while giving a touch of your personality. Buy Now.

    Skateboard Bookends
    Action Man Bookends: These are men of steel, trained hard, disciplined, and best of the best. The best part is these guys are on your side and are going to get your books disciplined and make them stand in order. Buy Now: $28.99.

    Action Man Bookends
    Bike Bookends: The bike bookends keep your books well organized on the shelf, while creating an illusion of a white bike is next to the literature. Buy Now: $20.08.

    Bike Bookends
    Circus Bookends: These handmade bookends features a silhouette of a man launched over your latest reads, creating a circus act on your bookcase. Buy Now: $ 65.

    Circus Bookends
    Giraffe Bookends: The Giraffe Bookends features a silhouette of giraffe and a tree, these are handmade from steel, are heavy enough to hold up your books. Buy Now: $65.

    Giraffe Bookends
    Golden Gate Bridge Bookends: The Golden Gate Bridge Bookends are metal book holders inspired by the iconic construction of 1937, consists of two separate pieces, and can hold any number of books. Buy Now: $59.

    Golden Gate Bridge Bookends
    Mr. ED Bookend: Mr. ED Bookend is a lamp that comes with two vertical, book-like shapes that seems to hold the light bulb in place. It's strong enough and doubles as bookend. Buy Now.

    Mr. ED Bookend
    Ship Bookends: The Ship Bookends create an illusion of a big octopus rising out of the sea and the ship is in its hold. Its handmade, made from solid steel, and heavy enough to hold up your reading collection. Buy Now.

    Ship Bookends
    Industrial Pipe Bookends: How about giving an industrial feel and look to your shelf? These Industrial Pipe Bookends are perfect; these are constructed from authentic black iron pipe fittings, comes in set of two, and holds your favorite books. Buy Now.

    Industrial Pipe Bookends
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    Baby Groot is cute, adorable, and naïve, he is an iconic member of the superhero team or shall we say band of misfits ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. Now we have the 'Best Groot Themed Products' from all over the world, so that he can be a part of your day-to-day life.

    Groot USB Car Recharger: The Groot USB Car Recharger features two USB ports, provides 2.1A output and lets you recharge two devices on the go. Just plug it into your car's 12 volt socket, and it dances while plugged in. The little guy comes in a flowerpot and stays safe inside your cup holder. Buy Now: $39.99.

    Groot USB Car Recharger

    Baby Groot Silver Ring: The Baby Groot Ring is handmade from silver, features Baby Groot's face, entwined branches for the ring and small leaves growing around the ring. Simple yet elegant. Buy Now.

    Baby Groot Silver Ring
    Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board: The Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board is shaped like Baby Groot's head, measures 15" x 11 1/4" and will not grow larger. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board
    Baby Groot iPhone 7/7 plus Case: The Baby Groot iPhone 7/7 plus Case comfortably snugs on your favorite smartphone, while maintaining slim profile and providing protection. It provides access to the buttons, and cutouts allow easy access to phone functions. Buy Now.

    Baby Groot iPhone 7/7 plus Case
    Baby Groot Doll: The Baby Groot Doll measures 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) tall, can stand and sit, and can take various postures. Its hands and legs are on steel wireframe, and bends easily. Buy Now.

    Baby Groot Doll
    Baby Groot Decal: The Baby Groot Decal is sure to look cute on your Macbook, smart phone, car window and bumper, water bottle, notebook and more. Buy Now.

    Baby Groot Decal
    Baby Groot Earrings: The Baby Groot earrings are made with solid stainless steel, is sure to look cute when you put them on. These are also available with fishhook earrings. Buy Now.

    Baby Groot Earrings
    Baby Groot Outfit: The Baby Groot Newborn Costume consists of adorable Baby Groot inspired hat and diaper cover. The beanie keeps babies head warm, while the diaper cover waistband has an adjustable button closure and an adorable leaf on the bottom. Buy Now.

    Baby Groot Outfit
    Baby Groot Necklace: The cute Baby Groot pendant is made from solid stainless steel and on its polished back has the words "I am Groot". Buy Now.

    Baby Groot Necklace
    Groot Mini Fridge: The Groot Mini Fridge keeps your food cool or warm at the perfect temperature. You can plug it into a standard U.S. wall outlet or 12V DC power source. It holds 6 cans of soda and has a temperature range of 64° F (cooling) and 140°F (heating). Buy Now: $59.99.

    Groot Mini Fridge
    Dancing Groot Figure: The Dancing Groot Figure dances along to its built-in music "I want you back". Apart from this, he also dances to any sounds you make or music you play. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Dancing Groot Figure
    Grow and Glow Groot: How about creating your own Groot plant? Now you can grow two different plants that surround the Groot, turn on the light-up branches and display your growing Groot. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Grow and Glow Groot
    Dancing Groot RC: The Dancing Groot RC features two dancing modes - one that lets you control it and the other one is groove mode that let's him do his own moves to any song. Its "shout out" button on the remote activates 4 different "I am Groot" phrases. Buy Now: $25.48.

    Dancing Groot RC
    Groot Mask: Now that you got the Groot Mask, you need to get started to make the rest of its body yourself. Buy Now: $33.98.

    Groot Mask
    Baby Groot: The Baby Groot plush comes from Build-a-Bear. Buy Now: $40.

    Baby Groot
    Groot as Mr. Potato Head: The Groot Mr. Potato Head Poptater is a collectible figure that stands over 6" tall and comes with multiple components that make Groot perfect for all to display or play. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Groot as Mr. Potato Head
    Groot USB Flashdrive: This cool USB flashdrive is shaped as Groot, features exquisite detailing, measures 39.5 x 41 x 69mm, and comes in two storage capacities: 16GB and 32GB. Buy Now.

    Groot USB Flashdrive
    Baby Groot Book: The Baby Groot Book features the adorable Baby Groot on the cover, come with 240 unlined pages for writing and its cover looks like it's made of wood. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Baby Groot Book
    Dancing Groot: The Dancing Groot measures 11.5-inch almost the size of Baby Groot, it dances to internal music and external music; when it detects music, its eyes light up and it starts to dance. It also features a clip from the song 'Come A Little Bit Closer' from the movie soundtrack. Buy Now: $29.03.

    Dancing Groot
    Groot Keychain: Now handover the responsibility of managing your keys to Groot. This cute keychain is 1.5" inches tall. Buy Now: $11.48.

    Groot Keychain

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    Eating with spoon and fork is all good, have you given a thought about doing something new, try eating with chopsticks? Many people find it difficult to use chopsticks; what if you happen to eat at an Asian restaurant, and everyone is using chopsticks and you ask for a fork and spoon? We leave that to you to decide to use chopsticks or not, but if you use them, then you should consider using chopstick rest too. Chopstick Rest is similar to a knife rest or a spoon rest; you rest your used chopsticks on these so your chopsticks don't touch the table surface. You don't want to put the chopsticks that have touched the table surface in your mouth, do you? These Chopstick Rests come in various shapes and are made from variety of materials but mostly from ceramic and gives you numerous creative and interesting options to rest your chopsticks.

    Mini Flower Vase Chopstick Rests: These cute Mini Flower Vase Chopstick Rests are perfect for your chopsticks, and you can make your own flower arrangement to give your dinner table a personal touch. Buy Now.

    Mini Flower Vase Chopstick Rests
    Skateboard Chopstick Rest: This cute chopstick rest comes in the shape of a skateboard, looks ready to take off, hope it won't take off along with your chopsticks. Buy Now.

    Skateboard Chopstick Rest
    Moon Chopstick Rest: This cool full moon chopstick rest keeps your used chopsticks off the table. Buy Now.

    Moon Chopstick Rest
    Mountain Chopstick Rest: How about resting your chopsticks on Mt. Fuji? No kidding, we have a motif of Mt. Fuji chopstick rest that makes it happen. Buy Now.

    Mountain Chopstick Rest
    Airplane Chopstick Rest: Now that you got this cute Airplane Chopstick Rest on your dining table, you need to keep your table clear for this tiny guy to take off and land, kids are sure gonna like it. Buy Now.

    Airplane Chopstick Rest
    Duckling Chopstick Rests: This cute duck team is here for you, use them as chopstick rests or ornaments; its up to you. Just one more thing, you don't need to worry about ducklings as mumma duck is there along too. Buy Now.

    Duckling Chopstick Rests
    Bean Chopstick Rest: This cute Bean Chopstick Rest is round and makes your dining table lively. Buy Now.

    Bean Chopstick Rest
    Geometric Chopstick Rests: The Geometric Chopstick Rests are fun and cool, these simple shaped chopstick rests look different depending on the viewing angle. Buy Now.

    Geometric Chopstick Rests
    Origami Chopstick Rests: The origami crane and turtle are here so you can rest your chopsticks on them. Buy Now.

    Origami Chopstick Rests
    Whale Chopstick Rest: This cute blue whale has come from the ocean to take care of your chopsticks. It's available in two colors, white and light blue. Buy Now.

    Whale Chopstick Rest
    Glass Chopstick Rest: The Chopstick Rest is handmade from glass, comes with a thin gold or platinum leaf placed luxuriously in the center, perfect for displaying your riches. Buy Now.

    Glass Chopstick Rest
    Manini Chopstick Stand: The Manini Chopstick Stand comes with friendly fingers designed to hold your chopsticks. It's made of porcelain. Buy Now.

    Manini Chopstick Stand
    Lying Down Chopstick Rest: The group of panda, pig and others seemed to be relaxed and gazing the sky while ready to take care of your chopsticks. Buy Now.

    Lying Down Chopstick Rest
    Patterned Chopstick Rests: The Patterned Chopstick Rests are sure to look cool on your dinner table while doing its work. Buy Now.

    Patterned Chopstick Rests
    Banana Chopstick Rest: This mini banana shaped chopstick rest looks cute, and takes care of your chopsticks. Buy Now.

    Banana Chopstick Rest
    Petal Chopstick Rest: How about giving a feeling of spring by spreading the petals around your dinner table? If interested, we got the petal chopstick rest for you. Buy Now.

    Petal Chopstick Rest
    Gourd Chopstick Rest: The Gourd Chopstick Rest lets you arrange Japanese contemporary dyeing technology in contemporary style right on your dining table. Buy Now.

    Gourd Chopstick Rest
    Beautiful Chopstick Rest: How about upgrading your dining table with this beautiful chopstick rest? Buy Now.

    Beautiful Chopstick Rest
    Japanese Chopstick Rest: The Japanese Chopstick Rest is designed to match Japanese food with contemporary western space. Buy Now.

    Japanese Chopstick Rest
    Butterfly Chopstick Rest: Now to get butterflies you don't need to have a beautiful garden, with the Butterfly Chopstick Rest you get them right on your dinner table. Buy Now.

    Butterfly Chopstick Rest
    Wooden Chopstick Rest: The Chopstick Rest keeps your chopsticks off the table for you. Buy Now.

    Wooden Chopstick Rest


    Munchtime Chopsticks: The Munchtime Chomping Chopsticks makes every meal enjoyable for kids. As you squeeze these animated chopsticks the colorful toucan opens and closes its mouth. Buy Now.

    Munchtime Chopsticks
    Good Fortune Chopsticks: It holds your chopsticks at just the right angle so you don't drop your food. Perfect for kids who want to learn how to eat Asian style and for grown ups too. Buy Now.

    Good Fortune Chopsticks
    Stache Sticks Chopsticks: The Stache Sticks Chopsticks provides the perfect hinge for your chopsticks, and also doubles as a nifty disguise between bites. Buy Now.

    Stache Sticks Chopsticks
    Dinosaur Chopsticks: The Dinosaur Chomping Chopsticks makes every meal enjoyable for kids. As you squeeze these animated chopsticks, the dinosaur opens and closes its mouth. Buy Now.

    Dinosaur Chopsticks
    Drumstick Chopsticks: The Drumstick Chopsticks are drumsticks and chopsticks in one. On one end you have the standard reusable wooden chopsticks while the other has drumsticks. Now play and eat. Buy Now.

    Drumstick Chopsticks
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    Wont it be cool if you can color in your dresses, wall papers, placemats, tablecloths and more? Yes, its quite possible with these products we have for you; these let you color in and let you customize them as per your taste and preference. What more, no two products are going to look the same, which makes each of these unique. On the second thought can it be possible for someone else to have your same taste and preference, and they come up with an identical color in? Looks quite unlikely; till it becomes reality, you got your own unique products.

    Color-In Dress: The Color-In Dress has black and white print that one can fill in, you need to simply choose your own color scheme and fill in with the included textile markers. Buy Now.

    Color-In DressColor-In DressColor-In DressColor-In DressColor in Tote Bag: If you are among those who have a fine taste for customized products, who don't appreciate products that are produced on large scale or shall we say you like limited editions then this is for you. You can color this tote bag and customize it as per your taste and preference. Buy Now.

    Color in Tote Bag
    Color in Paper Placemats - City Map: How about coloring your placemats for your table to set it apart from all the others? You can set your table with these cool paper placemats; comes in set of 24, an assortment of 6 different designs to color and you can choose from New York City, USA, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington D.C. Buy Now.

    Color in Paper Placemats - City Map
    Burgerdoodles Color-In Wallpaper: This wallpaper by Jon Burgerman comes in black and white and its up to you to color in, either with marker pens, felt tips or paint. Buy Now.

    Burgerdoodles Color-In Wallpaper
    DIY Tablecloth: It's a white tablecloth that one can personalize by adding drawings, notes and more. More info.

    DIY Tablecloth
    Color in Tattoos: How about giving yourself a tattoo? Not talking about a professional handling this, but you? Unsure? Well with these cool color in tattoos its possible; you can even color in your very own tattoos as per your liking using its color in temporary tattoos kit. You get four tattoo pens - green, pink, blue and black, along with 20 temporary tattoos that consist of assorted marine animals. Buy Now.

    Color in Tattoos
    Color in Puzzle Paris: Puzzles have always interested us, and we believe it got nothing to do with your age, you can enjoy it whole of your life. And wont it be cool if you can even personalize and color your very own puzzle? Buy Now.

    Color in Puzzle Paris
    Color in Mask: How about personalizing and giving a touch of your personality to your party masks? Buy Now.

    Color in Mask
    Color in Stickers: If you are among those who like sticking decal on your doors, fridge, table, notebook and more, you are sure to like these color in stickers. You get 100 repositionable decals to color, assemble, play and decorate. Fun time on. Buy Now.

    Color in Stickers
    Color in Party Hats: How about personalizing and giving a touch of your personality to your party hats? Or give to the kids to be colored and keep them busy before, during and after the party, it's your call. Comes in set of 8, and needs assembling before use. Buy Now.

    Color in Party Hats
    Renewable Clothing: It gives the wearer the choice to choose the color scheme every time they wear it. The dress has pockets all over it, which makes the appearance change overtime. All that needs to be done is placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress. Within an hour to one and a half hours, the colored ink spreads and creates circular spots of color as they do. The ink washes out, so it can keep on happening and color it in a different way for each time you wear it. More info.

    Renewable ClothingRenewable ClothingRenewable ClothingRenewable ClothingRenewable Clothing

    Color in Poster - United Kingdom: Now discover the United Kingdom while coloring this huge map, it comes with hundreds of tiny details, features well known bridges, buildings, landscapes, people, and more. It can be a fun time activity for your whole family, or let kids express their creativity with it or let them do it in a group with their friends. Now how to use this cool poster? Its up to you to use it as a wallpaper, tablecloth, or just put it on the ground; multiple possibilities. Buy Now.

    Color in Poster - United Kingdom
    Large Frameable Color In Poster - Amsterdam: Now discover Amsterdam while coloring this large map, it comes with hundreds of tiny details, features well known monuments, landscapes, people, and more. It can be a fun time activity for your whole family, or let kids express their creativity with it or let them do it in a group with their friends. Now how to use this cool poster? Its up to you to use it; multiple possibilities. Buy Now.

    Large Frameable Color In Poster - Amsterdam
    Color in Pocket Map - London: This big pocket map can be customized, filled in, colored, and annotated with memories of the places you've visited. After all maps are supposed to be journey souvenirs, and if you can give them a personal touch, wont it be beautiful. A particular place, or building or bridge that means special to you can be colored to stand out. Buy Now.

    Color in Pocket Map - London
    Color in Postcards: Now you are going to say who uses snail mail these days when everything is digital? What about personalized greeting? You can personalize your postcard; color it and give it a touch of your personality. You get a set of 16 postcards to color and send for every occasion throughout the year. Buy Now.

    Color in Postcards

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    Now when it comes to pizza, we don't think that there's anyone who wouldn't want to have a pizza. Lets say if two people are there in a room and are talking about pizza that means its not about having it or not, but its about toppings or cheeses at the most. We just can't think of someone who doesn't want or like the most popular Italian food in the world, the pizza. And if you want to bake it like a professional, then you need to have all the tools and that includes 'Best Pizza Cutters' too. So, next time you throw a pizza party, slice your pizzas like a pro with these cool pizza cutters.

    Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 has been on numerous voyages over the years, and now it comes in the shape of a mini pizza cutter to cut your pizzas. Buy Now: $29.99.

    Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

    Pi Pizza Cutter: Pi is a mathematical constant and if during your schooling if you were good at math, then you will enjoy working with it and if it troubled you throughout your schooling, then its time to get back at it. The Pi symbol-shaped pizza cutter features dual stainless steel blades for slicing pizza pieces. Buy Now: $19.99.

    Pi Pizza Cutter
    (Image: Credit).

    Pizza Scissors: If you are a perfectionist, want everything in its precise order, then slicing pizza pieces shouldn't be different. Or lets put it this way, if you don't want others to have a bigger piece, the Pizza Scissors lets you cut exact pieces as per your liking. Buy Now.

    Pizza Scissors
    Starwars Pizza Cutter: The Starwars Pizza Cutter gives you a clean cut, but the only worry is that as it comes from the dark side, hopefully it wont energize your pizza with its dark energy and turn you to the dark side. Just one other thing, it plays sound from the original trilogy when you slice. Buy Now: $9.99.

    Starwars Pizza Cutter
    Monkey Pizza Cutter: We got this monkey on his unicycle that is eager to slice your pizza. Just glide him; and while seated on his unicycle, he slices your pizza to your liking. Buy Now: $15.

    Monkey Pizza Cutter
    Motorbike Pizza Cutter: Things change with time, a convertible car to a minivan, chopper to car, and many more. And if you ever were a part of a biker group during your young days, then this Chopper Pizza Cutter lets you relive those day, though not exactly the same way. With this Motorbike Pizza Cutter, you can glide through the topping and cheese with ease and relive those days when you used to do the same on asphalt of roads with your motorbike. Buy Now: $9.99.

    Motorbike Pizza Cutter
    PZT-2 Pizza Tool: The PZT-2 Pizza Tool looks like a vintage exercise bike, lets you cut your pizza with ease as per your liking. Now this cool pizza cutter is supposed to remind you to workout or are you supposed to workout after pizza? A tough question, really confusing, we need a pizza break to think it over. Buy Now: $15.95.

    PZT-2 Pizza Tool
    Snail Pizza Wheel: The Snail Pizza Wheel is apt for what its designed for, cuts pizza efficiently with a sturdy stainless-steel wheel. And you don't go by its looks, just because it's a snail doesn't mean its slow. Press a little button and the wheel retracts in for safe storage. Buy Now: $29.99.

    Snail Pizza Wheel
    Guitar Pizza Cutter: The Rockin' Pizza Cutter wont play for you, but is great at cutting your pizza, comes with guitar design holder with 2.5-inch stainless steel blade. Buy Now: $10.59.

    Guitar Pizza Cutter
    Wood Pizza Cutter: How about slicing your pizza like the professional? The Wood Pizza Cutter lets you slice your pizza like a professional and doubles as a trivet. Buy Now: $25.

    Wood Pizza Cutter
    Scooter Pizza Cutter: It's a dual-blade pizza cutter that comes in the shape of a retro scooter. Buy Now: $14.99.

    Scooter Pizza Cutter
    Ax Pizza Cutter: Now to hold an axe and chop wood, you don't need to be a lumberjack. With this cool Ax Pizza Cutter you can chop the pizza the lumberjack way. Its made with a stainless steel blade and attached by a wood holder. Now that you should be chopping pizza, should be shouting timber……. or pizzaaaaaaaaa….. Buy Now: $6.95.

    Ax Pizza Cutter
    R2-D2 Pizza Cutter: This R2-D2 Pizza Cutter is a fully functional pizza cutter and it beeps happily as it slices. Buy Now: $21.94.

    R2-D2 Pizza Cutter
    Protractor Pizza Cutter: If you weren't good at math during your schooling, then it doesn't mean that you need to pay for it now, that too when you want to slice your pizza and have a fair share along with your friends or family. It isn't fair, is it? The Protractor Pizza Cutter does the math for you and measures up your pizza into 6 or 8 identical pieces and cuts into equal portions. Buy Now: $20.

    Protractor Pizza Cutter
    Epicurean Pizza Cutter: The Epicurean Pizza Cutter is made of Richlite, cuts your pizza swiftly into uniform slices. Buy Now: $28.

    Epicurean Pizza Cutter
    Bike Pizza Cutter: Now if you are lazy for cycling, least you can do is use the Bicycle Pizza Cutter to cut your pizza and have the joy of cycling. It comes with dual stainless steel wheel cutters. On the second thought, who doesn't want to be healthy? Most of us aren't into workouts or cycling just because we are too tired and not that we are lazy. Think it over. Buy Now: $10.99 .

    Bike Pizza Cutter
    Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter: The Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter does best what its designed for, slicing pizza and while doing its work, it plays original sound effects when the wheel rotates. Buy Now: $15.99.

    Screwdriver Pizza Cutter
    Rosle Pizza Wheel: The Rosle Pizza Wheel makes slicing pizza easy with its comfortable holder that effectively distributes pressure to cut through. Its perfect for cutting pizza, flat bread, pastry dough and disassembles for easy cleaning. Buy Now: $27.05.

    Rosle Pizza Wheel
    Pizza Cutter and Server: The Pizza Cutter and Server lets you cut your pizza and also works like a server too, it's a two-in one stainless steel tool. Buy Now: $ 20.

    Pizza Cutter and Server
    Scizza Pizza Cutter: The Scizza Pizza Cutter perfectly slices your pizza on any surface and even serves it too. Buy Now: $43.50.

    Scizza Pizza Cutter
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    Now who wouldn't like to have greenery around them? But most of us are too busy with our lives, tired and short of time to maintain live plants. And what more, some of us are even doing two jobs to keep the things moving. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have greenery in our home, for people like us who like having plants in their home but can't, we have the 'Best Artificial Plants' to make our surroundings greener. These beautiful artificial trees let you enjoy greenery with zero maintenance around the year.

    Bamboo Silk Plant: The Bamboo Silk Plant measures 4', contains nine stalks and 540 leaves, and comes pre-arranged in a black plastic planter. Display it by itself, or combine with other silk bamboo plants to create your indoor bamboo garden. Buy Now.

    Bamboo Silk Plant
    Artificial Snake Plant: The Artificial Snake Plant looks realistic, comes in a ceramic planter, and lets you give a touch of freshness to your home without maintenance. Buy Now.

    Artificial Snake Plant
    Majestic Golden Cane Palm Tree: The Majestic Golden Cane Palm Tree measures over six feet, comes adorned with 333 palm leaves, and lets you create a tropical setting in your home. Buy Now.

    Majestic Golden Cane Palm Tree
    Artificial Succulent Vertical Wall Garden: The Artificial Succulent Vertical Wall Garden is a handmade vertical wall garden, constructed on wooden frame, features carefully crafted top of the line artificial succulents that creates an amazing illusion of real plants. Buy Now.

    Artificial Succulent Vertical Wall Garden
    Artificial Mountainash Plant: The Mountainash Plant looks fresh and real, each of its twig measures 50 cm, and has 53 leaves, and is a perfect natural plant replica. Buy Now.

    Artificial Mountainash Plant
    Artificial Aloe and Cactus Stems Set: These mini aloe and cactus stems come with bright green color and realistic texture and are perfect for terrariums, crafts and tabletop displays. Buy Now.

    Artificial Aloe and Cactus Stems Set
    Artificial Ficus Silk Tree: The Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Tree looks lifelike, measures six feet, features over 1008 individual leaves on several sturdy branches making it perfect for picture window, home entranceway, and more. Buy Now.

    Artificial Ficus Silk Tree
    Artificial Plants Wall Décor: These Artificial Plants Wall Décor looks realistic and gives you a feeling of being closer to nature. Buy Now.

    Artificial Plants Wall Décor
    Artificial Capensia Bush: The Artificial Capensia Bush measures 4 feet tall, comes with 504 leaves in various shades, and is potted in a decorative rattan basket. For a realistic look, it features real wood trunk, and varying size foliage. Buy Now.

    Artificial Capensia Bush
    Cedar Tree: The Cedar Tree lets you bring the feel of the Rocky Mountain forests into your home. Its realistic look is everlasting, and perfect to sit by the front door. Buy Now.

    Cedar Tree
    Artificial Eucalyptus Plant: The Artificial Eucalyptus shrubs let you brighten up your home with its overflowing greenery. Each shrub comes with 7 flexible stems and generous leaves. Buy Now.

    Artificial Eucalyptus Plant
    Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree: The Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree stand at 165cm, is created with beautiful deep red or natural green foliage, comes in 7 inch diameter plastic terracotta colored planter. Buy Now.

    Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree
    Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree: The Japanese twisting tree comes with real bark, is handmade, measures 165 cm, comes in 7 inch planter and is perfect for your home decoration. Buy Now.

    Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree
    Artificial Plants with Concrete Planter: This set of beautiful artificial green plants come with concrete planters and are perfect for giving a touch of greenery to your home. Buy Now.

    Artificial Plants with Concrete Planter
    Artificial Plum Plant: This artificial plum plant features beautiful flowers that look so realistic that it is sure to look perfect anywhere you place them. Buy Now.

    Artificial Plum Plant
    Artificial Vines: These artificial vines are perfect for balcony, over the stairs or anywhere you want. Buy Now.

    Artificial Vines
    Outdoor Potted 38-Inch Artificial Cycas Plant: The cycas plant goes all the way back to prehistoric times, this realistic looking cycas plant comes in beautiful mineral planter, perfect for indoors and outdoors. Buy Now.

    Outdoor Potted 38-Inch Artificial Cycas Plant
    Artificial Fig Tree: The Fig Tree is six foot tall, comes with broad leaves, poseable branches and a sculptural silhouette that lets you make a style statement in your home. Its lush and lifelike, all you need to do is place it in a planter that complements your home decor. Buy Now.

    Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
    Green Cypress Spiral Tree: The nearly natural 5-Foot Green Cypress Spiral Tree looks realistic; this leafy plant creates an interesting spiral design that's sure to look good at your home entrance. Buy Now.

    Green Cypress Spiral Tree
    Pear Cactus: The potted 39-Inch Pear Cactus looks incredibly lifelike and gives you desert feel for years to come right in your home. And what more, it requires no maintenance. Buy Now.

    Pear Cactus
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  • 07/11/17--00:51: 20 Best Coffee and Tea Mugs.
  • The first thing we need in the morning is a cup of java, while the rest of the day isn't different, as again we can't do a thing without another cup. So it's safe to say we are fueled by caffeine, and while we are at it why shouldn't we have cool, creative and the best mugs to have it? Can really mugs make a difference to our cup of Joe? Or it's that these mugs are just complementary, make us feel good, while we have what we want the most? A cup of coffee…………… Coffee time :).

    Rock Climbing Mug: If you are into rock climbing and have been too busy to be part of it, this Rock Climbing Mug is prefect for you. Its sure to give you a bit of challenge for your morning coffee or tea. It comes with a rock climbing hold attached for a handle. Buy Now.

    Rock Climbing Mug
    Batman Mug: The Gotham city's famous hero needs to be ready for any challenge that can come in his way, that includes working late nights, fighting sleep and more. Bruce Wayne may go without coffee but Batman needs his cup of Joe. This cool Batman Shaped Mug features Batman design for the perfect 'Dark Knight' feel for you. What better can be than a cup of coffee to keep you moving. Buy Now.

    Batman Mug
    How To Knots Coffee Mug: If you want to be a good a sailor, a whaler, or just a good scout, you need to know about rope and knots. And the How To Knots Coffee Mug can teach you a lot; it comes with a cleat for a handle and comes with a length of rope. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to learn eight classic knots. Buy Now.

    How To Knots Coffee Mug
    Basketball Mug: Relive your college days when you were part of a basketball team and really enjoyed your days with this cool Basketball Mug. It lets you test your skills, it comes with an attached hoop for tossing. Buy Now.

    Basketball Mug
    Donut Warmer Coffee Mug: The Donut Warmer Coffee Mug provides a warmer and more flavorful cup while transferring the heat from your beverage to the specially designed top that holds and warm donuts, cookies, muffins, bagels, and more. Buy Now.

    Donut Warmer Coffee Mug
    Hulk Shaped Mug: Well its simple if you don't want to meet the big green guy, don't make Bruce Banner angry. We don't think that there should be anyone who doesn't know the strength of Hulk and his famous fist. This cool cup replicates the powerful Hulk fist, lets you feel the power of the Hulk with every sip you take of your tea or coffee. Buy Now.

    Hulk Shaped Mug

    Hashtag Mug: The Hashtag Mug lets you extend the use of labels outside social networks, uses a dry erase marker to tag, or write a message to your roommates, family and more. Buy Now.

    Hashtag Mug
    Chemistry Mug: If you had a flair for chemistry, this mug lets you show it off to the world, it displays the chemical formula of caffeine. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Mug
    Mathematics Mug: For most of the students math isn't easy, its boring, confusing, but only if you understand it or shall we say if you have a proper foundation then you will learn to appreciate the beauty that even lies in math. This cool Mathematical Formulae Mug comes with 20 of the most significant mathematical formulas written in history; relive your schooling days reading these formulas every time you have your tea or coffee. Buy Now.

    Mathematics Mug
    Minions 3D Mug: Minions are cute little adorable duty bound guys willing to do their masters bidding. This cool Minions 3D Mug lets you have your own Stuart ceramic version at your service. Buy Now.

    Minions 3D Mug
    BB-8 Ceramic Mug: Now enjoy your tea or coffee in the companionship of this little droid, the BB-8 Mug is a handpainted ceramic mug that replicates the one from Starwars. Buy Now.

    BB-8 Ceramic Mug
    R2-D2 Mug: R2-D2 Mug from Starwars needs no intro, this little droid is known really well around the galaxy. This cool ceramic R2-D2 Mug comes with print of R2-D2, lets you enjoy R2-D2 companionship while having your coffee or tea. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Mug
    Photo Mug: The Retro Camera Mug is a ceramic coffee mug that comes with a printed camera design, perfectly combines the worlds of photography and your java. Buy Now.

    Photo Mug
    Starwars Latte Mug: So its now known that even the dark side needs a cup of java to get started. Hopefully you wont turn to the dark side by enjoying your cup of Joe in this cool Starwars mug. Buy Now.

    Starwars Latte Mug
    Pokeball Figural Mug: Pokeball is a basic tool for any Pokémon trainer, it lets them catch and store their Pokémons. Well this Pokeball Figural Mug won't let you get any Pokémon, but this ceramic mug that features a Pokeball print covering the outer surface is sure to make your cup of coffee more enjoyable. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Figural Mug
    Amplifier Mug: The Amplifier Mug is a cool ceramic mug that comes with amplifier print, lets you enjoy your coffee or tea while the inner musician is happy being around audio equipment. Buy Now.

    Amplifier Mug
    Heat Changing Constellation Mug: Stargazing and latte drinking don't have to be separate things any longer when you have this cool Heat Changing Constellation Mug. Just pour in your tea or coffee and watch 11 star constellations appear in the night sky right on your cup. Buy Now.

    Heat Changing Constellation Mug
    Coffee Cups by Mattia Bosco: These cool Coffee Cups are handmade from ceramic by Mattia Bosco who turns an everyday object into a piece of art. Buy Now.

    Coffee Cups by Mattia Bosco
    Robocup: Murphy is always there for Detroit, Michigan for any untoward situation that may come, and with this cool Robocup you too may get a feel of his superhuman power. Buy Now.

    Grub Mugs: Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, the Grub Mugs got all four squares covered for you. It comes in set of 4 mugs and each mug feature 3 recipes on it. Buy Now.

    Grub Mugs
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    Its said that some are born leaders, some are born businessmen, though many are made and if you go by what we learnt during our MBA days then its said that managers are always made. That's why we have these really good business schools all over the world preparing good managers. Though on a second thought, we can say that leaders are made in business schools too; or least, all of us can agree to that business leaders are surely made here. So what about you? For those who isn't a born leader, or businessman or didn't go to a business school, but is a chemistry major, science teacher, scientist and more, what about them? Now with these cool chemistry themed products, you can display your liking, flair and apt for your subject and its elements - Chemistry.

    Water Molecules Tumbler Glass: The Water Molecules Tumbler Glass comes printed with water molecules on the glass, and chemistry of this water glass is carefully crafted so that your water retains all its essential oxygen with twice hydrogen. It holds 15 oz of your favorite water-based beverage and lets you enjoy your favorite molecule with water. Buy Now.

    Water Molecules Tumbler Glass
    Chemistry Clock: The Chemistry Clock is a cool analog clock where time is the elements. Instead of having the usual numbers that are found on the face of a clock, it comes with symbols of elements having corresponding atomic numbers. Just think of it, if someone needs to learn reading time from this clock, it would mean that the guy needs to get the element table first then only he can read the time. Happy that we aren't one of them; perfect for science classroom or department of chemistry or whereever you think is good. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Clock
    Chemistry Crayon Labels: Kids like playing with crayons, and these Chemistry Crayon Labels gives playful ways to get them to learn the chemical names that makes those colors. The set comes in set of 24. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Crayon Labels
    Periodic Table Cutting Board: Most of us really hate cooking, or at least we think so. We aren't talking about those occasional chefs who just come to kitchen to show that they can really cook, but about many like us who are responsible for daily cooking. So even though we cant skip the cooking, unless we make it big, we are here to cook. So let us find some solace in this Periodic Table Cutting Board that reminds us of our schooling days when it was just pure fun and education. Buy Now.

    Periodic Table Cutting Board
    Chemistry Baby Shoes: Most of the regular parents opt for cute and adorable shoes for their babies. But if you are among those few who want these cool Chemistry Baby Shoes for your bundle of joy, then we can expect great things from your baby in near future. The baby is about to wear chemistry on his feet all the time and is sure to get a thing or two before he/she says even a word, just a thought. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Baby Shoes
    Chemistry Camera Strap: The Chemistry Camera Strap is an adorable camera strap that lets you personalize your camera with a touch of chemistry. This DSLR / SLR camera strap goes good with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and other cameras. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Camera Strap
    Chemistry Spicerack: The Chemistry Spicerack is here to store your spices, though it looks like its right off the chemist's table. It comes with 9 test tubes and stickers for spices; you can use these stickers and label your spices in periodic table flair. Apart from these, it also comes with three small conicalflasks to hold salt, pepper, and sugar and a large one to hold oil. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Spicerack
    Periodic Table Keychain: The Periodic Table Keychain lets you customize it with elements from the periodic table, so you can spell out your name or more. Seems to be perfect for chemistry majors, science teachers and others, just clip it to your backpack, and show the world what elements your name is made of. Buy Now.

    Periodic Table Keychain
    Chemistry Mug: If you had a flair for chemistry, this mug lets you show it off to the world; it displays the chemical formula of caffeine. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Mug
    Conicalflask Salt and Pepper Shakers: If you need to enhance the taste of your food, then you need these salt and pepper shakers. These come with element labels to let you identify them to use for salt and pepper. Though on second thought, these are transparent so you can just look at the content and know which is what. Buy Now.

    Conicalflask Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Elements Glowing Coaster Set: The Elements Glowing Coaster Set comes with elements and their numbers; are pressure-sensitive coasters that lights up every time you place your drink on them. Buy Now.

    Elements Glowing Coaster Set
    Chemistry Bracelet: This Chemistry Bracelet comes with molecule design (in two tones: silver and gold) along with a 1 mm black nylon cord and is adjustable. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Bracelet
    Periodic Table Cotton Fabric: What we have here is a full yard sized periodic table of the elements and we leave it to your imagination on how to use it to display your flair for chemistry. Buy Now.

    Periodic Table Cotton Fabric
    Chemistry Bowtie: The Chemistry Bowtie is dual layered, made from a black and white chemistry formula cotton print, comes with black metal clip and an adjustable strap. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Bowtie
    Chemistry Skirt: This Colorful Chemistry Skirt features periodic table print and lets you display your liking for the elements to the whole world. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Skirt
    Chemistry Leggings: This cool Chemistry Leggings does what is expected out of any standard leggings, but what makes it interesting is the periodic table printed on it. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Leggings
    Chemistry Pillow: This adorable chemistry pillow sends out a message that your guests are sure to think it over; it looks perfect on you couch, bed, or bench. It's made of natural colored canvas and black print. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Pillow
    Chemistry Scarf: The periodic table scarf is made in jersey fabric, total length all around is 57 inches x 9 inches and lets you wear your chemistry around your neck. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Scarf
    Science Lanyard: The Science Lanyard comes with print of chemistry inspired things, measures 40 inches all the way around, is about 3/4" wide and comes with 2 attachment options - a swivelclasp that easily attaches to a plastic badge holder or a d-ring to attach to keys. Buy Now.

    Science Lanyard
    Chemistry Necktie: Girls got their cool Chemistry Scarf to wear around their necks, then how can we leave the guys out? So the guys for who are into chemistry or science, we have this cool Chemistry Necktie. Buy Now.

    Chemistry Necktie
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  • 07/12/17--22:49: 20 Best Bottle Openers.
  • Why open your bottles with the usual bottle openers when we have the best bottle openers ever for you? Now open your bottles in style with these best bottle openers.

    EdgeOpener: The EdgeOpener sticks on the edge of your countertop, table, workbench or anything flat and opens your beverages with ease. And what more, its magnet holds the bottlecap for you. Buy Now.

    Trowel Bottle Opener: Gardening is fun, and a chilled beverage to go along makes it perfect. What more, you don't need to change tools to open your beverage, this cool trowel features a bottle opener in the middle of it. Buy Now.

    Trowel Bottle Opener
    Capboom: Capboom opens your carbonated beverages in style - tosses of the bottlecap in air along with a brilliant sound. Buy Now.


    Tailgating Gloves With a Bottle Opener: The Tailgating Gloves come embedded with aluminum bottle opener in the right palm. So while you are at BBQ, you don't need to take off the gloves to open a chilled beverage, on the second thought these are also supposed to protect your hands from heat. Buy Now.

    Tailgating Gloves With a Bottle Opener
    Wallet Card Bottle Opener: The Wallet Card Bottle Opener is made from stainless steel, measures the same as a credit card, weighs an ounce, can be placed comfortably in your wallet and is ready to open your beverage any time. Buy Now.

    Wallet Card Bottle Opener
    Pubnub: Pubnub is a cool bottle opener that attaches to your bike's handlebars and lets you open your beverages while riding. Buy Now.

    Zipper Bottle Opener: The Zipper Bottle Opener opens your favorite beverage in a zip; comes with a magnetic back to attach to your refrigerator and measures approximately 4.75 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches. Buy Now.

    Zipper Bottle Opener
    Magnetic Bottle Opener: The Magnetic Bottle Opener provides all the leverage points you need to open bottles and cans. Buy Now.

    Magnetic Bottle Opener
    Hammered Head Bottle Opener: The Hammered Head Bottle Opener is a chrome-plated bottle opener that also doubles as a corkscrew. Buy Now.

    Hammered Head Bottle Opener
    Ninja Bottle Opener: Now use the ninja power to open your beverage bottles. Buy Now.

    Ninja Bottle Opener
    Starwars Bottle Opener: Now use the 'force' to open your beverage bottles, and it completely depends on you whether you are using the dark side or not. Buy Now.

    Starwars Bottle Opener
    Hockey Puck Bottler Opener: The hockey puck bottle opener is made from a real hockey puck, comes with a built in magnet to hold your bottlecaps. Buy Now.

    Hockey Puck Bottler Opener
    Bottle Opener Sandals: These cool sandals come with a hidden bottle opener on its outsole for opening your favorite beverage anywhere anytime. Buy Now.

    Bottle Opener Sandals
    Ruler Bottle Opener: This cool ruler is made of stainless steel, features measurements in inches and centimeters on each side, and doubles as a bottle opener. Buy Now.

    Ruler Bottle Opener
    Beard and Mustache Comb Bottle Opener: The Beard and Mustache Comb keeps your mustache and beard maintained. Its made from stainless steel, comes with an integrated bottle opener, and is a must have tool for any self-respecting mustachioed or bearded man. Buy Now.

    Beard and Mustache Comb Bottle Opener
    Doorhanger Bottle Opener: The Doorhanger Bottle Opener features a 'do not disturb' sign you might find in a hotel and comes with embedded steel teeth for opening your bottles. Buy Now.

    Doorhanger Bottle Opener
    G-Clamp Bottle Opener: Generally the clamp is used to secure or hold the objects together so they don't move, but we have this cool bottle opener that looks and works like any other clamp but features a bottle opener. Buy Now.

    G-Clamp Bottle Opener
    Fidget Bottle Opener: This fidget is a multifunctional tool, can be a keychain, carabiner, bottle opener, fishing rope buckle and more. Buy Now.

    Fidget Bottle Opener
    Man Comb: The Man Comb is a tough and compact flip comb that's an ultimate tool for hair, beard and beverage. Its made tough, has a stainless steel handle; the comb material is made from similar thing to airplane windshields. You can comfortably place it in your pocket or can attach to a keychain. Its magnetic that lets the comb hold in the open and closed state and a bottle opener is an integral part of the design. Buy Now.

    Man Comb
    Tower Bottle Opener: The Tower Bottle Opener is minimalist, made from high quality materials, holds the bottlecaps after opening, and perfect for your kitchen. Buy Now.

    Tower Bottle Opener
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    Pokémon made a real come back with the releasse of Pokémon GO, this location based augmented reality game made millions of people around the world glued to their smartphone. Well if you are among those who is always glued to your smartphone, then it's easy to assume that you're a serious Pokémon trainer, though on the second thought it can also be social media, or any other game. So how do you set yourself apart from the rest? To stand out from the rest, to display your liking for your favorite game, we have these cool Pokeball Themed Products.

    Pokeball Lunch Case: The Pokeball Lunch Case is perfect to take kid's lunch; just keep healthy lunch - a sandwich, an apple and a juice box. It speaks volumes by itself and announces to the world that a young trainer is in making and getting ready for a next round of match in the gym. It comes with an integrated handle and push-button release cover, doubles as an adorable clutch or small travel case. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Lunch Case
    Pokeball Figural Mug: This Pokeball Figural Mug won't let you get any Pokémon, but this ceramic mug that features a Pokeball print covering the outer surface is sure to make your cup of coffee more enjoyable. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Figural Mug
    Pokeball Earrings: These cool Pokeball Earrings displays to the people around you that you are on the mission to catch the Pokémon around you. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Earrings
    Pokeball Candle: The Pokeball Candle is a handmade soy candle, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day of training. This unscented candle weighs 3.5 ounce and measuring 2.5" in diameter. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Candle
    Pokeball Shift Knob: You have a great car, best GPS navigation, heated seat, Bluetooth, motorized roof and more, but how all these are going to differentiate you from others and let them know that you are a Pokemon trainer? This cool Pokeball Shift Knob is perfect for you, you can upgrade directly from your original knob and it lets all know that you are serious about being the best trainer. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Shift Knob
    Pokeball Dry Herbs Spices Grinder: The Pokeball Dry Herbs Spices Grinder is perfect for grinding dry herbs, and spices and lets you make Pokeball a part of your kitchen. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Dry Herbs Spices Grinder
    Pokeball Power Bank: The Pokeball Power Bank announces to the world that you are a serious trainer; juicing up your smart phone while you are busy with Pokémon GO catching the Pokemons. It comes with 10,000 mAh and a flashlight. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Power Bank
    Pokeball Fingerless Gloves: The Pokeball Fingerless Gloves are perfect as these let you play your favorite game on your smartphone while keeping you hands warm. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Fingerless Gloves
    Pokeball Headphones: Now listen to your favorite music with these cool Pokeball handpainted clip-on headphones. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Headphones
    Pokeball Cufflinks: How about wearing your favorite Pokeball and let the world know that you are serious about taking up Pokémon GO? These silver-plated cufflinks make it possible. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Cufflinks
    Pokeball Typography Quote Wall Art Poster: This cool Pokeball Typography Quote Wall Art Poster can be customized with your favorite message. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Typography Quote Wall Art Poster
    Pokeball Terrarium: The Pokeball Terrarium is a miniature Pokemon that measures 2 inches, comes with handmade Pokeball Diorama inside, perfect to have on a desk, at work, or at home. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Terrarium
    Pokeball Dress: This cool Pokeball inspired dress is going to turn you into a big Pokeball, not technically, but in a cute and adorable way. Now that you are a cute looking Pokeball, you need to watch out for the trainers, just kidding. The dress is made from 88% polyester, 12% spandex; its fabric is medium weight and sturdy, yet breathable. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Dress
    Pokeball Baby Set: The Crochet Pokeball Baby Set is set to turn your bundle of joy more adorable with a cute set that includes a hat and diaper cover. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Baby Set
    PokeBall TuTu: You may be a good ballet dancer but this PokeBall TuTu is sure to give you the much needed edge over the other performers. Buy Now.

    PokeBall TuTu
    Pokeball Ring Box: When you present the ring to the lady, you are sure to remember it through out your life, either the happy way or the other way round. The fact is when a she becomes your wife, its altogether a different ballgame, least for most of us. Well that said, to make your day more memorable, we have this cool Pokeball Ring Box. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Ring Box
    Pokeball Water Bottle Bag: How about standing out from the rest by using this cool Pokeball Water Bottle Holder? Just put your water bottle in this hand crocheted bottle holder. It's perfect for a walk in the park, or for kids' water bottles at school and more. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Water Bottle Bag
    Pokeball Necklace: This cool Pokeball Necklace lets you announce to the world that you are good to go and want to be the new Pokemon Master. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Necklace
    Pokeball Ring: This cool Pokeball Ring is sure to set you apart from others and let them know about your favorite game. It's a sterling silver ring accentuated with red, white and black enamel and a round moissanite stone in the center. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Ring
    Pokeball Bag: The Pokemon Pokeball Bag looks like a big Pokeball, but expect to catch and store your Pokemon in it; though you can always keep regular things you need in it to take along.. Buy Now.

    Pokeball Bag

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    The astromech droid Artoo from Starwars is an all time favorite, now he comes to you to become a part of your daily life.

    R2 D2 Virtual Keyboard: We have seen a few virtual keyboards that work along with your smartphone and smart devices and makes things a lot easier. When you are texting or browsing, a full fledge keyboard makes things much simple, isn't it? At least we think so, and now that a virtual keyboard that comes in the same as the most adorable droid makes things a lot interesting. What more, it gives sound effects too. Buy Now.

    R2 D2 Virtual Keyboard
    R2-D2 Bag: R2-D2 is well known for his ability to hold and do things for others, so now he comes as a bag to hold your things for you, and is at your command. It features an inner pocket, zipper closure, adjustable shoulder strap up to 50" and more. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Bag
    R2-D2 A-Line Dress: With this cool R2-D2 A-Line Dress you are sure to turn adorable, its not that you aren't but this dress is sure going to weigh in a lot more to increase your adorability. On the second thought, now that you are really cute, you need to watch out for guys. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 A-Line Dress
    R2-D2 Kitchen Storage Set: Nothing gets us going like a cup of java, and if you are like us who cant do without a cup of Joe then these cute droids are here to keep you organized. These containers feature "Coffee" "Tea" and "Sugar" message. You can also use them to hold your pasta, or anything that you want. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Kitchen Storage Set
    R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp: The R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp is adjustable, uses 40w max incandescent Type A bulb or 13w max compact fluorescent, comes with 60 inch long cord with in-line on/off switch. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp
    R2-D2 Bowls: This cute astromech droid Artoo is always there for his people, holding things for them, doing what's needed and now he is here to hold your breakfast. The set comes in four, holds around 18 fl. oz., and is sure to begin your day with a great start. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Bowls
    R2-D2 Car Bin: R2-D2 never disappointed those who depend on him, though the same can't be said for C-3PO. Now this cool R2-D2 foldable bin is here to keep your ride tidy. It measures 27cm x 21cm, folds flat for easy storage, and holds over 9 liters. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Car Bin
    R2-D2 Tin Bank: How about teaching the little ones the importance to saving money? Interested, then R2-D2 Shaped Tin Bank is here for you to make things easy and interesting. It comes with 1 1/4 in. opening on top and measures approximately 7 in. tall x 3 3/8 in. diameter. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Tin Bank
    R2-D2 Desk Vacuum Cleaner: It wont be convenient to take out a vacuum cleaner every time you want to clean your desk, will it be? So we have this cool USB powered R2-D2 Desk Vacuum Cleaner that is here to make things easy and a lot cleaner for you. This 13.5cm tall cute droid is perfect for tidying up your workstation. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Desk Vacuum Cleaner
    R2-D2 Cup: R2-D2 Cup from Starwars needs no intro, this little droid is known really well around the galaxy. This cool ceramic R2-D2 Cup comes with print of R2-D2, lets you enjoy R2-D2 companionship while having your coffee or tea. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Cup
    R2-D2 Fridge: The Starwars R2-D2 14 liter fridge holds up to 16 cans of soda, comes with settings for keeping food warm and cool. It comes equipped with two removable shelves and plenty of space to store. You can power it by standard 120V or even a 12V DC power source. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Fridge
    R2-D2 Talking Cookie Jar: Kids like having cookies all the time, though we aren't kids anymore but we wont miss a chance of having a few at any given opportunity. So when tasty cookies get an equally interesting cookie jar and that too a R2-D2 Talking Cookie Jar, then what more could you ask for. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Talking Cookie Jar
    R2-D2 Play Chair: This cool R2-D2 Play Chair makes a perfect addition to your playroom worktable; its sure to make reading stories and making crafts a lot more fun. It's crafted with solid rubber wood and medium density fiberboard, finished in simple white color and R2 D2 is silk screened onto the chair's back. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Play Chair
    R2-D2 Bubble Generator: Kids enjoy playing with bubbles, and when R2-D2 is going to be there for them to make bubbles, things are sure to get more interesting. R2-D2 Bubble Generator gives out bubbles in different directions, projects its blue light and speaks its own language that you will need C-3PO to do the translation. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Bubble Generator
    R2 D2 Shoulder Bag: It's a well-known fact that the cute astromech droid Artoo is very responsible, and now it comes in the shape of this Mini Dome Shoulder Bag to keep you things secure. But if you aren't responsible and have a habit of leaving your bag behind or unattended, then we cant hold R2 D2 responsible, can we? If you are forgetful and leave thing behinds its better that you get a wallet tracker that will alert you in case you leave your bag behind, keep your things and the R2 D2 Shoulder Bag is safe. Buy Now.

    R2 D2 Shoulder Bag
    R2 D2 Slippers: The R2 D2 Slippers gives you company, and keeps your feet warm with comfortable support. Buy Now.

    R2 D2 Slippers
    R2-D2 Concrete Bookend: The iconic droid from the far away galaxy is here to keep your books organized. The R2-D2 Concrete Bookends are inspired by Starwars, handmade, and measures 7-3/4 x 5-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Concrete Bookend
    Starwars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers: The Starwars R2-D2 and R2-Q5 Salt and Pepper Shakers are shaped as the cute droids from Starwars universe, comes with rich colors and exquisite detailing. Its an officially licensed set, shakers are made from ceramic and features a plastic stopper in the bottom for refill. These cute droids are here to give you all the seasoning you need in your food. These Starwars Salt and Pepper Shakers measures 3 1/2" high x 3" wide x 2" deep. Buy Now.

    Starwars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

    R2-D2 Kitchen Timer: The R2-D2 Kitchen Timer can be a perfect little assistant for any chef. The timer can be set for up to 60 minutes by rotating its head, and once it reaches zero it alerts you. So you will know when your food is done to the perfect timing. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Kitchen Timer
    R2-D2 Cupcake Maker: The R2-D2 Cupcake Maker looks like your favorite droid from Starwars. Just pour your batter directly into R2's body and bake it for getting perfect cupcake every time. Buy Now.

    R2-D2 Cupcake Maker
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  • 07/16/17--23:48: 20 Best Toothpick Holders.
  • Toothpicks can be used for small appetizers, or removing anything that gets held up in your teeth, usually after a meal. What you use it is for is your call, but to hold these toothpicks you need a holder. Why have a simple toothpick holder when you can have a cute, clever and hilarious themed toothpick holder? You would be surprised to know these simple toothpick holders can be conversation starters, don't believe us, just have a look.

    Hedgehog Toothpick Holder: This cute Hedgehog Toothpick Holder comfortably rests on your dining table holding toothpicks and waiting to impress your friends. Or given a chance, this little fella climbs and settles on the edge of the bowl to join your party. It comes with 22 toothpicks. Buy Now.

    Hedgehog Toothpick Holder
    Forest Toothpick Holder: This pine forest shaped holder works along with toothpicks and recreates a forest, sort of. It stores your toothpicks in its transparent box, creating a group of pine trees. Its tallest tree features a hole from where you can access the toothpick whenever you need one. Buy Now.

    Forest Toothpick Holder
    Babu Toothpick Holder: What has meditation got to do with nails or for that matter a seat or bed made of nails? Anyone? We have this small character that seems to serenely sit on the seating made of toothpicks, its sure to entertain your guests and can be a conversation starter. Just one other thing, the small guy isn't actually using the support of the toothpicks but instead a hidden support. Buy Now.

    Babu Toothpick Holder
    Bunny Toothpick Holder: You must have seen quite a few acts where a rabbit is pulled out of the hat, but what about when you pull out the rabbit from the hat, you get toothpicks along? Well this is what the Bunny Toothpick Holder does for you. Buy Now.

    Bunny Toothpick Holder
    Porcupine Toothpick Holder: This cleverly designed Porcupine Toothpick Holder makes toothpicks part of its design giving its quill for which its feared. It holds up to 29 toothpicks. Buy Now.

    Porcupine Toothpick Holder
    Cola Toothpick Vending Machine: This mini Cola machine holds more than 200 toothpicks for you. Buy Now.

    Cola Toothpick Vending Machine
    Narwhale Toothpick Holder: The Narwhale Toothpick Holder is another interesting toothpick holder that makes the toothpicks part of its design. Its made of matte-finished porcelain with a removable plug for filling and comes with 25 toothpicks. Buy Now.

    Narwhale Toothpick Holder
    Mushroom Toothpick Holder: This cute mushroom set consists of a toothpick holder, salt and pepper shakers and a tray, perfect for your dining room to create an interesting setting. Buy Now.

    Mushroom Toothpick Holder
    Cow Toothpick Holder: This cute Cow Toothpick Holder is sure to make your guests laugh when they see you press its top and a toothpick comes out from the other end. Buy Now.

    Cow Toothpick Holder
    Rockstar Toothpick Holder: This Rockstar Toothpick Holder cleverly makes the toothpicks part of its design, and turns them into a hairdo. Buy Now.

    Rockstar Toothpick Holder
    Lotus Toothpick Holder: This cool Lotus Toothpick Holder looks like a lotus flower that cleverly makes the toothpicks part of its design. Buy Now.

    Lotus Toothpick Holder
    Picky Boy Toothpick Holder: The Picky Boy toothpick holder keeps your toothpicks organized, and when you need a toothpick just lift its hat and you get access to its toothpick hairdo. Buy Now.

    Picky Boy Toothpick Holder
    Panda Toothpick Holder: This cute Panda Toothpick Holder keeps your toothpicks clean and organized and with just the push of a button you get your toothpick. Buy Now.

    Panda Toothpick Holder
    Deer Toothpick Holder: The toothpicks form the pasture for the deer that seems to float above the toothpicks. Its dome features a hole that gives you access to your toothpick; just turn it upside down to get one. Buy Now.

    Deer Toothpick Holder
    Woodpicker Toothpick Holder: This cute bird toothpick holder is eager to impress your guests, just press its head to get your toothpick, comes with 20 toothpicks. Buy Now.

    Woodpicker Toothpick Holder
    Animal Toothpick Holder: This cute Animal Toothpick Holder is here to liven up your dining table, just press its head to get a toothpick. Contains up to 100 toothpicks. Buy Now.

    Animal Toothpick Holder
    Barrel Toothpick Holder: The rustic barrel toothpick holder features a button that when pressed gives out a toothpick. Buy Now.

    Barrel Toothpick Holder
    Birdie Toothpick Holder: Generally it's the birds that are kept away from the crops to protect them, but here we have a toothpick crop that a birdie is guarding it for you. Buy Now.

    Birdie Toothpick Holder
    Smart Toothpick Holder: The Smart Toothpick Holder gives you a toothpick with a simple wave of your hand, it works with AC power or four double A. Buy Now.

    Smart Toothpick Holder
    Singer Toothpick Holder: This cool toothpick holder is perfect for holding your toothpicks. Buy Now.

    Singer Toothpick Holder
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